The sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 6)


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Once again, late night clubbing takes it's toll on Destiny. Tired and stressed, Destiny is asked to work a late shift while Drake finally gets a chance to moonlight at a local dive bar.

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The sims 3 Hamilton & Boyd (part 6)

  1. 1. The Sims 3: Hamilton & Boyd (part 6)
  2. 2. The sun has been up for hours, but Drake and Destiny are still sleeping. Not getting home until 3am once again has taken it’s toll.
  3. 3. Destiny manages to wake up on time, but she is still sleepy. Going clubbing may have to be reserved for the weekends.
  4. 4. Drake is a bit more energetic and excited because he plans on purchasing a bar for their apartment today.
  5. 5. Destiny is dressed and ready. She takes the elevator downstairs to wait for the carpool. While she’s waiting, Moxie calls. “Hey girl. Sorry about the other night. I shouldn’t have left you at the club.” Moxie apologizes. “It’s OK. I shouldn’t have been acting like such a big shot.” Destiny says.
  6. 6. “Do you want to go out tonight?” Destiny thinks about it. She really should avoid the clubs until the weekends, but the party girl in her can’t resist. “Sure, I’ll call you when I get home from work.”
  7. 7. Destiny’s carpool arrives and she hops in. Maybe Moxie will turn out to be a friend after all.
  8. 8. Drake’s bar arrives, along with matching kitchen cabinet facing.
  9. 9. He has a few hours to kill before work, so he decides to give his drink making skills a try.
  10. 10. The first drink doesn’t turn out very well…
  11. 11. …neither does the 2nd drink…
  12. 12. …or the 3rd,
  13. 13. but Drake is confident that he’ll get the hang of it.
  14. 14. At least he has an excuse to enjoy drink after drink.
  15. 15. It’s almost time for Drake to leave for work. He checks the mailbox on his way to his carpool.
  16. 16. He’s greeted with nothing but bills.
  17. 17. Drake makes it to his carpool on time.
  18. 18. While at work, Destiny is asked to stay late to help clean up a movie set after a pie fight scene. She’s already stressed and tired, but she agrees to stay.
  19. 19. Destiny sends Drake a text message, letting him know she’ll be staying late. He texts her back telling her to meet him at the Bridgeport Sports Zone dive bar when she’s finished. She agrees. Drake heads over to the bar after work.
  20. 20. The sports bar is right around the corner from the bookstore. Drake wants to try his hand at moonlighting at the bar. Hopefully the bartender will give Drake a shot.
  21. 21. In the downstairs lobby, Drake runs into a local celebrity. “Hey aren’t you that hot chick in the new Simtoria’s Secret catalog?” He asks. “What are you, some type of pervert?” She responds.
  22. 22. Drake can tell that she is insulted, but he doesn’t care. Celebrities are too full of themselves anyway. He takes the elevator up to the top floor.
  23. 23. Drake walks past the overly busty bouncer and enters the sports bar.
  24. 24. Drake walks straight to the bar. He’s confident that he can handle a bar by himself.
  25. 25. “Hey man. I was wondering if you would give me a shot at bartending for a few hours.”
  26. 26. The bartender looks unsure. “All I need is a chance,” Drake says in a slightly pleading voice.
  27. 27. The bartender gives Drake a quick rundown of the bar. Suddenly Drake is not as confident. “That sure is a lot of drink mix.” He says to himself checking out the fully stocked bar.
  28. 28. Drake hasn’t even begun looking over all of the supplies before a bar patron sits down at one of the bar stools.
  29. 29. “I’ll take a hamburger, well done.” The guy orders. Drake is relieved that he didn’t order a drink. A hamburger just involves frozen meat and a microwave.
  30. 30. Drake nukes a frozen burger in the microwave and hands it to the guy.
  31. 31. The guy greedily chomps down on the burger. No one else approaches the bar, so Drake has time to look over the supplies and drink mixes.
  32. 32. “Keep your workspace clean,” Drake recites to himself. That’s one thing his mixology instructor kept reiterating. “This isn’t so bad, “ Drake assures himself; sure that he’ll be a master mixologist in no time.