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City camp london saturday afternoon

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City camp london saturday afternoon

  1. 1. CityCamp London Saturday: running order on the day 14.00- Plenary Show and Tell 14.30 Break out Large room Show Room Wings Room Capote Room Top Gun sessions (basement) (ground floor) (ground floor) (ground floor) (ground floor) 14.30- Session 3 London Media Big society Hyperlocal My public services TBC 15.30 And Volunteering What why how where Good, bad and how can it MyPolice and others next? What, why, how do we be supported and talking about using make it work improved the web to transform services 15.45- Session 4 Learning from Collaboration and Young people Procurement TBC 16.45 developing world learning Beyond tokenism. How do we use the Tech from developing How can the web help Engaging and involving. web to fix world for London us work better together Collaborating. procurement? within and across London’s organizations? 17.00 Film To be announced on the day 18.30 Curry 20.00 End