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eLearning and mLearning in MedEd - Why, What and How


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eL and mL in MedEd - Why, What and How
to expand, extend and enhance, add to, transform the learning experience,
start with your key slides (take home points, practice tips, do not forget, key illustrations, references)
use simple, off the shelf tools and platforms (hyperlinked index - Blogger; presentation and engagement platform - Blogger, Padlet, WhatsApp)

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eLearning and mLearning in MedEd - Why, What and How

  1. 1. eLearning/mLearning in Medical Education - Why, What and How Why What How Time (pressed), Attention (short), Show (value) Expand, Extend, Engage (beyond allocated class/session time) Scale Your Slides (key slide, reference, illustration, take home point, do not forget, practice tip) at your finger tips (online, mobile, linked to Accessible, Available) Blogs/Blogger (repository, presentation), Padlet (for interaction) Poh-Sun Goh 1st draft 3 March 2018 @ 0605am