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ODI London Sport event presentation 2016-02-03


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Gavin Starks slides to accompany his keynote at the launch of the London Sport Innovation event

Published in: Data & Analytics
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ODI London Sport event presentation 2016-02-03

  1. 1. Gavin Starks CEO @agentGav
  2. 2. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, ODI President and inventor of the web: the most successful information architecture in history
  3. 3. Unlock £trillions & impact billions Connect dozens of countries, thousands of companies, millions of people Web of documents Web of data Machine-readable data, sensors, and the internet of everything The standards, tools and techniques to enable the web of data at-scale
  4. 4. Over half the world’s population are connected.
 There are more sensors than people.
  5. 5. Roads help us navigate 
 to a location. Data help us navigate 
 to a decision.
  6. 6. Your data increases in value 
 the more it is connected
  7. 7. Our challenge is to sustain over 7B people, while hitting peak ‘everything’ everywhere
  8. 8. From jobs to energy, water to transport, education to food, health to shelter.
  9. 9. Helping businesses through open innovation programmes ODI challenge 143 ideas 7 winners £50K prizes 5-10x ROI ODI incubate Networking Mentoring Sales ODI accelerate EU-wide €5.5M fund 200+ jobs 50+ startups £10M income
  10. 10. Publish & receive sensor data
 + 10 million posts a second
 + Real-time publishing + Search, storage, analytics 3,000+ users & growing fast
 + Arup, City of Bristol + Oxford flood network Open + private + Decentralised, open + Enterprise-friendly
  11. 11. UK’s open transport platform 1,800 developers & organisations 70% of UK transport data
  12. 12. Annual Definition of challenge Definition of success metrics Competitions & startup incubation 
 Programme alignment & scope 2017 2018 2019 2020 Annual challenges Market maturity and adoption Acceleration Reviews Launch Ongoing Governance – continuous GRC development Standards, tools, techniques & releases Training, workshops & assets Membership events & comms Domain-specific working groups Biannual review Policy Legal Standards Early adopters sector leader programme ODI sector leader programme
  13. 13. Data in general, and open data specifically, is changing the nature of politics and business. It reflects a cultural shift to an open, networked society.
  14. 14. We connect, equip and inspire people around the world to innovate with data
  15. 15. Gavin Starks CEO @agentGav