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Workshop: Integrating xen App 6 with ms app v and system center configuration manager


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Workshop: Integrating xen App 6 with ms app v and system center configuration manager

  1. 1. App- Integrating XenApp 6 with Microsoft App-V and System Center Configuration ManagerStephan PfisterCitrix Certified InstructorMicrosoft Certified App-V Trainer 1
  2. 2. Session objectives Understand the Microsoft Application Virtualization requirements and System Overview Understand how to integrate System Center Configuration Manager with XenApp 6 Understand how to integrate Microsoft App-V with Citrix XenApp Understand which application delivery mechanism to utilize based on a given 2
  3. 3. Understanding the components ofCitrix Application Virtualization
  4. 4. Citrix Streaming Components
  5. 5. Application Streaming CommunicationProcess
  6. 6. Known limits for profiling ApplicationsSome applications cannot be profiled, including: Applications that contain drivers, such as Adobe Acrobat Professional Microsoft Internet Explorer 64-bit applications Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) .NET Framework
  7. 7. Application Delivery MethodsThe following delivery methods are available: Accessed from a server Streamed if possible, otherwise accessed from a server Streamed to client
  8. 8. Understanding the components ofMicrosoft Application virtualization
  9. 9. Desktop Optimization Pack -Application Virtualiztation for Desktops
  10. 10. Technical Overview
  11. 11. Integrating XenApp 6 with MicrosoftSystem Center ConfigurationManager
  12. 12. Working t(w)ogether
  13. 13. When use what?Citrix Application Streaming Citrix Application VirtualizationBased on 5 core components• Publishing and Management Infrastructure• Application Isolation• Application Streaming• Receiver Plug-ins (Citrix Receiver• Self-service enterprise app store (Dazzle) „Is Citrix ending its development of their native application virtualization capabilities and going with App-V instead?“
  14. 14. "Why would Citrix want tosupport App-V, and what doesXenApp enable me to do withApp-V that I cant dootherwise"?
  15. 15. App-Pro‘s using App-V Integration App-Publish App-V packages directly from XenApp as „Dual Mode“applications• App-V sequences can be published using the same workflowsand wizards as all other applications managed through XenAppManage App-V client plug-in using Citrix Receiver App- plug-• The Microsoft Application Virtualization Desktop client can nowbe managed and delivered as a plug-in for Citrix Receiver App-Subscribe to App-V packages using Citrix Dazzle• With Citrix Receiver users gain self-service access to applicationsthrough an enterprise app storefront
  16. 16. Demo XenApp 6 Connector for System Center Configuration Manager
  17. 17. Application Delivery Using Configuration Manager 1 Admin uses SCCM Console to configure application delivery SCCM Server and publishing XenApp Web and Services Site 2 New XenApp connector facilitates seamless delivery of installed and virtualized apps withCitrix zero user disruptionReceiverand Dazzle 3 User subscribes to XenApp Servers app and executes hosted or virtualized apps App Hub Storage for XenApp and App-V packages
  18. 18. SCCM delivers apps toXenApp servers to makethem available tounmanaged devices
  19. 19. Installed on eachXenApp6 server•Microsoft SCCM Agent•XenApp PCM Agent•App-V client for RDS
  20. 20. XenApp Connectoruses PowerShellRemotingto communicate with•SCCM site server•XenApp farm server•PCM Concentrator
  21. 21. XenApp DataConnector syncsSCCM sitedatabase andXenApp farmdatabase
  22. 22. XenApp Connector for Config Manager 2007 R2 Includes two components• XenApp Data Connector • Communicates with both XenApp and SCCM for application delivery• Configuration Manager Console Extension • Inserts XenApp-specific configuration options into the SCCM Console
  23. 23. XenApp Data Connector internals • Contains 3 task scheduled PowerShell scripts • Scripts used to process Configured using data from SCCM site, Connector XenApp farm, PCM farm Config wizardC:C:Program FilesCitrixXenApp Connector for ConfigMgr 2007Connector FilesCitrix 2007 XenApp Connector Configuration tool Executed using Script Task location Schedule r Administrative tools > Task Scheduler
  24. 24. XenApp Data Connector internals (cont.) Synchronization script• Syncs SCCM data and XenApp farm data stored in separate databases XenApp Data Connector SCCM siteXenApp 6Farm Reads Writes XenApp and Config Mgr Synchronization script •Syncs XA farm data such as XenApp worker groups and XA server folder membership •Syncs daily by default
  25. 25. XenApp Data Connector internals (cont.)Publication and advertisement scripts IMA service XenApp Data Connector SCCM site serverXenApp 6Farm Reads Writes Program and Package advertisement script Publication script •Program and Package advertisement script: •Orchestrates software distribution process to XenApp servers XenApp Power and •Communicates with PCM Concentrator to drain Capacity online servers and bring offline servers online Management •Publication script: writes published app data to XenApp Concentrator farm
  26. 26. Configuration Manager Console ExtensionAdds XenApp-specific options• “Programs for XenApp” node • Used for simultaneous app delivery and publishing to XenApp servers• “XenApp Publication” node • Used to publish apps to XenApp servers App delivery App publishing
  27. 27. Configuration Manager Console Extension (cont.)XenApp-specific options added XenApp specific collection and sub-collections• New SCCM “Collections” • Citrix XenApp Farm, Servers grouped in folders and worker groups • Worker groups and folders must be configured in the Delivery Services Console
  28. 28. Application published in Delivery Services ConsoleApplication properties• Apps appear in ConfigMgr folder in the Delivery Services Console• Apps are published to individual XenApp servers and not to worker groups
  29. 29. Integrating XenApp withMicrosoft App-V
  30. 30. App- App-V with System Center Configuration Manager R2• For XenApp server- App-V Sequencer hosted application Configuration Manager Site delivery only Server• Apps streamed from Configuration Manager Distribution Point Configuration Manager Distribution Point
  31. 31. App- App-V without System Center Configuration Manager App-• Requires App-V Management server, App-V Sequencer Streaming server or web server• Integrate with XenApp for • Application publishing using XenApp console App-V Client • Application access App-V Streaming using Web Interface Server or IIS Web Server or Dazzle
  32. 32. App- Citrix integration with Microsoft App-V4 3 Applications published User subscribes to using Delivery Services virtualized application through Dazzle XenApp Servers XenApp Web and Services SiteUser devices with App Hub Storage for virtualizedCitrix Receiverand Dazzle 2 apps Sequence is stored on And App-V packages 5 streaming or management server User selects app icon in Start Menu to execute 1 app Administrator sequences applications
  33. 33. XenApp and App-V integration App-• Requires App-V integration kit• Publish App-V sequences using XenApp Delivery Services Console• Select “Streamed if possible, otherwise…”• Applications streamed to client or fallback to server-hosted application access
  34. 34. App- Citrix App-V integration >XenApp App- • App Streaming to App-V Conduit • Used for app streaming fallback • App-V MetaData files App- App- • Used to deploy App-V client with Merchandising server and Citrix Receiver
  35. 35. Stream to client App- App-V Streaming ServerWindows device A p RTSP port 554 p Web Interface XenApp Server
  36. 36. server- Streaming fall back to server-hosted application App- App-V Streaming Server A p p XenApp ServerMacintosh Mobile ICA port 1494 Linux Unix
  37. 37. Using Dazzle and App-VReceiver with MerchandiseServer
  38. 38. Citrix Merchandising Server
  39. 39. How to integrate Merchandise Server
  40. 40. Citrix Receiver Downloadhttps://<merchandise server>
  41. 41. DemoCitrix Receiver and dazzle
  42. 42. Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit