Sims 3 The Pratts (part 17)


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The Pratt family enjoys their new hot tub and Sarah finds out what it's like to be appreciated and respected.

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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 17)

  1. 1. The Pratts (part 17): Sunset Valley
  2. 2. Spencer invites his half-brother Nicky over after school.
  3. 3. Everyone at school reacted to Gwen’s new look just as she expected. They laughed and insisted on asking her why she was wearing her Halloween costume. The only person who thought she looked pretty cool was Lydell.
  4. 4. Gwen goes straight to the piano; the one thing that never rejects her. The piano obeys her every command. She feels in charge of her life sitting here with her fingers on the keys.
  5. 5. Gwen’s piano playing is improving. She’ll be ready to play in public very soon.
  6. 6. Spencer talks to Nicky about his relationship with Rena. Nicky does not know Rena very well, but has been introduced to her by Spencer at school.
  7. 7. “I would love for you to get to know her. I’ll call her up and maybe we can all hang out.”
  8. 8. “I am thinking of proposing to her this weekend. I cannot imagine my life without her.”
  9. 9. “Good for you bro. If only the rest of us could be so lucky.”
  10. 10. Spencer calls Rena up and she agrees to come over. Nicky glances over at Gwen. “What’s up with her? Why is she always by herself?” He asks.
  11. 11. Spencer turns to look at Gwen. “I guess she just prefers it that way,” he answers.
  12. 12. Spencer glances out the window and sees that a hot tub has been installed. He shouldn’t be surprised, Candy is constantly making improvements to the house.
  13. 13. While waiting for Rena to arrive, Spencer’s takes a quick call from his cousin Giuseppe.
  14. 14. They discuss school for a moment before saying goodbye and hanging up.
  15. 15. Rena arrives and they all head out to give the new hot tub a try.
  16. 16. Rena and Spencer enjoy a few moments in the hot tub. Rena appears to be a bit shy. She sits across from Spencer rather than beside him.
  17. 17. After a few moments she gets out.
  18. 18. Sarah cooks up a quick and meal and calls everyone inside for dinner.
  19. 19. Candy is making final arrangements with the Art Institute for her retirement party. Maybe she can kill two birds with one stone; celebrate her retirement and get an opportunity to chat with her uncle Braydon.
  20. 20. Rena joins Spencer and Gwen at the table. Spencer asks Gwen about a little incident that occurred in the computer lab at school, involving her and another student.
  21. 21. Nicky joins the conversation, “Yeah, I heard about that! Did some girl really pour white out in your hair?” Gwen is not happy about being reminded of this low point of her day.
  22. 22. Gwen chooses not to respond. Instead she leaves the table. “You shouldn’t have brought that up,” Rena tells Spencer, “I’m sure she’s pretty embarrassed by that.”
  23. 23. Candy heads outside to soak in her new hot tub. “Now that I’m retired, I’ll be spending plenty of time in here.” She says out loud.
  24. 24. Inside Rena and Spencer get cozy on the couch. “You need to be nicer to Gwen, Spencer. The kids at school are really mean to her.”
  25. 25. “Yeah, I know,” He says, “I’m glad I have you around to straighten me out.” He pulls Rena in for a kiss.
  26. 26. Candy is enjoying soft music from the stereo when Sarah comes out with a load of laundry in her arms. “Enough cleaning Sarah. Please join me.” Sarah hesitates, but eventually agrees to try out the hot tub.
  27. 27. Sarah isn’t used to working in a home where her employer actually allows her to relax in a hot tub. She is very uncomfortable and fidgety.
  28. 28. She tries to think of a reason to exit the hot tub. “Oh excuse me Candy, I forgot to finish the dinner dishes,” she says and attempts to leave.
  29. 29. “Sarah,” Candy says stopping Sarah in her tracks. “You’re not a servant here. You are a part of the family.” She reminds her.
  30. 30. Sarah rejoins Candy in the hot tub. At first, she’s still tense and uncomfortable…
  31. 31. …but after a while she lays her head back and lets out a sigh,” Whew, this does feel good.” “I know.” Candy responds.
  32. 32. After relaxing for a while, Sarah gets out of the hot tub once again. She takes a few steps toward her room before she stops and turn towards Candy. “Thank you,” she says. “For what?” Candy asks.
  33. 33. “For treating me like a friend.” “Guess what Sarah… you are a friend.”
  34. 34. This makes Sarah feel good. In the past, her employers treated her like a servant. She was expected to cater to their every whim and need. Never before has anyone she’s worked for treated her like a human.
  35. 35. “Oh and by the way,” Candy continues, “Dinner was fantastic.” Sarah feels valued and respected – a new feeling for her.