Citrix Excalibur - First Look@a Glance


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Excalibur - Was ist das? Vor allem was kann das? Was passiert mit XenApp und was passiert mit XenDesktop? Informieren Sie sich schon heute über Excalibur - Die neue Citrix-Lösung.

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Citrix Excalibur - First Look@a Glance

  1. 1. Stephan Pfister Fritz & Macziol (Schweiz) AG Apps & Desktops as-a-Service XenDesktop 7
  2. 2. Project Avalon Quick Overview
  3. 3. Cloud is NOT a Place It is not an organization. It is no longer the exception. It is the design center Private Cloud Public Cloud • Enabling Desktop & Apps as a Service requires: ᵒ On-demand self-service ᵒ Cloud-scale orchestration ᵒ Global, multi-site management ᵒ Multi-tenant isolation ᵒ Rapid elasticity ᵒ Measured services
  4. 4. Project Excalibur XenDesktop 7 Simplicity & Mobility Automation & Cloud Project Avalon : Windows as a Service Project Merlin
  5. 5. Foundation for Windows as a Service With FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA)
  6. 6. FlexCast Delivery Technology Simplified approaches to deployment flexibility Central Management Application & Desktop Delivery | Personalization | Access Policies | Image Management | Central Execution Local Execution Hosted VDI HDX 3D Pro, Dedicated or pooled desktop virtual machines Hosted Shared Windows Server session-based desktop or apps Local Hypervisor Type 1 Hypervisor for PCs and Laptops with XenClient Synchronizer FlexCast Management XenClient Physical PCs Physical workstations or Remote PC access technology
  7. 7. Delivery Services Console XenApp 6.5 Farm (IMA) XenDesktop 5.6 FP1 Site (FMA) Citrix Studio Web Interface Receiver DB DB IMA IMA CBP XenApp Controller Server OS Workers Desktop OS Workers Delivery Controller Power & Capacity Mgmt Provisioning ServicesPVS WMI PVS Console PCM Console Today: Separation of Owners & Roles Different Desktops & Apps Architectures EdgeSight Console VDA Provisioning Server EdgeSight AD Configuration Wizard Desktop Delivery Controller Console Web Interface Console Policy Console GoToAssist App Mgmt Console License Management Console Desktop Update Manager Setup Wizard
  8. 8. Citrix Studio Storefront / Receiver for Web Receiver DB Server OS Workers Desktop OS Workers Deliver Controller Provisioning Services XenDesktop 7: Unified Service Delivery Team FlexCast Management Architecture VDA VDA
  9. 9. XenDesktop 7: A Closer Look at New Features & Benefits
  10. 10. Physical VDI Hosted Shared Local Heavy workloads, Remote PC access 3D Workloads, Personal Desktops Scalable, Affordable Laptop UsersXenApp 7 / XenDesktop 7 XenClient XenDesktop 7 Infrastructure Server 2008R2 / Server 2012
  11. 11. 11 XenDesktop 7
  12. 12. Simplified Installation Integrated installation of: - Delivery Controller - Citrix Studio - Citrix Director - License Serer - StoreFront - Profile Manager - Personal vDisk
  13. 13. Configuration Testing: Minimizes Config/Setup Errors At completion of: • Full deployment • Creating a host, catalog, delivery group • Joining a site • …and more
  14. 14. Citrix Studio • Management console for: ᵒ delegated admin & config, logging, ᵒ apps & desktop publishing, ᵒ user/computer policies, ᵒ licensing, StoreFront, ᵒ and more… • Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows Server 2012 • MMC snap-in
  15. 15. Delegated Administration: Granular administration using Roles & Scopes • Full admin • Host admins • Delivery Group admin • Catalog • Read-only • Help desk admin • Custom admin Roles Scopes • Delivery Groups • Machine Catalog • Host Connection • Application
  16. 16. Configuration Logging: Two-Tiers - high-level & detail tasks • High-level logging summary, plus detailed resulting tasks • Integrates with Director/historic trending for root cause analysis • Powerful search feature • Reports available in HTML or CSV formats
  17. 17. Publishing Applications
  18. 18. Assigning published applications – Visibility Filter Office 2013 Delivery Group (Assigned to Domain Users) Domain Users Sales Marketing Operations VDA1 VDA2 VDA3 VDA4
  19. 19. Application & Desktop: Delivery made simple & scalable • Deliver apps and desktops from servers and desktop OS’es • Machine Creation Services for server and desktop OS workloads • Publish 10’s of apps at once • Integrated App-V 5 support
  20. 20. Working with applications in Studio
  21. 21. App-V integration
  22. 22. App-V Settings in Citrix Studio
  23. 23. App-V Publishing in Citrix Studio
  24. 24. Citrix Director Using Director with EdgeSight
  25. 25. Next generation Director • Single pane of glass ᵒ Instant “real-time” troubleshooting and environment health metrics across sites • Integration of EdgeSight features ᵒ Performance management and network analysis • Aggregation of logging information ᵒ Pinpoints root cause of connection and machine failures • End user experience monitoring ᵒ Logon analysis to pinpoint issues or delays TM
  26. 26. Performance management Health and capacity assurance Historical trending EdgeSight features Network analysis Identify bottlenecks due to the network in your XenDesktop environment Powered by NetScaler HDX Insight TM
  27. 27. XenDesktop 7 Single Site Director 2.1 Site A Site B Site C Help Desk and Troubleshooting / Environment health Director
  28. 28. EdgeSight Performance management Director with EdgeSight XenDesktop 7 Site A Site B Site C Director Historical Trends and Analytics Managing and optimizing capacity TM TM TM
  29. 29. EdgeSight Network analysis Director with EdgeSight XenDesktop 7 Site A Site B Site C HDX Insight Isolating and managing network performance Network - Deep Packet Analysis TM TM
  30. 30. Citrix Director: Real-time Assessment
  31. 31. Citrix Receiver HDX features n_us/documents/products/citrix-receiver- feature-matrix.pdf
  32. 32. Accelerating desktop transformation •User experience •Cost reduction •Simplicity & supportability Focus areas for HDX in XenDesktop 7
  33. 33. • Major improvementsin video quality and bandwidth efficiency • Scalable,cost-effective 3D graphics • Full HDX experienceon any device • Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 desktops and apps • Support for Microsoft’sLync 2013 VDI Plug-in • Local App Access(reverse seamless) HDX goals for XenDesktop 7
  34. 34. HDX goes Mobile Optimized for a mobile world Designed for 3G/4G networks Tablet and Smartphone codec acceleration Smooth, native touch experience Industry leading H.264-based deep compression algorithm:  2X increase in frame rate*  Half the bandwidth*  Up to 10x reduction in bit rate when playing HD videos over a low speed connection *As compared to previous industry leading HDX implementations
  35. 35. HDX Seamless Local Apps Seamless integration of local Windows apps Great for apps that need or benefit from local resources  Citrix Receiver for nested apps  DVD burners  Non-secure web browsers  Cloud-based video collaboration App running locally, or from Receiver… …Integrated into virtual desktop Optimized for HDFacesTM
  36. 36. OpenGL Software Accelerator 37 • New software rasterizer for OpenGL apps • An alternative to the OpenGL 1.1 software rasterizer included with Windows ᵒ Generally provides much faster rendering performance ᵒ Leverages SSE4.1 and AVX ᵒ Supports OpenGL 2.1 • Installs in the program folder of the OpenGL app • App compatibility expected to be high but must be verified; Citrix cannot guarantee compatibility with all OpenGL apps • Targets apps and use cases where GPU hardware acceleration is not needed or cannot be cost-justified but where the Microsoft OpenGL software rasterizer is inadequate
  37. 37. Nvidia Grid Technology • NEW OpenGL support • NEW industry-first direct GPU sharing for hosted shared apps • NEW codec for remote performance • XenServer vGPU support for VDI ᵒ Public beta coming soon • Dell, HP and IBM offering NVIDIA GRID-based server, Citrix, Microsoft and Vmware offering GRID-enabled software
  38. 38. Lync client delivery from XD/XA/ViaB • ᵒ Windows, Linux x86, Mac ᵒ Planned: Linux ARM via HDX SoC • ᵒ Windows, Linux x86, Mac, ThinOS* ᵒ Planned: Linux ARM via HDX SoC • New: • •
  39. 39. XenDesktop 7 Editions
  40. 40. New XenDesktop 7 Platform, New Editions VDI App Server-based Apps and Desktops Full FlexCastVDI only Platinum Full FlexCast and Cloud-Ready Enterprise XenDesktop 7
  41. 41. XenDesktop App Edition & XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 2
  42. 42. XenDesktop Apps Edition • Delivers server-hosted desktops and apps, and VM- hosted apps from FMA architecture • Enables use of Machine Creation Services (MCS) to rapidly provisioning, deliver apps/desktops from Windows Server 2012, leverage the latest HDX enhancements • Works along side existing XenApp-IMA deployment • Available to XenApp-Enterprise and Platinum customers: ᵒ Use your existing XenApp licenses! • Built for Cloud App Edition Server-based Apps and Desktops
  43. 43. XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 2 Includes XenDesktop 7 Apps Edition! Acceleration OpenGL support for stunning graphics at lower cost using GPU sharing Performance Up to 4X faster downloads/uploads * Mobile enabled by XenMobile, data powered by ShareFile Experience Unified app store for desktops, apps, mobile and data* New support for audio and video on mobile devices Compatibility Virtualize apps faster with AppDNA** Lync 2013 Optimization Pack XenApp Connector SCCM 2012 Hyper-V 3 support XenDesktop 7 Apps edition*** ** Platinum only *** Enterprise and Platinum only
  44. 44. Citrix additional components
  45. 45. Provisioning Services 7
  46. 46. Store Front Server
  47. 47. Universal Print Server
  48. 48. XenServer 6.2 • License Modell changed from server license to CPU based licensing • Available as an open source download • Supporting up to 500 vm’s and 3250 VCPUs per Host • New feature clone on boot for MCS • Much better monitoring possibilites than before • No workload Balancing • No VM Protection & Recovery • No SCOM Integration. Web Self Service and XenConvert
  49. 49. XenClient Enterprise 5.0
  50. 50. XenMobile Enterprise
  51. 51. Work better. Live better.