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"ImaginaCity" Open Cities Panel, PDF Europe October 2010


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How the web is reinventing cities and cities are reinventing the web

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"ImaginaCity" Open Cities Panel, PDF Europe October 2010

  1. 1. Dominic Campbell FutureGov October 2010 ImaginaCity: how the web is reinventing cities and cities are reinventing the web!
  2. 2. the social web’s a pretty big deal!
  3. 3. it’s about aspiring to something new: " new behaviours, new ways of thinking! Open! Relaxed! Collaborative! Transparent! Engaging! Authentic! Sharing! Personalised! Fun! Honest!
  4. 4. Critical New Public Communicative Underpinnings! Management! Governance! Rationalist, Hegel, Marx, ! Empiricist, Hume, ! Philosophical Tradition! Positivist, Historicist! Burke, Popper! Problem Solving! Technical! Adaptive! Critical Philosophy! System + Strategic Action! Lifeworld + Communicative Action! (Habermas)! Urban Design! Engineered! Shared Space! Proprietary! Information Technology! Open Source! Market Rationality! Animal Spirits and Embedded View of Market! Chicago School! Markets! Communicative Style! Broadcast! Interactive Web 2.0! Central Government Expedient! Ethical! Approach! Approach to Transparency! Contextualised Data! Raw Data! Credit: Leo Boland & Emer Coleman, Greater London Authority!
  5. 5. open! collaborative! social! inclusive! democratic! networked! building blocks for urban innovation!
  6. 6. ! DemocraCity
  7. 7. new spaces for democratic debate!
  8. 8. city government as a convener !
  9. 9. ip 2.0 dersh Collaborative! Lea Action oriented! Permission to experiment! Public value over public bodies! Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs!
  10. 10. old skool leadership done in a new skool way!
  11. 11. TransparenCity! "It's about cutting waste; it's about driving improvement and accountability in public services; and it's about boosting the economy by enabling entrepreneurs to use public data to create new applications.! "Above all, it is about a shift of power from the state and a fundamental trust in the ability of people to work together to transform our society.”! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Francis Maude, UK Cabinet Office Minister!
  12. 12. the race to open up government!
  13. 13. Open politics !
  14. 14. #opendata for #opencities!
  15. 15. power of public information!
  16. 16. Making city government easy to access and easy understand
  17. 17. measuring impact and improving access to information •! data > dashboards •! new performance management •! empower choice of public service provision •! tooling up citizens to hold government to account directly
  18. 18. wikicity
  19. 19. ideas for every city – why not?!
  20. 20. Engage Right | Engage, Right?!
  21. 21. Future Melbourne
  22. 22. - it’s big news!
  23. 23. stimulating public services 2.0!
  24. 24. new ways of managing change: social innovation for cities!
  25. 25. DIY cities !
  26. 26. “a leap forward in the quality of life in communities will occur more frequently when government opens the door for catalytic social progress spearheaded by the many...who make changes daily in their communities.# Together these acts can play a part in turning clients of the state into active, participating and productive citizens.”" Stephen Goldsmith, The Power of Social Innovation! the power of networks!
  27. 27. “Communities are the human, emotional, and cultural nodes of the complex system of systems that comprise a city. They are where the city’s systems – transportation, commerce, food, energy, safety, education, health care – are organically fused. They are where integrated novelty is created every day out of radical complexity. They are where safety, prosperity, innovation, and social cohesion can arise out of diversity of cultures and of use.”! Informed and Interconnected: ! A Manifesto for Smarter Cities! Rosabeth Moss and Kanter Stanley Litow !
  28. 28. building social capital! - build confidence and trust! - bridge building role – online and offline mutually reinforcing! - lever social value/roi over the medium to long term! - invest in social innovation to save of medium to long-term!
  29. 29. organising for change !
  30. 30. Urban OS: smarter city in a box!
  31. 31. hyper-active local communities" - explosion of web based tools to enable citizens to report issues" - less about co-production and more effective customer services and more efficient reporting for government itself to resolve!
  32. 32. collective action for civic outcomes! “The web has dramatically reduced the cost of collective action” – Clay Shirky! Examples! - !Ushahidi (developed in Kenya) now being applied in Western context to organise !community response to snowmageddon, clearing bus stops of snow! - !Open street map rapid response to emergency in Haiti!
  33. 33. a ‘poke’ to action! - !people ‘just do it’ with or without government! - !peer pressure for social good! - !from meetup to ‘I’m here now come meet!’! - !transparency increasing keep up with the joneses effect, with everyone !watching each other. Beginning to be harnessed to positive effect.!
  34. 34. “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody"#! !Jane Jacobs! InclusiviCity!
  35. 35. connecting citizens! Accessibility as key to widen out now! Access to public services 2.0 uneven based on a variety of factors!
  36. 36. new technology! new opportunity!
  37. 37. accesscity: the prototype!!
  38. 38. SocialCity: enabling social mixing and creativity!
  39. 39. support platforms for collaboration and change! - !the importance of social space for innovators inside and outside of !government to work together! - !learning behaviours and new forms of leadership! - !creating a safe space to share, learn and collaborate!
  40. 40. support social spaces!
  41. 41. Dominic Campbell