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Simpl at #OpenCities Conference

Washington DC November 2010

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Simpl at #OpenCities Conference

  1. 1. social innovation for cities
  2. 2. the power of networks
  3. 3. building blocks for urban innovation open social democratic collaborative inclusive networked
  4. 4. creating The Wikicity
  5. 5. encouraging collective action for civic outcomes “The web has dramatically reduced the cost of collective action” – Clay Shirky
  6. 6. enable social mixing and creativity
  7. 7. helping to make change in city government happen
  8. 8. Simpl is a marketplace that connects government, social and business innovators to bring about radical change in our cities Innovators: Post up your ideas and projects Say what you need to make it happen Public Sector & People/Organizations with resources: Bid on ideas with cash or resources Post problems you want to solve
  9. 9. Simpl is meant for ideas that will radically improve our cities New ways to design services Ways to involve citizens Better use of the web Ways to save money
  10. 10. Simpl isn’t just about cash – people and organizations have much to offer in kind Office space Users to test ideas Staff time Contacts and connections
  11. 11. new ways of managing change: social innovation for cities
  12. 12. bringing on and offline together – a Simpl meet up
  13. 13. What’s the big idea and what do you need? What can you offer to others?
  14. 14. Dominic Campbell