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  1. 1. Headlines from the group ”Data”Purpose of this Group “If Data is the new oil, how we can exploit them?” Key data on online engagement: platform On platform: 111 members, 46 discussions, 183 comments Most discussed: Most active: Open Apps: Open Source released as Open Data 17 Open Data topics of EU-wide relevance 15 Data and the Three/Four/Five Vs 11 Oscar Wijsman Smart City generates a lot of data. Its a Big Data case. 11 Big Data, Open Data and eHealth in an ecosystem 10 Data should be easy to provide and share by non-ICT-skilled Alberto Ortiz de Zárate citizens 9 Excellent EC report on eHealth and Open Data 9 A single OpenData license for all EU is a great action to Serafin Olcoz improve our Open Data sector 8 New educational content for the data society 8 Gianluigi Cuccureddu Sensor data will explode: trust needed 8 Information buried in garbage 7 Lets create thousands of online jobs for EU-citizens by Stefan Enberg opening up business register data 7
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  3. 3. Wordcloud overall discussion
  4. 4. Headlines from the group ”Data”Purpose of this Group “If Data is the new oil, how we can exploit them?”Challengesi. Open (more) Data.ii.To grow Big Data sector.iii.Language Technologies as the way to turn information to data.Highlighted quotesJordi Torres @JordiTorresBCN "Data is more important than ever, but the exponential growth of data has overwhelmed most companys ability to manage (and monetize it)"
  5. 5. Challenge: Open (more) DataActions recommended• In order to have a single European Data Market, we need to harmonize the OpenData offering. This includes having a single OpenData license (or data reuse conditions) for all EU, use open formats for open data, use a common metadata to describe them, and to do an agreement in order to release common datasets by every public body.• To do a fully automated access to open company data.• To promote linked data.• To publish or release Open Apps into Public Domain following Open Data mechanisms.• To bring the (open) data in the educational area.Highlighted quotes Alberto Ortiz de Zárate @Alorza "The open data policies are usefulin the context of a society that knows how to extract value from data."
  6. 6. Challenge: To grow Big Area sectorActions recommended• To create an ecosystem of companies dedicated to the capture, storage, search, sharing, analysis and visualization of big data in a specific area, for instance eHealth.• To use a common data formats for all organizations involved in the same area.• To create a data indicator tools in order to know if we can trust them.• Big Data must be controlled by specific rules according to EU policies.• To do a balance between protecting user privacy and safeguarding the rights of enterprises/innovators.Highlighted quotesOscar Wijsman @OscarWijsman Big data is often related to profiling and commercial use but that is only one side of the coin.
  7. 7. Challenge: Language Technologies (LT) as the way to turn information to dataActions recommended• To identify scenarios where LT can plug in to support semantic efforts and add an additional intelligent layer to data.• To promote a legal clarification of the status of multilingual data on the Web.• To open more Multilingual Data. Once multilingual data is liberated, its usability goes far beyond simple "translation“.Highlighted quotesMarko Grobelnik @marko_grobelnik “Cross-lingual technologies are an open opportunity for EU”