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IBM WebSphere Application Server Update - Technical University (March 2015)


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IBM WebSphere Application Server Update - presented to the WebSphere Technical University (March 2015) by Ian Robinson, WebSphere Foundation Chief Architect.

An organization's need to serve up web-based applications has changed drastically over the past 16 years and are continuing to change. No other application server in the industry today provides the range of capabilities found in IBM WebSphere Application Server - from rapidly developed and deployed lightweight applications to highly available, highly scaled, continuously available enterprise applications. This session describes the revolution that has occurred to the fastest and most flexible AppServer to run in every cloud, and the direction in which it is going.

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IBM WebSphere Application Server Update - Technical University (March 2015)

  1. 1. IBM WebSphere Application Server - Foundation for the Future Ian Robinson, IBM Distinguished Engineer WebSphere Foundation Chief Architect @ian__robinson IBM WebSphere Technical University Series 26 March 2015 © 2015 IBM Corporation 0
  2. 2. Security Multi SiteDisaster Recovery Problem Determination Load Performance Versioning Omni channel Programming models Ecosystem Developer SkillSOA Scale Operation Monitoring Availability, Reliability There are many factors that need to be considered when building applications © 2015 IBM Corporation 1
  3. 3. Java EE standards: Simple to Mission Critical apps Java EE 6 and 7 Web Profile Java EE 6 and 7 Full Platform Java EE 6 and 7 ++ Java EE Web Profile “Web Profile” is a profile of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition specifically targeted at web applications • Including: Servlets; JSPs; WebSockets; JCA; JTA; JSF; EJB-lite; and more Java EE Full Platform Provides additional components for Enterprise applications • Including: Java Message Service; JDBC; Java Batch; Full EJB; and more Provides additional enterprise qualities of services Java EE Full Platform Plus Qualities of Service and Enhanced management Programming model options © 2015 IBM Corporation 2
  4. 4. WebSphere Application Server 2015 Java EE Web Profile “Web Profile” is a profile of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition specifically targeted at web applications • Including: Servlets; JSPs; WebSockets; JCA; JTA; JSF; EJB-lite; and more WAS Liberty Core WAS Base WAS ND and WAS for z Java EE Full Platform Provides additional components for Enterprise applications • Including: Java Message Service; JDBC; Java Batch; Full EJB; and more Provides additional enterprise qualities of services • Including: High Availability; Caching; Embedded Analytics; Intelligent Mgmt; Scalability; z/OS Security; and more - Java EE Web Profile - Web, mobile, OSGi apps - Subset of Liberty profile - High performance transactions Everything in Liberty Core + - Java messaging - Web Services - noSQL Database Everything in WAS Base + - Enterprise class clustering - Topology management - Intelligent Management - Caching + Embedded Analytics Qualities of Service and Enhanced management Programming model options Java EE Full Platform Plus © 2015 IBM Corporation 3
  5. 5. WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile WebSphere Application Server full profile  Lightweight  Composable  Security  Flexible  Dynamic  Extensible  Cloud-ready  Robust and proven  Complete Control  Enterprise security Java EE, SIP, WebRTC, Batch, OSGI Consistent Java Runtime, Yet freedom to choose the right architecture for App WAS Provides The Optimal Infrastructure For A Wide Spectrum Of Emerging Workloads © 2015 IBM Corporation 4
  6. 6. WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile For rapid development and light-weight production deployment with high scalability • Web Profile certified (Liberty Core Edition) • Small footprint (< 54MB), quick startup (< 3 sec) • Developer-first design of simple, shareable XML configuration • Dynamic runtime and configuration • Unzip install and deploy • Fidelity to WebSphere Application Server Full Profile • Monitoring and mgmt through Admin Center or scripting • Install new features from repository with no server restart • Lightweight collective management scales to 10,000 servers © 2015 IBM Corporation 5
  7. 7. Simplified Server Configuration Any of this configuration could be put into a separate xml file and 'included' in this 'master' configuration file 'instance' configurations specify multiple resources like applications and datasource definitions Features control which capabilities (bundles) are installed in the server 'singleton' configurations specify properties for a runtime service like logging © 2015 IBM Corporation 6
  8. 8. Dynamic Configuration • Dropin application install and update • Configuration files also monitored for updates ‒All configuration changes are dynamic running server Add <application/> Add <feature>jdbc-4.0</feature> <dataSource/> Add <library/> Modify <dataSource> <properties/> </dataSource> © 2015 IBM Corporation 7
  9. 9. • Package up a compressed archive of a configured Liberty server type along with its applications ‒ Directly from Eclipse environment ‒ Resulting zip can be copied to integration or production environment and unzipped. • For test automation outside the IDE, a command-line program to manage the lifecycle of server instances: ‒ Create [serverName] ‒ Start and stop [serverName] ‒ Package [serverName] ‒ Status [serverName] • Updates to configuration of running server are effective immediately. • Add/remove apps dynamically by drag/drop to monitored directory. Liberty – “Packaged Server” Deployment Option © 2015 IBM Corporation 8
  10. 10. Liberty Kernel The Liberty Repository holds all of the content that you can install on the Liberty Kernel to make your own customized app server: New Features, Samples, Scripts, Open Source integration, Betas • Repo hosts IBM code as well as open source integration samples for popular open source pkgs • Enables our continuous delivery • Serves as the base for dynamically built Buildpacks for Bluemix. • Hosted on or on- premise (planned) WebSphere Liberty Repository: Key to Continuous Delivery of Business Value © 2015 IBM Corporation 9
  11. 11. zosSecurity-1.0 zosTransaction-1.0 zosWlm-1.0 zosConnect-1.0 zosLocalAdapters-1.0 scalingController-1.0 scalingMember-1.0 dynamicRouting-1.0 collectiveController-1.0 clusterMember-1.0 mongodb-2.0wsSecurity-1.1 wmqJmsClient-1.1 wasJmsServer-1.0 jmsMdb-3.1 wasJmsClient-1.1jaxws-2.2 jaxb-2.2 wasJmsSecurity-1.0 jca-1.6couchdb-1.0 jcaInboundSecurity-1.6mdb-3.1 jms-1.1 zOS ND webProfile-6.0wab-1.0 concurrent-1.0 collectiveMember-1.0 restConnector-1.0 sessionDatabase-1.0 ldapRegistry-3.0 webCache-1.0 jaxrs-1.1 distributedMap-1.0 osgiConsole-1.0 json-1.0 timedOperations-1.0monitor-1.0 oauth-2.0 blueprint-1.0 adminCenter-1.0 openid-2.0 openidConnectServer-1.0 openidConnectClient-1.0 serverStatus-1.0 spnego-1.0 osgiAppIntegration-1.0 Core servlet-3.0 jsp-2.2 jsf-2.0 ejbLite-3.1 jdbc-4.0 jndi-1.0 appSecurity-2.0 managedBeans-1.0 ssl-1.0 beanValidation-1.0 cdi-1.0 jpa-2.0 jsp-2.3 el-3.0 websocket-1.1 jdbc-4.1 servlet-3.1 websocket-1.0 jsonp-1.0 Base New in 1Q15 New in 4Q14 spnego-1.0 osgiAppIntegration-1.0 jsp-2.3 el-3.0 websocket-1.1 jdbc-4.1 zosConnect-1.0 zosLocalAdapters-1.0 scalingController-1.0 scalingMember-1.0 dynamicRouting-1.0 couchdb-1.0 openid-2.0 openidConnectServer-1.0 openidConnectClient-1.0 servlet-3.1 websocket-1.0 jsonp-1.0 Repository onlyInstall and Repository A Truly Composable and Dynamic Server Based on configurable features © 2015 IBM Corporation 10
  12. 12. Zero Migration By Design • There is no migration needed for Liberty configuration ‒the same server configurations can be used with different versions and service levels of the runtime ‒set WLP_USER_DIR to shared configuration and apps • Existing features will not change behavior ‒new feature ‘versions’ will be added and will contain all updates and changes • Supported versions of Java (J2SE) will move forward ‒Several of the Java EE 7 technologies require Java 7 ‒Java 6 will go out of support at some point • WebSphere Application Migration Tool already has support to identify J2SE 6 -> 7 changes needed by an application © 2015 IBM Corporation 11
  13. 13. Comprehensive Administration, Extended Programming Models and Full Intelligent Management WebSphere Application Server Full Profile • Super-set of APIs provided by Liberty • Support for older as well as current Java EE levels. • Integrated high availability of servers and continuous availability of mission critical applications • Application version management to keep applications online as version updates are released into production • Comprehensive administration of cell-based topologies through Admin console or scripting • Installation through IBM Installation Manager © 2015 IBM Corporation 12
  14. 14. WebRTC Deprecated J2EE APIs All WAS API Subset WAS API Full Java EE 7(*) Full Java EE 6 and 7(*) API Coverage of WAS Profiles Partial Java EE 6 Java EE 6 and 7(*) Web Java EE 6 and 7(*) Web WAS Liberty profile WAS Full profile JAX-RPC, Entity Beans, JAXR WAS Batch WS-AT, WS-BA, WS- RM JAXM 1.3 ApplicationProfile AsyncBeans, I18N Startup Beans SDO, XML J2EE Extensions * planned © 2015 IBM Corporation 13
  15. 15. WAS ND Intelligent Management Overview Autonomic Computing - Providing Continuous Availability Health Management  Monitor the status of your applications  Sense and respond to problem areas.  Continuous availability during failures: application, middleware, or hardware. Self-protecting Self-healing WAS ND and now…some available in Liberty profile beta  Enable interruption free application rollout.  Continuous availability during app updates. App Edition Mgmt Self-managing WAS ND Dynamic Clusters & Auto Scaling  Elastically scale applications based on demand and service policies.  Continuous availability during traffic surges.Self-optimizing Intelligent Routing  Quickly route around slow or failing servers  Automatically route to Auto Scaling Clusters  Multi-cell load balancing & failover. Request prioritization & overload protection (CPU & mem.)  Continuous availability during soft-hang or cluster/cell outage. Self-configuring Self-protecting WAS ND and now Liberty profile w/WAS ND © 2015 IBM Corporation 14
  16. 16. Build Your Own Cloud Use virtualized WebSphere App Server on your hardware Amazon BYOS&L - WebSphere App Server Blue Mix Composable services Liberty Buildpack PureApplication System & Software Build reusable & redeployable patterns using the WebSphere App Server Cloud Foundry Liberty Buildpack SoftLayer/Bluemix BYOS&L - WebSphere App Server Public Cloud Economies Time to Market Packaged Services Rapid Development Total Control Maximum Flexibility On-Premises IaaS PaaS WAS - Flexibility Everywhere Microsoft Azure BYOS&L - WebSphere App Server Pay-as-you-Go WAS VMs © 2015 IBM Corporation 15
  17. 17. Docker and WebSphere Application Server • Support for WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile and Full Profile running under Docker • WAS Liberty images on Docker Hub for Development use ‒ Latest WAS V8.5.5. Liberty driver ‒ WAS Liberty V9 Beta with Java EE 7 • Dockerfiles on WASdev GitHub to: ‒ Upgrade the Docker Hub image with Liberty Core, Base or ND commercial license ‒ Build your own Docker image for Liberty or Full Profile © 2015 IBM Corporation 16
  18. 18. WAS Developer Tools for Eclipse are freely available for anyone. The tools are additionally covered by product support as part of any supported WAS runtime Eclipse WAS Developer Tools and Bluemix tools Rational Application Developer Paid Offering Freely available Supported with S&S (v8.5.5) ComprehensiveFocusedBasic Web 2.0 & Mobile Portal & Portlet OSGi Java EE WAS & Liberty Profile Cloud JCA Batch SCA JSF Visualization Team Debug Analysis ProfilingSIP CEA Team Code Coverage Free Data Maven WAS Developer Tools © 2015 IBM Corporation 17
  19. 19. Operational Flexibility • Cell-based management • Loosely-coupled Collective-based management • Standalone WAS server farms In each case, the app server tier is behind an HTTP reverse-proxy tier. Load-balancing in all cases. WAS-provided, integrated central point of management for first 2 only © 2015 IBM Corporation 18
  20. 20. Script Client Standalone Server Farms WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS IHS, DP, or generic HTTP Load balancing and session affinity/failover Operations target individual servers Web server plugin is a merge of the individual servers’ plugins. Session failover uses DB or session cache. HTTP/S © 2015 IBM Corporation 19
  21. 21. WAS ND AutoScaling and Dynamic Routing Collectives • Policy bound to app clusters • Automatic start/stop of JVMs to scale up/down capacity. • Dynamic routing <scalingPolicy name=”policy1” min=”3”> <metric name=”heap” max=”80”/> <bind clusters=”cluster1”/> </scalingPolicy> Administratively defined policy liberty liberty liberty liberty controllers liberty liberty liberty IHS /DP dynamic start/stop get dynamic topology collective Script Client Operations target individual servers or clusters HTTP/S cluster members Load balancing and session affinity/failover libertylibertyliberty
  22. 22. • Policy bound to app clusters • Automatic start/stop of JVMs to scale up/down capacity. • Dynamic routing WAS full profile WAS full profile cluster members DMGR controllers WAS full profile WAS full profile WAS full profile IHS /DP dynamic start/stop cell HTTP/S Script Client Operations target individual servers or clusters get dynamic topology Node agent Node agent Node agent Administratively defined policy Load balancing and session affinity/failover WAS ND AutoScaling and Dynamic Routing Cells WAS full profile WAS full profile WAS full profile WAS full profile
  23. 23. Liberty Admin Center A browser-based UI for deploying, monitoring and managing Liberty environments Lightweight and right-sized Scalable Open and Extensible Mobile-enabled Monitor Performance and health metrics Log analytics Dashboard* Alerts and Notifications* Deploy Server packages Manage Browse / search / filter Tags and metadata Operational status Server configuration (beta) Auto scaling* Health Management* Non-WAS processes* * Future consideration © 2015 IBM Corporation 22
  24. 24. Previews of technologies that allow you to write engaging and responsive enterprise business applications Integrated Analytics  Ease of Problem Determination to ensure high availability of your app- infrastructure Java EE 7 components  Tools and runtime to write portable transactional & secure business logic Completing a pluggable yet consistent set of full EE7 features – added JSF 2.2 and remote EJB in March WebRTC  Write rich, real time multimedia apps (voice and video) on web without requiring plug-ins, downloads or installs. Strong industry support. Enables contextual communications! What’s in WAS Liberty V9 Beta Java Batch++  Batch modernization with support for standardized programming model (JSR 352)  Ease of managing jobs through GUI tools & support for industry leading Enterprise Schedulers e.g. Nightly credit-card processing, bank reconciliation statements, payroll…. • Developer Productivity: − Java EE 7 Web Profile and Full platform technologies • Operations and scale.: − Contextual monitoring − Admin center filters − ELK (ElasticSearch, Log stash, Kibana) integration • And more to come Additional features available on Also available as a Docker container: © 2015 IBM Corporation 23
  25. 25. WAS Liberty - Monitoring and Log Analytics  Assess the health of your application server using out of the box feature in Liberty to: - Monitor your Application Infrastructure - Identify the root cause of a problem  Ensures High Availability of your application  Plus wide set of additional Java monitoring tools available in the IBM Java Health Center Access the customizable graphs from the Admin Center to: Monitor: • Used Heap Memory • Loaded Classes • Active JVM Threads • CPU Usage • Liberty MXBeans Analyze data from: • Access Log • Log Messages, FFDC & Trace Messages © 2015 IBM Corporation 24
  26. 26. WAS Liberty and WebRTC Supporting client applications for voice calling, video chat, and presence without the need of either internal or external plugins! • Real-Time Communications engine for the Internet • No knowledge of Telecom protocols required. • Requires no backend programming. • Supports a large set of built in features like call queuing, presence and much more! • SIP Servlets now supported! • JavaScript library for simplified client development. • AngularJS module for advanced UI development. • Loads of samples • Built in MQTT broker ideal for developer testing. • Secure WebSockets and TCP/TLS connectivity. • Works with external MQTT brokers like MessageSight as well! • Node-RED Integration  eHealthcare  eAuctions  Remote consultation  Surveillance applications  Webinars  Media broadcasting  IoT device integration  And the list goes on…  Team rooms  Gaming  Helpdesk  eLearning Liberty Rtcomm MQTTLiberty Rtcomm FeatureRtcomm Open Source © 2015 IBM Corporation 25
  27. 27. • WAS beats WebLogic by 31% and retains Industry leadership on per core SPECjEnterprise 2010 Benchmark results on latest Intel Haswell EP Processors IBM is the World Leader in Enterprise Performance
  28. 28. WebSphere Release to Release Performance SPEC and SPECjEnterprise 2010 are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Results from as of 02/18/2015 IBM SPECjEnterprise results mentioned are 1013.40 EjOPS, 1194.80 EjOPS, 1813.37 EjOPS, 2341.12 EjOPS, 3694.35 EJOPS, 6295.46 EjOPS, 9696.43 EjOPS, 19282.14 EjoPS, 12,066.73 EjOPS, 13,161.07 EjOPS and 22,543.34 EjOPS published on Jan 2 2010, Feb 25 2010, Apr 27 2010, Jun 20 2011, Jun 17 2011, Apr 26 2012, Nov 14 2012, Feb 18, 2015, Mar 6 2013, Apr 22 2013 and Apr 22, 2014 respectively
  29. 29. 2014 App Infra. and WAS Concord - Roadmap Q2 2015 IBM’s statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM’s sole discretion. Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. Q4 2Q 4Q IBM Smart Cloud Provisioning via PureApp as a Svc. WAS on IBM SoftLayer via Pure Patterns (BYOL) WAS Liberty • IBM Bluemix - Liberty Buildpack • WAS Liberty repository fundamentals • Administrative Center for WAS Liberty WAS for z/OS • WebSphere Optimized Local Adaps, WAS zOS Connect IBM Bluemix - Caching as a Service IBM SDK for Node.js update WAS Liberty • IBM Bluemix - Liberty BPack Enhs • JEE7: Servlet 3.1, Web Sockets 1.0 • Intell. Mgmt / Dynamic Clustering • Admin Ctr for Liberty Update • Security (OpenID/Open ID Connect) WAS (Fixpack) • P8 Little Endian Linux support WXS • Fixpack - key cust. issues • HA improvements • Near cache perf. enhans. Converged plugin for HV images Azure (BYOL, Rental) March 26, 2015 WAS Liberty • PureApp Patterns 1Q WAS Liberty 1q2015 Updates • Support for additional JEE7 specs - JAX 2.0; JSP 2.3; JDBC 4.1 • Docker Container support • WDT updates • Java 8 support • Security: SSO with SPENGO • Liberty Admin Ctr updates • “IBM WAS Liberty v9 Beta with EE7” • No-charge WAS Liberty Base v8.5.5.x for Production 3Q © 2015 IBM Corporation 28 Statement of Direction WAS Liberty V.Next • Continuous Delivery of Functions • Java EE7 Web and Full Profile WAS full profile V.Next • Java EE7 Web and Full Profile
  30. 30. • New components on WAS Liberty Repository & WAS Liberty V9 Beta with JEE7 • Statement of Direction on Java EE 7 support for all WAS Profiles • Docker container support (higher performance, scaling and density) • Enhanced tooling support for remote deployments to on-premises and cloud • No charge WAS Liberty for limited production (< 2gb of memory per enterprise) • Java SE 8 • Write applications once - Deploy Anywhere (Bare Metal, VM, patterns, containers) - Location flexibility (on-premises, off-premises) - Consumption Models (Bluemix, monthly, perpetual, WAS as a Svc Beta) • For each WAS license owned, run an equivalent amount on SoftLayer or PureApplication Service on SoftLayer at no additional charge for 6 months • Intelligent Management in WAS ND Liberty for optimized scaling and routing • Embedded analytics for faster problem determination • Rock solid security, Oauth, OpenID and OpenID Connect and SPNEGO support for easy authenticating of web & mobile users • Support for new IBM Power8 and IBM z Systems z13 • WAS v8.5.5 enhancements to reduce operational TCO • Caching for optimized performance and data intensive scenarios WebSphere App Server 2015 - Summary Delivering continuous business value for Web, Cloud and Mobile apps Java EE7 Accelerate Delivery Empower Developers Dynamic Scale © 2015 IBM Corporation 29
  31. 31. Visit for downloads and other resources © 2015 IBM Corporation 30
  32. 32. 31 © 2015 IBM Corporation 31