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Phx User Group Salesforce Connect


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Presentation about the Salesforce Connect product

Published in: Technology
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Phx User Group Salesforce Connect

  1. 1. Integrate at Lightning Speed with Salesforce Connect! Phoenix Developer User Group February 15, 2017
  2. 2. Adam Olshansky Salesforce Developer at YouTube, Salesforce MVP, 13X Certified @adam17amo
  3. 3. Overview ● Salesforce Connect empowers Admins to Integrate ● Setup and Demo ● Considerations & Road Map
  4. 4. Salesforce Connect empowers Admins
  5. 5. Common Integration Problems ● Duplicated / Inconsistent data ● Storage Issues ● Connectivity breaking ● Too intimidating – scope/budget/developers ● …No more! Have you seen these?
  6. 6. The Point: Allows anyone to integrate Salesforce with other systems… without a line of code!!!
  7. 7. What is Salesforce Connect? ● Add-on integration feature ● Declarative integration ● Gives users access to external data ○ Real-time Access ○ CRUD permissions to records in external data sources ○ No copy/paste or double entry ● Allows external databases to be accessed via Mobile devices
  8. 8. How does it work? Data Synchronization vs. Data Virtualization ​ ​
  9. 9. How does it work? Architecture ​ ​
  10. 10. How does it work? ● Uses industry standard Open Data (OData) 2.0 or 4.0 protocol ● SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, IBM Websphere, Heroku Connect ● Dell Boomi, Informatica, Jitterbit, MuleSoft, Progressive Communication
  11. 11. External Objects vs. Custom Objects ● __c vs. __x ● Tabs ● List views ● Record detail pages ● Chatter feeds ● Search ● Authentication ● API Access ● SOQL and SOSL ● Visualforce
  12. 12. Security Considerations ● Authentication Options ○ Named Principal ○ Per user (based on source) ● Record Level Security based on source ○ Salesforce sharing rules unavailable ● Still need to grant users object- and field-level access to the Salesforce External Objects
  13. 13. Setup and Demo
  14. 14. Setup and Demo ● Setup ● External Data Sources ● New External Data Source ● Choose Your Label ● Choose Connection Type ● Enter URL ● Check box for External Objects ● Configure Authentication
  15. 15. What You Just Saw ● Created a successful connection ● Added 2 external objects ● Displayed and manipulated external data in Salesforce in real time ● Created and modified data in an external system FROM Salesforce ● Created a report on the external data ● No code required!
  16. 16. New Lookup Options External Lookup ● Links any Salesforce object to an external object ● Field on a Salesforce object corresponds to external ID field (not standard ID field) on an external object Indirect Lookup ● Links an external object to any Salesforce object ● Field on an external object corresponds to external ID field (not standard ID field) on a Salesforce object DEMO #2!
  17. 17. What You Just Saw ● Linked Payments external object to external Customers object via External Lookup Relationship ● Linked external Customers object to standard Account object via Indirect Lookup Relationship ○ External ID field on Account needed first (Store ID) ● Was able to edit page layouts like any normal object ● Minimal difference between objects not in Salesforce and normal custom objects ● No code required!
  18. 18. Considerations
  19. 19. Software Integrations: Dollars and Sense ● Integrations are expensive for a reason ● Generally extra costs associated with building on multiple devices ○ No extra cost for Salesforce1 with Salesforce Connect ● Costs for development, maintenance, updates ○ Salesforce Connect is developed and maintained by Salesforce! ○ Managed by admin ○ CLICKS, NOT CODE
  20. 20. Software Integrations: Dollars and Sense ● Salesforce Connect is a paid add-on feature ○ Talk to your Account Executive for more information
  21. 21. Use Cases
  22. 22. Extending the Capabilities Custom Adapters ● For connections other than OData ● Open to sources other than OData ● Source needs an API ● Developers can program custom adapters ● Apex Connector Framework ● Admins manage the connection Salesforce Cross-Org Adapter ● Connect to another Salesforce org ● Data virtualization ○ Salesforce to Salesforce is a classic sync, data sharing
  23. 23. Limitations (for now) ● 200 external object limit ● Approval processes ● Validation rules ● Workflow rules ● Record types ● Triggers ● Formula fields ● Picklists
  24. 24. Summary
  25. 25. Summary ● Allows Admins to fully set up real-time integrations to other systems ● Access external data on any device for no additional cost ● CRUD functionality on external data ● No code required ​
  26. 26. Awesome! How do I get started??? ● Do the Trailhead modules on Salesforce Connect! ● Do a Proof of Concept for your Decision Makers ○ Connect a Developer Org to one of your business end points ● Join the Official Success Group on the Success Community to learn more ○ (SF Connect Chatter)
  27. 27. Thank Y u