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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?


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Evaluation Question For A2 Media Studies

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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

  1. 1. RESEARCH AND PLANNING At the beginning of the project I took a great deal more time in research into similar real media products, both from a variety of short films and films that I chose that inspired myself. This led me to using the sites YouTube and Vimeo as my main source of inspiration for my film this year, and it involved watching a great deal of media to find something that inspired me into coming up with an original and interesting idea for the film I was to be creating I also however, used other sources, such as Netflix and films on DVD, to gain inspiration for my own film as well as to use the conventions of short films and the horror-genre I decided upon later.
  2. 2. Another aspect of the planning process, was using Final Cut Pro X in a variety of ways that helped me… 1. To edit together pitch footage for the benefit of gaining more audience feedback 2. To collate storyboards using a camera and then editing these pictures into an Animated Storyboard – allowing to plan ahead for timings and transition choices, saving time during the editing process further down the line 3. As well as creating an opportunity (through other tasks) to become accustomed to the software that I would have to use all year. Allowing for more creative freedom later down the line.
  3. 3. ANCILLARY TASKS The Ancillary Tasks were made using Apple’s Pixelmator software. This was brand new to me, and I spent a lot of time becoming accustomed to the software before in jumped ahead with the creation of the magazine review page and the film poster I created. There were a lot of features that were new to me at the beginning of that part of the project, but I felt that ‘acclimatised’ to the software very quickly and was soon able to become a lot more creative, whilst drawing ideas and inspiration from real media products such as Total Film and Empire.
  4. 4. EVALUATION TASKS I’m now going to make this a ‘meta’ slideshow/evaluation answer and describe the different processes I used in order to create all of the evaluation tasks. 1. The first I used was Prezi – a presentation tool, that I have used more and more in the last year as a means of getting my ideas across to an audience in a much more interesting and interactive way, than the conventional powerpoint presentation. 2. The PowerPoint presentation is not without it’s uses though, creating this, I have used Windows PowerPoint for Mac and then hosted it on, allowing a good looking piece of software to deliver a higher amount of information to the audience. 3. I then also used SoundCloud to create a podcast for another evaluation question. This was done as easily as using the app for iPhone, recording my content and then uploading it to SoundCloud, where it can then be hosted/embedded in a blog post on wordpress. 4. Finally, I also PixelChart to a create an infographic which focuses on the aesthetics, to bring information to an audience. All of these are now available on the Blog to see.