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SlidesforOAResearchDataSharingForum _20161027


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Slides presented during the "Open Access Research Data Sharing Requirements: Are you ready?” on 27 Oct 2016 @ NTU.

Questions and comments from the participants have been posted on Scholarly Communication Blog (

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SlidesforOAResearchDataSharingForum _20161027

  1. 1. OPEN ACCESS RESEARCH DATA SHARING REQUIREMENTS: Are you ready? • Go to ‘’ or ‘’ • Enter ‘3632’ for event number • Post/vote for questions • Participate in polls A discussion forum facilitated by GOH Su Nee Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services Please note that photos of you may be taken during the event for publicity and marketing purposes.
  2. 2.
  3. 3. What is Open Access Research Data Sharing?
  4. 4. What are NTU’s requirements for “Open Access Research Data Sharing”? NTU platform or a recognised open access data repository No later than publication of the article
  5. 5. Is there a specific timeline for NTU to implement changes to data sharing policy and infrastructure? 14 Apr 2016 Early 2017 NTU Research Data Policy - Data sharing - Data management plan NTU Open Access Research Data Repository
  7. 7. DANSDataArchiving (2013). Sharing data: good for science, good for you. . Accessed 26 Oct 2016
  8. 8. What are the benefits of data sharing? ENQUIRY Icon vector designed by Freepik Nuvola SVG icons by David Vignoni in Wikimedia DEBATE By Freepik INNOVATION By Freepik COLLABORATIONS EDUCATION Reference: UK Data Archive (2002-2016). Why share data?
  9. 9. Source:
  10. 10. How & where to share data? Institutional repositories Generalist repositories Subject repositories
  11. 11. How & where to share data? ■ Data journals eg.: – Scientific Data (Nature) – Biodiversity Data Journal – GeoScience Data Journal – Data in Brief (Elsevier) – Journal of Open Archaeology Data – Open Health Data – Earth System Science Data – Journal of Open Psychology – Journal of Physical and Chemical Research Data – Journal of Open Research Software
  12. 12. Do I need to share all my data? ■ NTU Research Data Policy: The FINAL RESEARCH DATA from projects carried out at NTU shall be made available for sharing (via the NTU Data Repository) unless there are prior formal agreements with external collaborators and parties on non disclosure or proprietary use of the data.
  13. 13. “What’s the difference between working data and final data?” Working data: • data that are currently being examined and analysed • may change over time as they are being reviewed, refined, revised, processed or added to help the researcher find answers to research questions Final data: • exists during last stage in the data lifecycle where there’s no more re-working and manipulation of data • necessary to document, support and validate research findings
  14. 14. I have sensitive data. So, can I be exempted from data sharing? ■ Sensitive data are data that can be used to IDENTIFY AN INDIVIDUAL, SPECIES, OBJECT, OR LOCATION that introduces a RISK OF DISCRIMINATION, HARM, OR UNWANTED ATTENTION. Source: Australian National Data Services (2016). Sharing sensitive data. CC-BY 3.0 Australia license. data-reuse/sharing-sensitive-data . Accessed 25 Oct 2016.
  15. 15. Publishing and Sharing Sensitive Data Reference: Australian National Data Services (2016). Publishing and sharing sensitive data. CC-BY 3.0 Australia license. decision-tree.pdf . Accessed 25 Oct 2016. Existing or new Right to publish Make non- sensitive Consent License Metadata
  16. 16. What is CC:BY:NC? ■ Recommended by NTU Research Data Policy ■ A Creative Commons license to share, redistribute and adapt the material based on: ACKNOWLEDGE/GIVE CREDIT/ATTRIBUTE NON-COMMERCIAL
  19. 19. How does the upcoming NTU open access research data repository look like?
  20. 20. University dataverse child dataverses facet browsing search sort
  21. 21. Within a child dataverse Data citation Exporting data citation Related publication
  22. 22. Order data on a USB
  23. 23. Metadata Subject Keywords Description Author Author with ORCID Title DOI Publication date Topical classification
  24. 24. Metadata Depositor Deposit date Grant info Geospatial metadata
  25. 25. Example with most files available for public download
  26. 26. Example with some files locked up
  27. 27. Da Silva, Mayesse; Monserrate, Fredy; Valencia, Jefferson; Quintero, Marcela; Jarvis, Andy, 2016, "Digital mapping of soil properties in the West of Honduras, Central America.", doi:10.7910/DVN/QVXA7U, Harvard Dataverse, V2 Examples: JASI PHINEAS; DODZO MUNYARADZI K; TARUBEREKERA NOAH, 2013, "Zimbabwe (2013): Qualitative Segmentation Study on understanding the motivators and barriers to accessing services among women aged 18-49 years who have experienced violence in Zimbabwe", doi:10.7910/DVN1/22666, Harvard Dataverse, V5 Buckner, Randy L.; Roffman, Joshua L.; Smoller, Jordan W., 2014, "Brain Genomics Superstruct Project (GSP)", doi:10.7910/DVN/25833, Harvard Dataverse, V10
  28. 28. TELL US: What challenges would you foresee in open access research data sharing? ■ Tell us at ‘’ or ‘’ ■ Event number: 3632 ■ Select “Polls”
  29. 29. Who owns my data? Myself, publisher, grant dispenser or my institution? ■ NTU Research Data Policy 5.1: The UNIVERSITY owns all research data produced by research projects conducted at or under the auspices of NTU regardless of funding source, UNLESS SPECIFIC TERMS OF SPONSORSHIP, OTHER AGREEMENTS OR UNIVERSITY POLICY SUPERSEDE THESE RIGHTS. ■ In joint projects with other external parties, there shall be CLEAR AGREEMENT for NTU to jointly hold all rights and ownership of research data arising from the project. ■ The UNIVERSITY ASSIGNS AUTOMATIC RIGHTS TO THE PI AND HIS/HER DESIGNATED RESEARCHERS TO USE AND PUBLISH ALL RESEARCH DATA arising from their project for non commercial purposes only.
  30. 30. What resources would I need for data sharing? Data creation Data processing Data analysis Data preservation Data access Data reuse MANPOWER EQUIPMENT SOFTWARE Research Data Lifecycle
  31. 31. TELL US: What would make data sharing easier? ■ Tell us at ‘’ or ‘’ ■ Event number: 3632 ■ Select “Polls”
  32. 32. Policies Funding Incentives Stakeholders Long-term Infrastructure Standards Licensing Legal Ethical Training
  33. 33. Conclusion Open by default Good Research Data Management
  34. 34. Don’t Forget ■ Contact us at or your subject librarian
  35. 35. THANK YOU Please exchange your lunch coupon for your bento lunch set at the desk outside the LT.
  36. 36. NTU Research Data Policy ■ Research Integrity webpage ( /ResearchIntegrity/ ) ■ NTU Policy Portal in Intranet