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2010 International Conference on System Science, Engineering Design and Manufacturing Informatization                The a...
recognition, natural language processing, game, automatic                 technology and mobile media, to form the open in...
C.    Mobile Intelligenct Information Retrieval Engine                    network system provide users with some knowledge...
intelligence in mobile learning will bring us into a new worldand make learning easier.                              REFER...
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Artificial intelligence in mobile learning


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Artificial intelligence in mobile learning

  1. 1. 2010 International Conference on System Science, Engineering Design and Manufacturing Informatization The application of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Learning Qiang Liu Lixin Diao Guangcan Tu Art Academy Information & technology Art department China Three Gorges University Department Yangtze University Yichang, China Central China Normal University Jinzhou, China 640690697@qq. com Wuhan, China Abstract—This paper research the application of artificial mobility and sexual situations. This paper consider that mobile intelligence in mobile learning. In the first place,this paper learning is a new form of learning by using the wireless mobile analyse the meaning of mobile learning and artificial communications network technology and wireless mobile intelligence,make them clear to people. In the second place, communications equipment (such as mobile phones), personal explain the significance of the application of artificial intelligence digital assistants (such as PDA, Pocket PC), and so on to in mobile learning. This paper introduce five problems in mobile access to education, information, educational resources and learning.These problems make it necessary to apply artificial education services. Mobile learnings goal is that students intelligence. In the third place, introduce the specific application can learn anything at any time, any place, any way. of artificial intelligence in mobile learning.It include: 1)Mobile Mobile learnings distinctiveness: 1)To provide anytime, Intelligent Teaching Expert System(MITES).2)Mobile Intelligent anywhere learning environment. Learners can be in accordance Decision Support System(MIDSS).3)Mobile Intelligenct with the will to carry out its own study, out of the time and Information Retrieval Engine (MIIRE).4)Mobile Intelligent placelimitation. 2)Learning activities are more situational. Induct-learning System (MTIS).5)Intelligent Hardware Network Mobile learning provide the support for situational learning. (IHN).Finally, looking to the future,there are two main problems learning take place in the true and natural social context, about the artificial intelligence in mobile learning:1)Technical realize the real "living learning". 3)provide the Just-in-Time problems.2)Development of soft tools. learning content. Theoretical studies have shown that informal learning achieve about 70% in individual learning needs of the Keywords-artificial intelligence , mobile learning , application work. This form of learning play a key role to make people be competent for the work. Mobile learning support the needs of I. INTRODUCTION the informal learnings scene. With the development of wireless mobile network and the B. The meaning of artificial intelligence improve of the mobile communication equipment, it is Artificial intelligence are also called machine intelligence. possible to study any where and any time. Mobile It use artificial methods to achieve intelligence on machine learning(m-learning) come into the moderns life and (computer). It is the simulation of artificial intelligence on becoming a popular way in learning. Mobile learning has a lot machine,or make the machine have the human-like intelligent. of advantages in following aspects such as portability, It is a comprehensive discipline which based on the the interactive, easy to operate, and Targeted users. So, it attracted combination and growth of computer science, control theory, a large number of learners. In this situation, the information in information theory, neurophysiology, psychology, linguistics Mobile Learning become more and more. It makes the and so on. However ,there has been no an unified definition on Artificial Intelligence(AI) in mobile learning more and more artificial intelligence at present.There have a variety of claims important. It is necessary to reseach on it. and definitions in the academic. However, by its nature, A. The meaning of mobile learning artificial intelligence is a science of research, design and application of intelligent machines or intelligent system to There are different interpretations from different point of simulate human intelligent capabilities and extension of human view about the meaning of mobile learning in the current intelligence. academic community. They can be broadly divided into three kinds as following. The first viewpoint thinks that mobile The researchs on artificial intelligence always carry out learning is a new form in Distance learning. The second combined with the applications. Artificial intelligence is an viewpoint thinks that mobile learning is the new expansion of interdiscipline.It is a comprehensive technical discipline e-Learning. From the perspective of cognitive learning, the related to psychology, cognitive science, science, information third viewpoint thinks that mobile learning is a new technology science, system science,biological sciences and so on. It has and a new way of learning by its characteristicsis such as made great achievements on knowledge processing, pattern978-0-7695-4223-2/10 $26.00 © 2010 IEEE 80 81DOI 10.1109/ICSEM.2010.28
  2. 2. recognition, natural language processing, game, automatic technology and mobile media, to form the open interactivetheorem proving, automatic programming, expert system, teaching system. Students can be obtained the knowledge fromintelligent robot of knowledge Database.It formed a wide the system through mobile devices.System can teach differentrange of directions of development.Now,the research on according to the student’s knowledge, abilities and learningartificial intelligence always carry out by three ways as methods. It can achieve the best teaching effect and real realizefollowing:1)Use the mathod of biological sciences to explore the individualized adaptive teaching. MITES is a newthe nature of human intelligence.2) Use the mathod of educational technology witch is based on cognitive science andcomputer science.It use the connection-oriented mechanism thinking science , integrated artificial intelligence technology,base on network connection, use the artificial neural network educational psychology and other disciplines’knowledge. Theto simulate the image of human thinking.This mathod could role of MITES is to seek a cognitive model of learning ,makesolve the knowledge which is difficult to express by using the learners receive the individualized adaptive learning,makesymbols.3)Use the mathod of physiology. the learning faster and more effective by researching the characteristics and processes of study. II. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL MITES systems usually have the following intelligence: INTELLIGENCE IN MOBILE LEARNING 1)Can automatically generate a variety of problems and Mobile learning made a huge impact on traditional mode of has far-reaching significance. It not only changedthe significant deficiencies on the traditional mode of 2)According to the different levels of students ineducation that is limited by space and time,but also make learning,select the appropriate learning content and theteaching in an interesting way, enable learners to become more corresponding adjustment of the progress of teaching.dynamic, attract a large number of people to carry out mobile 3)Able to solve the problem automatically and generate thelearning enthusiastically.Anybody can go to the world of answer based on understand the teaching learning,any time,any where.But mobile learning is stillin the early stages of development at present.It still have many 4)Have natural language generation and understanding inproblems in practical applications. order to achieve relatively free Questions and Answers about the system and in order to enhance the initiative 1)The learning support service system in mobile learning is human-computer interaction.Unsatisfactory.The means are still very backward. There aremany limitations in services.It lacks initiative, targeted and 5)Has the capacity to explain the teaching content.strategic. 6)Can diagnosis of student errors, analysis of the causes of 2)How to realize the open of the test in mobile errors and take corrective measures.learning.How to ensure the objective and impartial, scientific, 7)Can evaluate the behavior of students.authority and timeliness of examination. 8)Can continuous improve the teaching strategies in 3) The Mobile Learning Network system and the network teaching.information query capabilities is still very limited. B. Mobile Intelligent Decision Support System(MIDSS) 4) The core support of mobile learning - mobile learningresources, has not been fully adapted to the characteristics of The basic components of MIDSS system include: data base,mobile learning. model base, method base, man-machine interface and intelligent components. These basic components can be 5)In mobile learning, learners lack individual active composed of two types of system structure:four base structureinteraction.To the common problem among students,it can not and the fusion structure. MIDSS shows strong growth potentialbe automatically carried out statistical analysis, Lenovo, etc.. and a bright future in the field of mobile learning applications. In view of the current situation,it is very necessary to apply This system is able to provide learners the necessary data ,the artificial intelligence technology in mobile learning.It is an information and background materials to provideimportant way to improve the mobile learning. decision-making, to help clear goals and decision-making problem identification, to establish or modify the III. THE SPECIFIC APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL decision-making model, to provide a range of options, and a INTELLIGENCE IN MOBILE LEARNING variety of program evaluation and selection excellent features of human-computer interaction analysis, comparison and toA. Mobile Intelligent Teaching Expert System(MITES) determine, to provide the necessary support for the correct and MITES can provide an intelligent teaching environment. It effective decision-making.simulate the teaching thought processes of experts andprofessors, use the advanced teaching methods,such as AI 81 82
  3. 3. C. Mobile Intelligenct Information Retrieval Engine network system provide users with some knowledge in the field of information processing or to achieve some kind of (MIIRE) decision support needs. Mobile network is the hardware based In mobile learning, learners often find information of mobile learning. With the development of information ofresources through the network. Therefore, how to provide human society and the increasing popularity of the network,quality information retrieval services is one of the important mobile learning via the web will require not only integration ofcontents of Support services at a distance. Mobile Intelligent multimedia information processing capabilities, but also theretrieval is in fact to pvovide the Intelligence engine in mobile network to provide high-level information-processing capacity,learning. Existing search engines are server-side software, do that is, With regard to the processing power ofnot have intelligence and the high-accuracy retrieval, retrieval knowledge.According to the current situation,it is a far-sightedengine require format input string. If move the search engine to choice to make the mobile network more intelligenct by usingmobile client, and to enable them to self-analysis, to the IHN.understand the interest of learners, which have a certain degreeof intelligence, can collect the information based on users will IV. PROSPECTS FOR THE FUTUREin the internet. MIIRE is an important part of navigationSystem. Such as personal intelligent navigation system based A. Technical problemson Java,have a certain degree of self-learning function that can Artificial Intelligence in mobile learning needs a goodautomatically collect and record the users browsing habits, mobile learning environment. Technology as a hard and fastand according to different users in different navigation conditions related to the success of mobile learning to carryrecommendations to allow users to accurately access the out. Mobile learning still have to face the technical problems innecessary resources. From a technical point of view, the key the future. While the 3G wireless network technology has cut atechnology to develop the mobile intelligenct information striking figure, new generation of communicationsretrieval system is the intelligenct engine. technologys maximum transfer rate has been greater growth, Mobile wireless technology has previously been aD. Mobile Intelligent Induct-learning System (MTIS) breakthrough and progress than before, but the popularity of MTIS is a support services system. Support services is an wireless networks cant be solved overnight. With the problemimportant constituent element of mobile learning. To establish of the popularity of wireless network, there is internet chargeand maintain an efficient and flexible, strong support services problem. Due to the high cost of wireless Internet access, thesub-system is to effectively develop, manage and implement average consumer does not have the opportunity to access theprojects to ensure that mobile learning. Support services aimed Internet. This is to a large extent hampered the enthusiasm ofat creating a good learning environment so that students end-user. Mobile communications equipment is also anquickly and easily call a variety of resources, to accept the full important factor which can affect the future development ofrange of services on learning, learning for success. Intelligent mobile learning. Although the development of mobileAgent is in the field of distributed artificial intelligence, a equipments is rapid, but its support in the mobile learningmajor application, which aims to reduce the use of complex application is still not and the implementation of the burden of tedious tasksand maximize efficiency, intelligence-based technology built B. Development of soft toolsAGENT Mobile Intelligent Guidance System, can who guided Now, artificial intelligence in mobile learning is still in thethe development and implementation of different learning preliminary stages of development. The soft tools for Artificialstrategies and take the initiative to provide personalized Intelligence in mobile learning are very scarce. At present,services Guidance, so that Guidance has a focused and most of the tools is used for other applications, some of itsforward-looking; in guiding the strategy under the guidance of functions is to be used for personal knowledge management.automatic generation of a variety of issues and practice, These complex tools have led to great inconvenience inrational planning to adjust the content and progress of learning applications. Educational institutions should be the best choiceand has a diagnostic function, diagnostic errors in the study, to promote mobile learning in the future. However, due to theanalysis and improvement of the reasons; through feedback special nature of mobile learning, the most effective solution isautomatically correct guiding strategy, and make them more in cooperation. Development of the whole industry needs theline with the learners own knowledge base and cognitive Government, the mobile device manufacturers and educationalcharacteristics. software developers support. So, the development of tools can meet the needs of Artificial Intelligence in mobile learning.E. Intelligent Hardware Network (IHN) The “intelligent”here means " operation intelligence" and The research on artificial intelligence have a wide range of"service intelligence ". Operation intelligence is the applications in various fields.The development of artificialintelligence of running, maintenance and management of the intelligence is very fast. The application of artificialmobile network system. Service intelligence is that Mobile 82 83
  4. 4. intelligence in mobile learning will bring us into a new worldand make learning easier. REFERENCES[1] Paul A·Dorsey·What is PKM [DB/OL]·http: // www·millikin·edu/webmaster/seminar/pkm·html,2008-6-22.[2] J.Liebowitz.Knowledge Management And itsLink to Artificial Intelligence[J].Expert Systems With Applications.2001(20).[3] Ikujiro Nonaka, Ryoko Toyama and Noboru Konno. SECI,Ba and Leadership:a Unified Model of Dynamic Knowledge Creation[J].2002(10):33[4] Ball M K. The next evolution of knowledge management[EB/OL]. http : //www. kmworld. com/publications/ whitepa-pers/kmworldpaper02.pdf, 2002.[5] Sakawa MወKatoወKዊCooling load prediction in a district heating and cooling system through simplified robust filter and multilayered neural network[J]ዊ Applied Artificial Intelligence ወ 2001 ወ (15) ዖ 633ዊ[6] AIዉtabtabai HዊA framework for developing an expert analysis and forecasting system for construction projects[J]ዊExpert System With Applicationወ1998ወ(14)ዖ259ዊ[7] De Raedt L, Kersting K. Probabilistic logic learning [EB/OL].,2002·[8] Venkata R.Taxonomies,categorization and organizational agility[EB/OL].http://www. kmworld. com/ publications/ whitepapers/kmworldpaper02.pdf, 2002.[9] Turban E, Aronson J E. Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems[M].BeiJing: Tsinghua University Press, 2000. 754-756.[10] Trifonova, J. Knapp, & M. Ronchetti, E-learning versus M-learning: Experiences, a prototype and first experimental results, Proc. ED-Media 2005, June 27–July 2, 2005, Montreal, Canada, 2005, 4751–4758.[11] T. Goh & D. Kinshuk, Getting ready for mobile learning—adaptation perspective, Journal of Educational Multimediaand Hypermedia, 15(2), 2006, 175–198.[12] E. Weippl, Improving security in mobile E-learning, Proc. ED-MEDIA, Lugano, Switzerland, 2004, AACE, 209–216.[13] L. Neal, Predictions for 2006: E-learning experts map the road ahead, eLearn Magazine, ACM, 2006.[14] E. R. Weippl, Security in E-learning. (New York: Springer, 2005), ISBN 0-387-24341-0.[15] Holzinger, A. Nischelwitzer, & M. Meisenberger, Mobile phones as a challenge for m-learning: Examples for mobile interactive learning objects (MILOs), Proc. of the 3rd Int. Conf. on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PerCom 2005 Workshops), IEEE, 2005.[16] J. Attewell, Mobile technologies and learning: A technology update and m-learning project summary, Technology Enhanced Learning Research Centre, ISBN 1-84572-140-3. 83 84