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Chronos: a transmedia educational project at the Museo Naval in Madrid


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This is about transmedia and museums. We share our experiences in telling stories for kids through different media in the Museo Naval in Madrid.

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Chronos: a transmedia educational project at the Museo Naval in Madrid

  1. 1. Chronos: a transmedia educational project at the Museo Naval in Madrid
  3. 3. Nancy Proctor Head of Mobile Strategy and Initiatives Smithsonian Institution
  4. 4. Museum as -non formal education centre -content platform, fostering participation and creation -brander of cultural products on-line and off-line
  5. 5. “We believe that transmedia has the potential to be a valuable tool for expanded learning that addresses some of the most pressing challenges facing education today. Through immersive, interconnected, and dynamic narratives, transmedia engages multiple literacies, including textual, visual, and media literacies, as well as multiple intelligences. It is highly engaging and allows for important social sharing among collaborators”. The Joan Ganz Cooney Center
  7. 7. Not just marketing
  8. 8. +They’re fun. It’s like hearing from a knowledgeable, witty friend who just happens to be extinct and living in an educational institution. +Look smart. On Facebook and Twitter, it’s pretty easy to see who your friends follow. In addition to following celebrities and news outlets, impress your contacts by flaunting your friendship with a T-rex or blobfish. +December 6th Museum´s Mascot´s Day Erin Blasco http:// the-top-5-reasons-to-follow-amuseum-mascot-on-social/
  9. 9. MEME
  10. 10. by Allie Burness
  12. 12. CHARACTERS
  13. 13. A suggestive character born to be remixed and expanded and a teaser: the time travel. +Kids in the Armada: midshipmen +The misterious gaze of a future king +A time traveller: captain Telmo and Chronos spacecraft
  15. 15. Astrolabe-map The map has been central in the entire project: it is a located game Evolution of the character
  16. 16. Red Head, linking Humpback anglerfish bioluminscent in the deep blue see with San Telmo fire a helm to sail in time Smile unabashed. Suggesting courage In the future man and nature will live in a simbiotic way Shoulder patch Logo of the as captain in the Armada Armada White uniform clean, simple and with a starring blue vest Blue Vest that´s the Blue Vest that´s the corporative colour of corporative colour of the Museum the Museum
  17. 17. Playful approaches in a paper adventureguide
  18. 18. Interactive Design and reuse
  19. 19. Museo Naval family friendly adventure tour The mascot is a guide, explaining stories about the artifacts and fostering games and participation Shortlist key artifacts in a large collection AUTOGUIDED TOUR Makes families engaged IMPROVES ACCESIBILITY OF KIDS AND FAMILY TO THE EXHIBITIONS AND TO THE INSTITUTION New visits and families participation is New visits and families participation is encouraged encouraged
  20. 20. App "Chronos, adventure in the Naval Museum", published in Samsung Store. A selected project and sponsored by : t
  21. 21. Mapa-Nave
  22. 22. PORTABILITY Multiplataform, fully responsive. We work with frameworks that allow to create native apps for both Android and iOS with a single development. All designs are customizable to different resolutions and screen. Mobile and tablets That way you get almost 95% of market Apps devices running at optimal performance and reducing production costs to a minimum Software firms: Corona SDK, Unity
  23. 23. Based Located Game The map is real so you can use the game as a guide or as a shortlister Objectives: Create, learn, share, play
  24. 24. Identity card, to welcome and invite to be part of the game. You can customize it. You can also use the pen Samsung wanted us to promote.
  25. 25. Old artifacts remixed with the game frame. This historical characters are enrolled in the Chronos. They are real sailors and act like guides, giving advice and hints.
  26. 26. Fostering creation based on real artifacts.
  27. 27. Tales riddles forecasts magic games theater
  28. 28. LET´S PLAY
  29. 29. .
  31. 31. Augmented Reality Games ARG are located based games (they use real world as a board) that apply transmedia strategies to tell a story that changes with the ideas and actions of the participants.
  32. 32. Institute for the Future Kids are in some ways ideally prepared to deal with change, and may have more to say and more power to influence the world than at any other time in history.
  33. 33. “empowering” kids with digital tools
  34. 34.                                                                              …2.0 & transmedia British Museum Samsung Discovery Centre Kids creating their own guides
  35. 35. At the end of this project… We have discovered that we want to contribute to improve education through apps that actively involve children in exploring, understanding and building reality. We understand the role of museums as content platforms and we think we can be the right partner for museum branded content.
  36. 36. coming soon… Touristic guides for children and families Promoting values, encouraging activities out of the screen and social games Located based games Enhancing family touristic experiences
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Links: * * * * * * * * * * *Pratten, Robert (2011). ''Getting Started with Transmedia Storytelling. A Practical Guide for Beginners''. En: from=embed *Jenkins, Henry (2003). ''Transmedia Storytelling''. En: *Gray, Jonathan (2010). Show sold separately: promos, spoilers, and other media paratexts. New York: New York University. *Diego Fernando Montoya, Mauricio Vásquez Arias, Harold Salinas Arboleda “Sistemas intertextuales transmedia: exploraciones conceptuales y aproximaciones investigativas” en
  39. 39. Thanks!