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You've Made It - Pitching to TechCrunch & Using AngelList

Presentation I made to Polish entrepreneurs at the Silicon Valley PAD in Menlo Park, California which is part of US Market Access, a tech accelerator in the Silicon Valley.

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You've Made It - Pitching to TechCrunch & Using AngelList

  1. 1. You’ve Made It! Randy Ksar | Startup Advisor Landon Consulting @djksar | 408.409.9033 @djksar
  2. 2. You are at a point to launch your company and products Image Credits: Randy Ksar| | @djksar
  3. 3. What do you do next? Randy Ksar| | @djksar
  4. 4. Checklist: Ask yourself How is the public going to react? Think about positive and negative comments. Are you ready to respond? Prepare a PR FAQ and distribute internally. How are competitors going to react? Your launch is their opportunity. Do you have a good, new and disruptive story? Randy Ksar| | @djksar
  5. 5. Randy Ksar| | @djksar
  6. 6. Expectations • Once I’m on TechCrunch we’ve made it –! • Lead generation will skyrocket once post is live • Influencers and early adopters will start following you Randy Ksar| | @djksar
  7. 7. Before You Pitch • Network at meet-ups & conferences before you pitch • Alpha & beta test first to get feedback • Start your social outreach to influencers Randy Ksar| | @djksar
  8. 8. Pitch TechCrunch Reporters Email the following: Who you are & what your product does How it differentiates between your competitors Links to your website / mobile apps Easily embeddable content (e.g. videos) Offer exclusive to Techcrunch & their readers Contact Info Maximum 2 paragraphs Randy Ksar| | @djksar
  9. 9. Randy Ksar| | @djksar
  10. 10. AngelList Expectations • Tell the world you are fundraising and hiring • Not crowd-sourced fundraising – not approved by the SEC • Opportunity to network with the angel investor world and startup-focused talent Randy Ksar| | @djksar
  11. 11. AngelList Best Practices  Create a company profile Include who you are, what you are looking for, current investors and advisors, links to your website/trials/demos  Have all your employees and advisors create profiles and become a member to the company  Have a video to demo your product in 30 secs to 1 minute  Follow investors and learn what their funding patterns are  Keep your company profile page updated Randy Ksar| | @djksar
  12. 12. In summary • • • • Congrats on starting your company. Start networking. Nail the customer experience. Build your brand and influence. Randy Ksar| | @djksar