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Navigating the data management ecosystem - Dan Valen


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"Navigating the data management ecosystem" - Dan Valen, figshare product specialist

Published in: Science
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Navigating the data management ecosystem - Dan Valen

  1. 1. Naviga&ng  the  Data   Management  Ecosystem   Dan Valen John Kratz Amy Hodge Jonathan Cachat Guagliardo,  Sarah  Anne;  Morrison,  Amy  C.;  Barboza,  José  Luis;   Requena,  Edwin;  Astete,  Helvio;  Vazquez-­‐Prokopec,  Gonzalo;   Kitron,  Uriel  (2015):  Vehicle  types  surveyed.  Fig_1.&f.  PLOS   Neglected  Tropical  Diseases.  10.1371/journal.pntd. 0003648.g001.  
  2. 2. Work smart. Discover more. Supported by The  Open  Academic  Tidal  Wave     1.  Recommended  open  access  to  scholarly  papers  of  publicly   funded  research   2.  Recommended  open  access  to  all  digital  outputs  of  publicly   funded  research   3.  Mandated  open  access  to  scholarly  papers  of  publicly   funded  research   4.  Mandated  open  access  to  all  digital  outputs  of  publicly   funded  research   5.  Enforced,  mandated  open  access  to  scholarly  papers  of   publicly  funded  research   6.  Enforced,  mandated  open  access  to  all  digital  outputs  of   publicly  funded  research      
  3. 3. Work smart. Discover more. Supported by “The Obama Administration is committed to the proposition that citizens deserve easy access to the results of scientific research their tax dollars have paid for.That’s why, in a policy memorandum released today, OSTP Director John Holdren has directed Federal agencies with more than $100M in R&D expenditures to develop plans to make the published results of federally funded research freely available to the public within one year of publication and requiring researchers to better account for and manage the digital data resulting from federally funded scientific research.”   February  22nd  2013   hdps:// expanding-­‐public-­‐access-­‐results-­‐federally-­‐funded-­‐ research  
  4. 4. Work smart. Discover more. Supported by Funder Policy Coverage Policy Stipulations Support Provided Published Outputs Data DMP Access / Sharing Long-term curation Monitoring Guidance Article Repository Data Repository Costs AHRQ ASPR CDC DOD DOE DOT FDA NASA NIH NIST NSF USDA USAID USGS VA Time Limits Full Coverage Partial Coverage No Coverage Overview of OSTP Responses Valen,  Dan;  Blanchat,  Kelly  (2015):  Overview  of  OSTP  Responses.  figshare.   hdp://   Retrieved  01:23,  Apr  21,  2015  (GMT)  
  5. 5. Work smart. Discover more. Supported by Data  Underlying  Published  Research  Results  Will  Be  Accessible   and  Open  Immediately.    The  founda&on  will  require  that  data   underlying  the  published  research  results  be  immediately   accessible  and  open.    This  too  is  subject  to  the  transi&on  period   and  a  12-­‐month  embargo  may  be  applied.   hdp://www.gatesfounda&­‐We-­‐Work/ General-­‐Informa&on/Open-­‐Access-­‐Policy  
  6. 6. Repositories  are  essen>al  
  7. 7. Data  cita&ons  are  essen&al     Pepe,  Alberto;  Goodman,  Alyssa;  Muench,  August;  Crosas,  Merce;  Erdmann,  Christopher  (2014):  Some   descrip&ve  sta&s&cs  about  top  domains  linked  in  astronomy  publica&ons.  Table_1.xls.  PLOS  ONE.  10.1371/ journal.pone.0104798.t001.   Pepe,  Alberto;  Goodman,  Alyssa;  Muench,  August;  Crosas,  Merce;   Erdmann,  Christopher  (2014):  Volume  of  poten&al  data  links  in   astronomy  publica&ons.  Figure_1.&f.  PLOS  ONE.  10.1371/ journal.pone.0104798.g001.  
  8. 8. •  Enabling  easy  reuse  and  verifica&on  of  data   •  Allowing  the  impact  of  data  to  be  tracked   •  Crea&ng  a  scholarly  structure  that  recognizes   and  rewards  data  producers   Source:  hdps://­‐your-­‐data.html   Why  DataCite?    
  9. 9. Work smart. Discover more. Supported by APIs  are  essen&al   The  figshare  API  allows  you  to  push  data  to   figshare,  or  pull  data  out     This  allows  you  to  build  applica&ons  on  top  of   academic  research  and  provide  for   uninterrupted  workflows    
  10. 10. Open  Access  and  liberal   licenses  are  essen&al  
  11. 11. Most  common  objec&ons  and  how  to   tackle  them…   •  Context  will  be  lost!   •  Career  protec&on-­‐-­‐  I’ll  get  scooped!   •  Ethics  or…  can  I  even  share  data?     "Data  should  be  considered  legi3mate,  citable   products  of  research.  Data  cita3ons  should  be   accorded  the  same  importance  as  publica3ons."      
  12. 12. ✔   Repor>ng  Dashboard   Impact  and  Usage  Repor&ng   Administra>ve  Workflow  Portal   A  portal  where  administrators  can   manage  cura&on  of  files  to  be  made   public,  storage  space  alloca&on  and   user  rights   Public  Digital  Research  Repository   A  customizable  public  portal  with  all   digital  files  made  public  at  an   ins&tu&onal,  departmental  and  group   level   Research  Data  Management   Private,  controlled  storage  and   collabora&ve  spaces   for  every  academic  at  the  ins&tu&on   figshare  for  ins&tu&ons:    key  pieces  of  func&onality   ✔   ✔   ✔  
  13. 13. So  what’s  happening?   Hall,  Nathan  T.  (2014).  Faculty  Antudes  Towards  Data  Sharing  [Powerpoint   Slides]  Retrieved  from:  hdp://­‐content/uploads/2014/12/ Snapshot-­‐Nathan-­‐Hall-­‐Data-­‐Sharing.pdf