RUCUG: 6. Fabian Kienle - NetScaler and Branch Repeater for Hyper-V


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Fabian Kienle из Citrix объяснит зачем нужен NetScaler и Branch Repeater для Hyper-V и как это работает

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  • What is needed is a central component, that uses the enterprise directory for reference, and each time an identity is added to that directory – extends that identity to all the applications that the user needs to have access to.
  • What am I going to talk about?1) Hot tips for the Lego Competition in our Exhibition Hall 2) Techniques on how not to hurt your lower back while pushing 3) A lesson on Relationships & Teamwork 4) Integrated Web Interface on NetScaler
  • What is it?It’s basically the 5.2 Release of WI-JSP/Tomcat running on NetScaler 9.1 nCore release.
  • Lets see a demo of how easy it is to install, configure and access Web Interface on NetScaler!
  • To summarize we just saw how easy it was to install and configure Web Interface on NetScaler 
  • Unlike competition, it’s a honest-to-goodness homegrown Citrix Web Interface on NetScaler with all the associated functionality.
  • Because it is integrated with NetScaler, you get “SSL Offload in hardware” and built-in “High Availability”
  • Here’s a sneak peek at the Performance #’s….
  • …when it is available this summer
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, quick show of hands, how many of you have employees in branch offices or otherwise remote from your HQ?<click> Surveys tell us 50% or more of your employees are in branch offices, so let me tell you something that impacts all these employees…<>
  • Let’s say you are an employee in such a branch office half-way across the world and you are using a desktop virtualization solution.<>
  • But delivering a high definition experience across to the user requires a deep level of orchestration and coordination among the various components in the delivery network.<click>From the Controllers in the datacenter to the Receivers in the device. Today, we will focus on the network and specifically the “Repeaters”<>
  • The Citrix Branch Repeater product family has multiple products to fit all your optimization needs. We have hardware appliances of multiple form factors for datacenters and branch offices of all sizes. We also have a software client, the Repeater Plug-in for mobile users and home workers. Finally, we just added something.<click>Branch Repeater VPX is a virtual appliance for branches and some datacenter scenarios. It is a new product and is not replacing anything. It adds flexibility to the BR product line. As you’ll see, BR VPX can address several additional use cases and significantly increases the applicability of the BR product line.<>
  • What is Branch Repeater VPX?It is a virtual appliance that offers most if not all of the optimization and application acceleration functionality of a branch repeater hardware appliance.<click>We package it as software that you can buy from us and install on any off-the-shelf server. Depending on your needs, the same server can host multiple independent virtual machines – adding to flexibility and increased server utilization.<>
  • How does Branch Repeater VPX help you? These are some of the HDX WAN Optimization technologies present in Branch Repeater.Adaptive Protocol Acceleration provides intelligent acceleration of the Citrix delivery protocol, automatically sensing and responding to changing network conditions.Adaptive TCP Flow Control mitigates the effects of distance and unreliable networks to improve response times and maximize network utilization.Adaptive Compression reduces bandwidth consumption by sensing real-time conditions and applying optimal compression and de-duplication techniques for common graphics and data.Traffic Prioritization and QoS allows administrators to define rules that indicate which types of traffic receive the highest priority, thereby significantly improving end-user experience and responsiveness.This is how Branch Repeater VPX can help Citrix XenDesktop provide the high definition experience to the end-user that you saw earlier. This enables XenDesktop to provide fast printing and file copying in branch offices. This enables XenDesktop to deliver high-definition videos to the end-user irrespective of where you are.<>
  • Branch Repeater VPX also supports the Repeater Plug-in, our software client for end-points.Repeater Plug-in can be used to offer the HDX WAN Optimization benefits for mobile users and tele-workers in home-offices. It is integrated with and can be delivered through Citrix Receiver.Branch Repeater VPX can function as the aggregator in the data center for Repeater Plug-ins.<>
  • You can allocate more RAM and disk space depending upon your needs.You need at least 2 virtual NICs. If you assign more than 2 NICs, the first 2 are bridged and used for data traffic. The remaining one(s) can be used for management traffic.Branch Repeater VPX is generally available for Citrix XenServer today. Support for VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V is currently in tech preview.
  • A key benefit of using a virtual appliance is that you can allocate resources according to your needs, so you pay as you need. Therefore, we came up with these 4 profiles to meet your different business needs and give you the flexibility you want. We characterized each profile and established a guideline on when to use which.… The Medium and the Large profile can both go up to 45 Mbps, but the Large profile can handle a higher number of TCP connections and Repeater Plug-ins.<>
  • Depicts how BR VPX can be deployed to accelerate XenDesktop ...For the data center, we recommend Repeaters, but the BR VPX can also be used for certain small and specific deployments.To get started, easiest for you would be to setup BR VPX in the data center to accelerate to plug-ins only.
  • The easiest is to install BR VPX on the same XenServer or XS Resource Pool and configure it to accelerate Repeater Plug-ins.
  • If you cannot or do not want to install BR VPX on the same XenServer Pool, you can use any existing XenServer or find any spare server and install XS and BR VPX on it.
  • We have tried to make VPX deployment and procurement really easy and flexible and we are giving customers many options to choose from: If you are curious and are not convinced of what Branch Repeater VPX can do for you, we have created VPX Express just for those skeptical IT managers. VPX Express allows you get a taste of the acceleration capabilities without incurring any cost or contract burden. You can download it from It is meant for lab environments, supports 512 Kbps, 10 connections , 5 Repeater Plug-ins and offers no support. Expires We have 3 bandwidth tiers – 2 Mbps, 10 Mbps and 45 Mbps at 4K, 7k, and 13K respectively providing customers significant cost savings as compared to the HW appliance models. These are again downloadable from the Citrix website. We also have an NFR version for partners to use in demo or training environments at 45 Mbps - this has a 13 month expiration license and limited to 2 licenses per partner We have an IOU (internal use only) version for partners to use in production environments – 13 month license expiration, 2 licenses per partner We have a 90 day Eval version for customers that is downloadable from via a partnerLet us look at some other pricing models for VPX………next slide.
  • RUCUG: 6. Fabian Kienle - NetScaler and Branch Repeater for Hyper-V

    1. 1. Citrix NetScaler + Branch Repeater:Making private and public clouds possible <br />Fabian Kienle<br />Channel Sales Recruitment Manager, Eastern EMEA<br />
    2. 2. Cloud Computing – Definition <br />Wikipedia<br />Cloud Computing … the users of applications no longer host their software applicationsandthe required hardware (servers etc) in their own environment, but get those delivered by a provider who the applications for him and other users. That means that apps and data are not residing on local computers anymore, but – metaphorically - in a cloud…<br />
    3. 3. Virtualization<br />Utility Computing<br />WOA<br />SOA<br />High Performance Computing<br />AutonomesComputing<br />SaaS<br />BPM<br />PaaS<br />IaaS<br />ITIL<br />Clustering<br />Web 2.0<br />Data Mining<br />RAC<br />Mesh<br />Grid<br />3<br />
    4. 4. It has been a long way to the cloud<br />
    5. 5. Single PC for all tasks<br />
    6. 6. Cluster, Load Balancing<br />
    7. 7. Grid Computing<br />
    8. 8. Cloud Computing<br />virtualization layer (Hypervisor)<br />Virtual PCs andstorage components<br />Hardware Resource-Pool<br />
    9. 9. Component of a cloud<br />Abstract of infrastructure <br />Homogene Resources<br />Service-oriented<br />Dynamically to adjust<br />Utility-Model for Resource<br />usage and assignment<br />
    10. 10. Cloud – definition of terms<br />Citrix Online<br />“Software-as-a-Service”<br />Citrix C3 Labs<br />“Platform-as-a-Service”<br />Citrix C3<br />“Infrastructure-as-a-Service”<br />
    11. 11. Citrix C3<br />Cloud Consumer<br />larger enterprises<br />Workflow Studio<br />XenApp<br />XenDesktop<br />XenServer / Essentials<br />NetScaler<br />“Cloud Bridge”(NetScaler, RepeaterAccess Gateway)<br />
    12. 12. Open Cloud Access<br />
    13. 13. Three Problems<br />We have that?<br />People can’t use what they<br />don’t know is available.<br />Too many logins.<br />Enterprise Web, SaaS,<br />Hosted Applications, IaaS…<br />Lacks automation.<br />Humans are terrible at repeatedly<br />doing large complex tasks.<br />Reality: If an application isn’t on the desktop, it doesn’t exist.<br />How many times have you had to ask for access for something you should have already had?<br />True story: 8,000 employees. 600 applications. 100 identity servers. 30,000 logins.<br />
    14. 14. EnterpriseDirectory<br />NewUser<br />XENAPP /XENDESKTOP<br />ENTERPRISE<br />APPS<br />SAAS APPS<br />IAAS APPS<br />Introducing OpenCloud Access. One key. All apps.<br />
    15. 15. Extensive list of AppConnectors to support SaaS andtraditional enterprise applications<br />
    16. 16. Too many logins.<br />Enterprise Web, SaaS,<br />Hosted Applications, IaaS…<br />True Global Identity<br />Lacks automation.<br />Humans are terrible at repeatedly<br />doing large complex tasks.<br />One identity for Enterprise, SaaS, and IaaS applications.<br />OpenCloud<br />Access<br />Operational Predictability<br />We have that?<br />People can’t use what they<br />don’t know is available.<br />Workflow automation for managing and auditing who has access to what and under what conditions.<br />The Desktop Perspective<br />Deliver a single pane of glass to the desktop user for desktop, enterprise web, SaaS, and IaaS applications.<br />
    17. 17. <ul><li>Federated Identity
    18. 18. Support for SAML, OpenID, ADFS
    19. 19. Support for 100+ Applications
    20. 20. LDAP compliant directories and SSO supported
    21. 21. Auto Provision Identity and Apps
    22. 22. Centralized identity management
    23. 23. Extensive Workflow Support
    24. 24. Single-click Access Administration
    25. 25. Network Resident
    26. 26. Option of NetScalerPlatinum
    27. 27. Ubiquitous and non intrusive
    28. 28. High performance and scalability</li></ul>SAML | HTTP | OpenID<br />Federated<br />Identity<br />Auto<br />Provision<br />Identity & Apps<br />Network Resident<br />
    29. 29. Under The Hood<br />Request resource<br />Authenticate user, redirect to magic URL<br />Perform SSO<br />Request SSO<br />Set app cookie<br />Set app cookie, redirect to original URL<br />Request resource<br />
    30. 30. Web Interface on NetScaler<br />
    31. 31. Web Interface on NetScaler: What?<br />Web Interface 5.2 Release (JSP / Tomcat edition)<br />onboard <br />NetScaler 9.2.e nCore Release<br />
    32. 32. Demo<br /> Cool  Simple Good<br />Installing, Configuring and Accessing Web Interface on NetScaler<br />
    33. 33.
    34. 34. WI on NetScaler<br />Usability<br /><ul><li>Simple Installation
    35. 35. Wizard Based Configuration</li></li></ul><li>WI on NetScaler <br />Web Interface Functionality<br /><ul><li>Smart Access
    36. 36. Smooth Roaming
    37. 37. Session Reliability
    38. 38. Integrated AGEE</li></li></ul><li>WI on NetScaler <br />SSL Offload <br />High Availability<br /><ul><li>WI monitoring
    39. 39. Seamless Failover</li></ul>NetScalerMPX<br />NetScalerMPX<br />
    40. 40. WI on NetScaler<br />Performance – Need Update<br />
    41. 41. Web Interface on NetScaler <br />General Availability<br />October 18th, 2010<br />
    42. 42. or more of all employees work away from HQ<br />That’s simply the nature of a cloud !!<br />90%<br />Source: Nemertes Research, 2006<br />
    43. 43. In a branch office …<br />
    44. 44. Delivering HDX Requires Orchestration<br />1<br />3<br />Repeaters<br />HDX on the Device<br />Gateways<br />Controllers<br />Receivers<br />HDX in the Data Center<br />HDX<br />2<br />Delivery Network<br />HDX in the Network<br />
    45. 45. Flexibility to Meet All Your Needs<br />Citrix Branch Repeater Product Family<br />Branch Repeater with Windows Server and Branch Repeater Appliances<br />Repeater Appliances<br />Repeater Plug-in – Software Client<br />NEW!<br />Branch Repeater VPX – Virtual Appliance Software<br />
    46. 46. What is Branch Repeater VPX?<br />… is software that offers Branch Repeater functionality in a virtual appliance form factor …<br />Branch Repeater<br />VPX<br />Hypervisor<br />Print<br />Server<br />Branch<br />Services<br />
    47. 47. … also in Branch Repeater VPX<br />HDX WAN Optimization in Branch Repeater<br />Adaptive<br />Compression<br />Traffic<br />Prioritization<br />And QoS<br />Adaptive<br />TCP Flow<br />Control<br />Adaptive<br />Protocol<br />Acceleration<br />
    48. 48. Branch Repeater VPX supports Repeater Plug-in<br />Branch<br />Repeater<br />VPX<br />
    49. 49. Requirements<br />Citrix<br />XenServer<br />VPX Minimum Requirements<br /><ul><li> 1 GB RAM
    50. 50. 60 GB Disk
    51. 51. 2 Virtual NICs
    52. 52. 1 Virtual CPU </li></ul>In Tech<br />Preview!<br />ESX / ESXi<br />Off-the-shelf server<br />Hyper-V<br />
    53. 53. Allocate Resources as you Need<br />
    54. 54. Optimising XenDesktop with Branch Repeater VPX<br />Tele-workers<br />Mobile Users<br />Client Devices<br />Desktop Receiver<br />Repeater Plug-in<br />Data Center<br />Branch Office<br />Branch<br />Repeater<br />VPX<br />Repeater<br />XenDesktop:<br />Desktop Delivery Controller<br />Domain Controller / AD<br />Citrix Licensing Server<br />Virtual Desktop Agents / VMs<br />Farm Date Store<br />Branch<br />Repeater<br />VPX<br />Client Devices<br />Desktop Receiver<br />
    55. 55. XenServer Resource Pool<br />XenServer Resource Pool<br />Redirector mode for plug-ins only<br />Branch Repeater VPX in the Data Center<br />XenDesktop<br />XenApp<br />Branch<br />Repeater<br />VPX<br />Merchandizing<br />Server<br />Set up Repeater Plug-in acceleration in Redirector Mode<br />
    56. 56. XenServer Resource Pool<br />XenServer<br />Redirector mode for plug-ins only<br />Branch Repeater VPX in the Data Center<br />Physical Network<br />XenDesktop<br />Switch<br />XenApp<br />Set up Repeater Plug-in acceleration in Redirector Mode<br />Branch<br />Repeater<br />VPX<br />Merchandizing<br />Server<br />
    57. 57. Branch Repeater VPX Pricing<br />VPX Express<br />512 Kbps, 10 Connections<br />5 Repeater Plug-ins, $0<br />VPX-45<br />45 Mbps, $13,000<br />VPX-45 NFR<br />45 Mbps, $0<br />VPX-10<br />10 Mbps, $7,000<br />VPX-45 IOUL<br />45 Mbps, $0<br />VPX-2<br />2 Mbps, $4,000<br />VPX-45 EVAL<br />45 Mbps, 90 day, $0<br />
    58. 58. Try Branch Repeater VPX FREE <br />
    59. 59. Whileothervendorstalkaboutthecloud, Citrix GOT whatittakestomakeit happen today !<br />Citrix Delivery Center<br />Citrix C3<br /><br />Data Center<br />Network<br />Network<br />User<br />Consumer<br />000110110011110101011100011010110011010101SaaS000110110011110100110100101011100011010110011010101<br />SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101<br />SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101 SSL 001000111010101<br /><br />Cloud Services<br />Private Cloud<br />cloud usage in the data center<br />automation ● dynamic IT ● self service<br />CloudService Provider<br />Complete external infrastructure for delivery of apps, desktops and IT-infrastrukture as a service<br />
    60. 60. NEW: Citrix Service Provider Partnership<br />Specifically tailored for Service Providers, that deliver software services and hosted applications for endcustomers on a rental-, subscription- or service basis <br />CSPs create monthly usage reports and will be billed by Citrix accordingly<br />
    61. 61. Thankyou !<br /><br /><br />