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The sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 5)


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After a stressful day, Drake and Destiny hit up a hot rooftop dance club. Destiny meets another celebrity while Drake engages in a bit of "harmless" flirting.

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The sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 5)

  1. 1. The Sims 3: Hamilton & Boyd (part 5)
  2. 2. After their first day of work, Drake and Destiny have concluded that getting around in this big city takes time and is nothing like getting around their small hometown.
  3. 3. Stressed out Destiny needs to unwind. “Drake, I heard about a hot rooftop dance club at work. Do you want to check it out?” Drake would love an opportunity to party and perhaps try his hand at some mixology. “Let’s go.” He answers.
  4. 4. Drake and Destiny catch another cab. Destiny is relieved that it’s not the same miss know-it-all cabby.
  5. 5. Club Aquarius is hot tonight. There are a few people in the lobby when Destiny and Drake arrive.
  6. 6. Destiny hopes to meet a few celebrities tonight and Drake hopes that the bartender will allow him a chance to moonlight at the bar.
  7. 7. Several people pile into the elevator.
  8. 8. Destiny eyes the bouncer as she heads for the entrance to club Aquarius. This time she is not stopped.
  9. 9. Drake is intoxicated by the gorgeous view here on the top floor.
  10. 10. Drake is starving by now, so the first thing he does is check out the menu at the bar. Just looking at this bar, he knows that he doesn’t stand a chance at moonlighting.
  11. 11. Destiny heads straight for the dance floor. What a great way to unwind after a stressful day.
  12. 12. Drake enjoys his fully loaded nachos at the bar.
  13. 13. Destiny is ready to party, but first she needs a drink. The bartender is good looking. Destiny hopes that Drake is not over here flirting.
  14. 14. While at work, Destiny heard rumors that vampires often frequent the clubs here in Bridgeport. Just the thought of a vampire gives her the creeps.
  15. 15. Drake hits the hot tub. All of the stress of the day melts away. This is the life.
  16. 16. Destiny enjoys a Woohoo on the Beach. She immediately feels relaxed.
  17. 17. Drake calls her over. A drink and a soak in the hot tub is just what the doctor ordered.
  18. 18. “Drake, Bridgeport is absolutely gorgeous!” Destiny says dreamily. “Not as gorgeous as you in a wet swimsuit. Get in here.”
  19. 19. That’s all she needed to hear. Destiny changes into her swimsuit and hops in.
  20. 20. “I can’t believe we’re actually here.” Destiny says. “Where? In a hot tub?” “No Drake, in the city that is going to make our dreams come true!”
  21. 21. “My dreams came true when I met you,” Drake says before he pulls Destiny in for a kiss.
  22. 22. Things become a bit heated in the hot tub, so Drake and Destiny decide to hit the dance floor. “Oh my goodness! That’s Jeffrey Cook!” Destiny informs Drake.
  23. 23. “Who?” Drake asks nonchalantly. “The city council member Drake! The one that’s been on the news the past few days! I should go and talk to him.”
  24. 24. Destiny walks over to Jeffrey Cook, while Drake dances with the pretty brunette who’s been staring at him the whole night.
  25. 25. “Hi…Councilman Cook.” “Yes, do I know you young lady?” Jeffrey Cook asks.
  26. 26. “Um…no. My name is Destiny Hamilton and I’m new to town. I just wanted to say that I’ve been following your story and I plan on supporting you during the elections.”
  27. 27. Drake and the brunette continue to dance. She’s a great dancer.
  28. 28. “Well, thank you. Nice to hear that…well nice to meet you.” Jeffrey says in a dismissive tone. Destiny is hurt that she is being rejected by another celebrity.
  29. 29. Jeffrey picks up on this. The last thing he wants to do is turn away a potential voter. “I tell you what, take my business card and shoot me an email. Maybe I can invite you to my next fundraising party.”
  30. 30. “Sure…okay. That sounds great!” “Good, good. I need all the support I can get.”
  31. 31. “So, do you think you’ll ever run for mayor?” Destiny asks. “Politicians always have ambitions to be at the top, but for now I’m committed to my current position on the city council.”
  32. 32. Destiny catches a glance of Jeffrey’s watch. “Is that the time? We’d better go, we have work tomorrow!” Destiny says dismissing herself.
  33. 33. Drake and Destiny head home. Neither wants a repeat of getting to work late.
  34. 34. Destiny is happy that she actually met a politician. She hopes that he was serious about inviting her to his next party. She will be sure to email him.
  35. 35. For now, those ambitions will have to wait. It’s after 3am and she needs her beauty sleep.