Sims 3 The Pratts (part 16)


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Spencer begins to plan out his upcoming proposal and marriage to Rena, while Candy's shrewd business savvy pays off when the CEO of her company attempts to get her voted out as head of the company.

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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 16)

  1. 1. The Pratts (part 16): Sunset Valley
  2. 2. Spencer has a lot on his mind this morning. He is one day away from becoming an adult and he really wants to take that next step with his girlfriend Rena.
  3. 3. He cannot wait to make Rena his wife. He really doesn’t want to go through a long engagement. He wants her to become his wife right away.
  4. 4. Spencer walks into the kitchen to grab breakfast, but his mind is not on eating. His goal is to begin to plan the perfect wedding.
  5. 5. Rena doesn’t have any family of her own. She’s been raised by friends of her parents after they passed away in an unfortunate accident. No true bond was ever developed with the family who raised her.
  6. 6. After graduation, Rena really has no place to go. Spencer’s love for her wont let her be put out on the street. He will make her his wife and take care of her for as long as he lives. He’ll become her family.
  7. 7. Spencer settles down in front of the TV. He wants to make their special day even more grand. He wants Rena to feel like the happy women on the Romance channel.
  8. 8. He can almost picture the two of them together on the alter.
  9. 9. Spencer has a lot of work and planning to do. His goal is for Rena to be his wife before the end of this weekend.
  10. 10. Candy also wakes up with a lot on her mind. She reflects on the argument that she had with Gwen last night. It was not one of her proud parental moments. She has a teen who may be in trouble and all she did was isolate her even more.
  11. 11. Candy always believed that the job of a parent is to be loving and supportive of their children’s decisions. Somehow she missed the mark with Gwendolyn last night. She didn’t even allow Gwen the opportunity to explain her changes.
  12. 12. Gwen is also upset about her argument with Candy. The thing is, she doesn’t really know what she wanted from Candy. Her rebellious side wanted Candy to disapprove of her new look…
  13. 13. …but her vulnerable side wanted Candy to look at her with unconditional acceptance and support.
  14. 14. Candy can see that Gwen is still hurt, but she chooses not to address the issue right now.
  15. 15. Spencer enters the kitchen and sees Gwen’s new look for the first time. “I hope she’s not going to school looking like that,” he thinks to himself.
  16. 16. He leaves the issue alone. Instead he decides to call Rena up.
  17. 17. Spencer and Rena discuss their excitement over finishing school and beginning a life together.
  18. 18. Gwen listens in on Spencer’s conversation, thinking about what it means to really allow someone to love you. Gwen feels hopeless; not believing that love is something that she’ll ever truly experience.
  19. 19. Spencer and Rena say their goodbyes. Then he and Gwen head to the bus for school.
  20. 20. Meanwhile, Candy is on a mission. She’s determined to find some information on her uncle Braydon’s mysterious reappearance.
  21. 21. So far, she’s discovered that he left Sunset Valley after being drafted by a sports team in another city. He played for them for a while, but some ‘insinuating’ circumstances caused him to quit the team after a few years.
  22. 22. Candy’s attempt at finding out more about the reason for him quitting the team proves uneventful. Candy is beyond frustrated. She really wants to get to the bottom of this.
  23. 23. She recomposes herself and continues her search. She finds some information on Braydon being involved in some type of crime, but it is unclear whether he committed the crime or just witnessed it.
  24. 24. Candy is going to have to get information straight from the source. She decides to head back over to the Art Institute to find Braydon.
  25. 25. Candy is on her way to the Art Institute to talk to Braydon when her phone rings.
  26. 26. The phone call is from one of her more loyal employees at Doo Peas Tower; calling to inform her of a secret meeting that is taking place at the office. “I’m not aware of any meeting,” Candy says angrily.
  27. 27. Turns out that Candy was not supposed to know about the meeting. The meeting was set up by the CEO behind Candy’s back. The CEO along with the board of directors are meeting to vote Candy out as head of the company.
  28. 28. Candy thanks her informant and hangs up the phone. She heads straight for Doo Peas Tower.
  29. 29. Jaws all around the board room drop when Candy walks into the meeting that she was not supposed to know about. They inform her of their decisions to drop her as head of the company, but Candy has some unexpected news for them…
  30. 30. Candy being a very smart business woman never let on that she owns a majority stake in the company. She invested in the company as a secret investor a while back, just in case something like this ever came up. Her portion of ownership in the company does not allow her to be voted out.
  31. 31. After firing the current CEO, Candy leaves the meeting satisfied. She transferred her shares of the company to her son Spencer and set him up to take over the company after he has moved through the ranks in the business career…
  32. 32. She then announced her retirement.
  33. 33. Candy never thought that retiring would feel so good, but she is happy to be able to spend whatever time she has left to pursue other interests in her life and to spend more time with her children.
  34. 34. Candy is ready to plan her retirement party, but has something else in mind for right now…
  35. 35. She heads to the Sharma Day Spa and spends 3,000 simoleons on a Relaxing Rendezvous Spa treatment.