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Introduction to Campaigns in Salesforce - Create, Manage, Launch, and Measure


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This introduction to Salesforce Campaigns is targeted for Salesforce Administrators and Marketing Professionals who want to know more about how Campaigns in The presentation covers the mechanics of creating a Campaign, determining Campaign Member Status, methods to associate Leads and Contacts to a Campaign, as well as launching and measuring the results. Includes Campaign ROI calculation, tracking response rates, and limits. Use Campaigns to track marketing initiatives such as email, direct mail, outdoor advertising, and events.

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Introduction to Campaigns in Salesforce - Create, Manage, Launch, and Measure

  1. 1. Introduction to Campaigns December 2013 Copyright ©, LLC
  2. 2. Target audience for this session: •  I'm not using this area of Salesforce today and want to learn more •  I am using this area of Salesforce today, but want to pick up some tips or confirm "I'm doing it right” •  Functional Roles: Marketing & System Administrators Copyright ©, LLC
  3. 3. Agenda •  What is a Campaign in Salesforce? •  Mechanics of launching a Campaign §  §  §  §  §  Create the Campaign Determine your Campaign Member Status Associate Leads and Contacts Launch & Associate Opportunities Measure •  Things to know •  About Copyright ©, LLC
  4. 4. What is a Campaign? •  A Campaign is a marketing initiative that you track in Salesforce •  A Campaign allows you to see if your marketing spend was effective in generating a response, and if those responses resulted in revenue •  When setup correctly, Campaigns let you calculate a Return On Investment (ROI) •  Won Opportunity $s > $ Spent on a Campaign Copyright ©, LLC
  5. 5. Campaigns - It's all about ROI! •  Campaigns allow you to see which initiatives (marketing spend) have the best return •  For example: §  Was attending the trade show in Chicago last year worth it, and if so, should we buy a bigger booth next year? §  We entertained guests with our stadium box seats, did it close any business? §  What advertising components of our product launch produced the best results? Copyright ©, LLC
  6. 6. With Campaigns, you can: •  Target and market to existing Leads and Contacts •  Generate new Leads •  Track response rates on a Campaign •  Track conversion rates on a Campaign •  Attribute Opportunities to a Campaign •  Calculate ROI Copyright ©, LLC
  7. 7. What can be a Campaign? •  Any initiative (spend) to drive new Leads and Revenue •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Email Outdoor Advertising Print Social Media Direct Mail Trade Shows Telemarketing •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Customer Events Training (yes, training) PPC, Organic Web Traffic Public Relations / Press Releases Client Entertainment Promotions Etc Copyright ©, LLC
  8. 8. The Campaign Tab •  The Campaign tab can be configured like any other object in Salesforce and supports: §  §  §  §  •  Custom Fields Validation Rules Workflow Record Types and Page Layouts Campaign records are unique in that they can rollup data about Leads, Contacts and Opportunities to facilitate reporting on response rates, conversion and ROI Copyright ©, LLC 8
  9. 9. Mechanics of launching a Campaign •  Create the Campaign •  Determine your Campaign Member Status •  Target Leads and Contacts •  Launch and communicate! •  Measure Copyright ©, LLC
  10. 10. Create the Campaign – standard fields to know §  Parent Campaign – allows multiple individual Campaigns to be associated to a larger initiative –  §  Type – A pick list used to categorize and segment your Campaigns –  §  e.g. Print, Direct Mail, Outdoor, Email, Webinar, Social Media, PR, etc Status – A "lifecycle" pick list field –  §  e.g. 2014 Product Launch e.g. Idea, Planned, Budgeted, Deployed, In Progress, Complete, Abandoned Start Date and End Date – helpful if a promotion runs for a period of time (but does not make the Campaign visible to users) Copyright ©, LLC
  11. 11. Create the Campaign – standard fields to know (cont.) §  Active – This checkbox is what makes a Campaign visible to your users! Be sure to “retire” old Campaigns by unchecking this box §  Expected Revenue – what you expect in won Opportunities §  Budgeted Costs – what you budgeted §  Actual Costs – (used in ROI calculation) some companies use a child object with summary roll-up §  Num Sent and Expected Response – not very applicable if you’re not targeting existing Leads and Contacts Copyright ©, LLC
  12. 12. Create the Campaign - Sample Copyright ©, LLC
  13. 13. Campaign Member Status •  The vehicle to associate a Lead or Contact to a Campaign •  Gives you the ability to track response rates •  A pick list to know if a Lead or Contact has been targeted (sent) or responded to a Campaign §  §  Direct Mail Simple Example: “Sent” and “Responded” Custom Event Example: –  –  §  Default (Sent): Mailed Responded: RSVP, Attended, No Show Sometimes you only know who responded (not sent): –  Outdoor advertising, PPC, Press Release, etc Copyright ©, LLC
  14. 14. Campaign Members allows a Lead or Contact to be associated to Multiple Campaigns Campaign Members Campaign Members Campaign Members Copyright ©, LLC 14
  15. 15. Methods to associate a person (Lead or Contact) to a Campaign •  Manually - Add a Campaign to a Lead or Contact using the “Add to Campaign” button in the related list section of the page •  View - On the Lead or Contact Tab Copyright ©, LLC
  16. 16. Methods to associate a multiple Leads or Contacts to a Campaign (cont.) •  Report – Leads or Contact Reports have “Add to Campaign” •  Manage Members – from the Campaign (add or update status) Copyright ©, LLC
  17. 17. Manage Members Add Members – Search •  §  Edit Members – Search •  §  •  Using filters, associate either Leads or Contact to a Campaign Using filters, update member status of Leads or Contacts Add Members – Import File §  •  From a .csv file, add Leads or Contacts to a Campaign Update & Add Members – Import File §  From a .csv file, change the Member Status of all or a subset of Leads or Contacts –  For example, you send out a Direct Mail piece inviting your customers to an event to see your latest product offerings. Thought this wizard, you can quickly update the Status of event attendees from “Sent” to “Responded” Copyright ©, LLC
  18. 18. Launch! •  Check the “Active” checkbox on the Campaign •  Educate and communicate to Sales to be sure they are giving credit to Opportunities for your Campaigns §  §  §  Attend meeting and conference calls with sales teams Send out reminder emails Walk the cubes and evangelize to keep campaigns top of mind Copyright ©, LLC
  19. 19. Primary Campaign Source (Opportunities) •  Primary Campaign Source is how you associate an Opportunity to a Campaign •  On conversion, the Campaign most recently associated to the Lead will automatically map to “Primary Campaign Source ” on Opportunities Copyright ©, LLC 19
  20. 20. Measure the Results •  On the Campaign record you can see roll-ups of your Campaign Members, Responses, Lead Conversion and Opportunities •  From the Campaign Tab, you can run the ROI report Copyright ©, LLC
  21. 21. Associated Campaign Members and Opportunities Drive the Campaign Statistics Copyright ©, LLC 21
  22. 22. Measure the Results – cont. ROI is expressed as a percentage. Anything over 100% was a “winner” •  ROI: (Total Value Won Opportunities - Actual Cost) / Actual Cost •  Copyright ©, LLC
  23. 23. Additional things to know… •  To create, edit or delete a Campaign the “Marketing User” needs to be checked on User record •  The maximum number of Leads/Contacts that can be added from a report or a import file is 50,000 •  The maximum number of Leads/Contacts that can be added from a View is 250 •  Use the API (Data Loader) for more than 50,000 Records Copyright ©, LLC
  24. 24. About •  Strictly Salesforce – Our sole focus on Salesforce technologies allows us to maintain deep domain expertise on the platform •  Community Leadership – Shell Black is a Salesforce MVP and members of our leadership team chair both the Dallas Salesforce User Group and the Dallas Non-profit User Group •  Proven Process – Our implementation methodology has been fine tuned over hundreds of projects for efficiency, effectiveness and on time delivery •  Silver Cloud Alliance Partner – Established in 2010. Delivering ~60 projects per year. All resources are in Dallas TX (no offshore) Copyright ©, LLC 24
  25. 25. Thank You! Company Website: SlideShare Presentations: YouTube Channel: For Salesforce news, updates and information follow us socially: §  Facebook: §  Twitter: @Shell_Black §  LinkedIn: Copyright ©, LLC 25