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Designer wanted


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  • Make things look good 'like this flyer' - You've got to be joking, right? The flyer above is hideous in so many ways 1. Difficult to read 2. Never ever ever use red as a background to text. 3. Never center a heading eg. 'Wanted' 4. Allow more space to left of text for better aesthetic feel. 5. Never ever ever use stupid juvenile multi-coloured text eg. 'How to apply'. I would re-design your flyer but it's already clear that you don't understand good design and therefore would not appreciate my efforts. Please don't think of me as a crank, but instead take this advice. Hire a professional designer who thinks along the lines of Apple's Steve Jobs. Remember, less is more even 'though less can sometimes be more difficult to achieve. Think of the magnificent iPhone or iPad - would you ever see the fonts you've used above even associated with an advert for one of these best selling products. No!
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Designer wanted

  1. 1. Wanted (/desperately needed): DesignerFUTUREGOV is very busy right now and we need YOU to help us as we grow.Recently weve expanded to a team of 8 and now wed like to add a ninth - you! Can you design things???We’re looking for someone to:  Be digitally savvy, i.e. love the web personally and use it to change ways of working.  Make things look good (like this flyer…)  Do service design type things  Have experience in or enthusiasm for government, public service and social innovationAnd the bonus ball… be the kind of self-starter who may have given something a go in this spacealready.1. Send us a link to something online that says something about you, your interests, your skills,your passions.2. Design this recruitment processThink you can do better? First, redesign this flyer (yes, we know it’shard to improve on perfection). Then tell us how we should run theperfect recruitment process for this job. Bearing in mind the type ofperson we’re looking for and the role on offer, design the process we
  2. 2. should take from advertising the role through to appointing someone.We won’t actually do it, but we want to see your design approach andhow you go about doing things differently. If it’s really great we mightuse it for the next job we advertise.Details:Contract: 6 months full time starting asapDeadline for applications: 30 June