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  1. 1. Key data on online engagement: platformOn platform: 133 members, 38 discussions, 192 comments2 special initiatives:Writing together the digital innovation charter (51 comments)Position paper on EU innovation funding (62 comments) Most discussed: Do we need a European public private Partnership to support EU web enterpreneurs to start and grow their companies? 19 article: Building the Next Facebook a Tough Task in Most active: Europe. The NYT 13 Raising money for start-ups, what policy support, is the US rigth? 12 Axel Schultze ICT clusters in Europe: what should be done? 11 What do you think the European Partnership for Thierry Nabeth web enterpreneurs should consist of? 9 Key Enabling technologies or failure to see what is Carsten Kestermann going on ? 8 Sparking innovation in Europe 6 Stephan Engberg Accompanying companies in the process of Fergal Marrinan acquiring digital maturity 5 Open innovation: a way to make Europe more competitive? 5 Taking stock of the discussion so far (Group 8) 5 The European Knowledge paradox - knowledge valorization by brokering? 5
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  3. 3. Wordcloud overall discussion
  4. 4. Headlines from the group ”Innovation and Entrepreneurs”Purpose of this Group• How to translate EU research and innovation into growth and jobsTopic 1: InnovationChallenges• Translate EU research in growth and jobs• Build additional commitment by stakeholders through partnerships• Need for cultural change especially in universities• Invest in manufacturing• Promote new innovation models that can become a source of competitive advantage for European companies (e.g co-innovation)
  5. 5. Headlines from the group ”Innovation and Entrepreneurs”Topic 1: InnovationActions recommended and commitments made (1/2)• Use partnerships to increase stakeholders commitment, but respecting different roles of public and private partners• Cluster policy: To enhance cooperation between different R&I actors located in a region. Clusters needs to maintain the focus on genuine excellence, highly focused concentrated and selective. They need to be locally embedded but and competitive on the global market.• Change the EU innovation funding model to engage the really innovative actors in funding but maintain large players. Better involve entrepreneurs as key feature in order to increase exploitation of results of Project funded• Need for using output indicators on R&D, but not availableHighlighted quotes@fegarc #Guadalinfo want to take their social innovation conference #Innycia to #Europe #DA12 #da12innov
  6. 6. Headlines from the group ”Innovation and Entrepreneurs”Topic 2: EntrepreneurshipChallenges• Startups don’t grow in EU• Lack of funding and support• Lack of entrepreneurial culture• Lack of EU policies/ programs to overcome national fragmentationHighlighted quotes@leebryant about UK policy: great set of initiatives. Wish it had been there when we started. Much more important than TechCity PR nonsense #da12innov
  7. 7. Headlines from the group ”Innovation and Entrepreneurs”Topic 2: EntrepreneurshipActions recommended and commitments made• EU web startup partnership. Suggested services: organizing events, creating how-to guides, support the networking of existing accelerators and services, information on opportunities per country and industry; address VCs to create spill over effects (to match Gov investment); program should not limit itself to small investments (get more growth capital to EU playground).• Framework conditions as in UK, US or Israel, not just accelerators• Promote entrepreneurial culture in EU: Reward investors who bring a company from zero to a global leadership position; Educate kids at school to become entrepreneurs; Stimulate entrepreneurial hot spots, or clusters for specific areas; more simple rules for intellectual property protection