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Towards a BIG Data Public Private Partnership


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Building an industrial community around Big Data in Europe is the priority of the BIG: Big Data Public Private Forum project. In this workshop we will present the work of the project including analysis of foundational Big Data research technologies, technology and strategy roadmaps to enable business to understand the potential of Big Data technologies, and the necessary collaboration and dissemination infrastructure to link technology suppliers, integrators and leading user organizations. BIG is working towards the definition and implementation of a clear strategy that tackles the necessary efforts in terms of Big Data research and innovation, while also providing a major boost for technology adoption and supporting actions for the successful implementation of the Big Data economy.

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Towards a BIG Data Public Private Partnership

  1. 1. European Data Forum 2014
  2. 2. European Data Forum 2014 BIG Big Data Public Private Forum NEELIE KROES @ EDF 2014…. ……A CALL FOR ACTION “a public private partnership…can be a powerful way to work together… Public money is not free money. Before you can unlock it you need a very clear plan, showing how any public investment will work, how it connects to the activities around it, and how it will pay off…we need a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda … from a broad, inclusive and representative basis, pulling together different priorities, so they make sense……… we need to do all this quickly, and to the highest quality” Neelie Kroes Vice-President of the European Commission
  3. 3. European Data Forum 2014 BIG Big Data Public Private Forum AGENDA 11:20 A Big Data Value Innovation Ecosystem for Europe: A Business Perspective. Harald Schöning, Software AG, NESSI Board 11:45 Launch of the PPP/Consultation process Marta Nagy-Rothengass, Head of Unit Data Value Chain, DG CONNECT 11:35 Towards a Big Data Public Private Partnership Nuria De Lama, Atos, NESSI, BIG 11:50 The Big Data Value Chain Edward Curry, NUIG, BIG 12:00 Big Data Transformations of Sectors Helen Lippell Press Association Sonja Zillner Siemens 12:10 Question & Answers Session All
  4. 4. BIG Big Data Public Private Forum The BIG Project BIG aims to promote a well-developed EU industrial landscape in Big Data: ▶  Providing a clear picture of existing technology trends and their maturity ▶  Acquiring a sharp understanding of how Big Data can be applied to concrete environments / use cases ▶  Pushing European Big Data research and innovation to contribute in increasing European competitiveness ▶  Building a self-sustainable, industry-led initiative Overall Objective Work at technical, business and policy levels, shaping the future through the positioning of IIM and Big Data specifically in Horizon 2020. Bringing the necessary stakeholders into a self- sustainable industry-led initiative, which will greatly contribute to enhance the EU competitiveness taking full advantage of Big Data technologies.
  5. 5. „NESSI is the European Technology Platform for the new Digital Information Society and Economy 2.0, powered by software and services and data“ The Mission " Provide thought leadership in Europe on the convergence of the networks of data, things and services " Drive convergence and transformation by strengthening and advancing the software and service-based economies in Europe " Stimulate the creation of ecosystems around software, services, and data " Provide visionary, comprehensive input to the European Commission, thereby shaping the European research and innovation agenda The Challenge " To promote the long-term importance of Software and Services eco-system and innovations for Europe’s competitiveness The Software & Services Focus Areas " Big Data Value " Cloud Computing " Cyber Physical Systems " All underpinned by Software Engineering What is NESSI? European Data Forum 2014
  6. 6. European Data Forum 2014 BIG Big Data Public Private Forum The role of BIG & NESSI • Both BIG and NESSI have aligned interests in fostering Big Data Value creation for Europe through Research & Innovation activities • BIG and NESSI are facilitators in the process of establishing an PPP
  7. 7. 7European Data Forum 2014 BIG 318062 BIG Big Data Public Private Forum THE BIG DATA VALUE CHAIN Edward Curry, National University of Ireland Galway European Data Forum, Athens, 20 February 2014
  8. 8. 8European Data Forum 2014 BIG 318062 BIG Big Data Public Private Forum 8 BIG 318062 SECTORIAL FORUMS AND TECHNICAL WORKING GROUPS Health Public Sector Finance & Insurance Telco, Media& Entertainment Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, Transport Needs Offerings Big Data Value Chain Technical Working Groups Industry Driven Sectorial Forums Data Acquisition Data Analysis Data Curation Data Storage Data Usage •  Structured data •  Unstructured data •  Event processing •  Sensor networks •  Protocols •  Real-time •  Data streams •  Multimodality •  Stream mining •  Semantic analysis •  Machine learning •  Information extraction •  Linked Data •  Data discovery •  ‘Whole world’ semantics •  Ecosystems •  Community data analysis •  Cross-sectorial data analysis •  Data Quality •  Trust / Provenance •  Annotation •  Data validation •  Human-Data Interaction •  Top-down/Bottom-up •  Community / Crowd •  Human Computation •  Curation at scale •  Incentivisation •  Automation •  Interoperability •  In-Memory DBs •  NoSQL DBs •  NewSQL DBs •  Cloud storage •  Query Interfaces •  Scalability and Performance •  Data Models •  Consistency, Availability, Partition- tolerance •  Security and Privacy •  Standardization •  Decision support •  Prediction •  In-use analytics •  Simulation •  Exploration •  Visualisation •  Modeling •  Control •  Domain-specific usage
  9. 9. 9European Data Forum 2014 BIG 318062 BIG Big Data Public Private Forum TECHNICAL WORKGROUP APPROACH Senior   Academic   Senior   Management   Middle   Researcher   Middle   Management   Position  in  Organisation   University   MNC   SME   Other   Types  of  Organisations   1.  Literature & Technical Survey 2.  Subject Matter Expert Interviews 3.  Stakeholder Workshops 4.  Online Questionnaire (with NESSI) •  Early adopters •  Business enablement •  Technical maturity •  Key Opinion Leaders Methodology Interviewee Breakdown Target Interviewee
  10. 10. 10European Data Forum 2014 BIG 318062 BIG Big Data Public Private Forum 10 BIG 318062 SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT INTERVIEWS
  11. 11. 11European Data Forum 2014 BIG 318062 BIG Big Data Public Private Forum 11 BIG 318062 WORKING GROUP RESULTS Interviews and Technical White Papers available on: Expert Interviews Technical Whitepapers ▶ Executive Overview ▶ Key Insights ▶ Social & Economic Impact ▶ Concise State of the Art ▶ Future Requirements & Emerging Trends ▶ Sector-specific Case Studies Next versions released in April
  12. 12. 12European Data Forum 2014 BIG 318062 BIG Big Data Public Private Forum 12 BIG 318062 KEY INSIGHTS Key Trends ▶  Lower usability barrier for data tools ▶  Blended human and algorithmic data processing for coping with for data quality ▶  Leveraging large communities (crowds) ▶  Need for semantic standardized data representation ▶  Significant increase in use of new data models (i.e. graph) (expressivity and flexibility) ▶  Much of (Big Data) technology is evolving evolutionary ▶  But business processes change must be revolutionary ▶  Data variety and verifiability are key opportunities ▶  Long tail of data variety is a major shift in the data landscape The Data Landscape ▶  Lack of Business-driven Big Data strategies ▶  Need for format and data storage technology standards ▶  Data exchange between companies, institutions, individuals, etc. ▶  Regulations & markets for data access ▶  Human resources: Lack of skilled data scientists Biggest Blockers Technical White Papers available on:
  13. 13. 13European Data Forum 2014 BIG 318062 BIG Big Data Public Private Forum TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP LEADERS Data Acquisition Data Analysis Data Curation Data Storage Data Usage Axel Ngonga ngonga@infor matik.uni- John Domingue john.domingue Edward Curry ed.curry@der Martin Strohbach MStrohbach@agtin Tilman Becker ▶ Join the mailing list @BIG_FP7