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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 29)


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Candy receives the news that she's been dreading. While Candy is dealing with the loss of one family member, Rena and Spencer rush to the hospital to deliver a new one.

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Sims 3 The Pratts (part 29)

  1. 1. The Pratts (part 29): Sunset Valley
  2. 2. Candy feels the need to help Sarah with the laundry. She suddenly has a desire to sniff freshly laundered clothes. Plus, she’s been invited to another party , this time at her ex-sister in law’s home, and wants to make sure her dress is clean.
  3. 3. The phone rings while Sarah is tidying up the sitting room.
  4. 4. Sarah goes to answer the phone, but pauses. She knows that Candy’s cousin has been very sick lately. She hopes that this call does not bring bad news.
  5. 5. Sarah answers the phone and sure enough, it’s the news they’ve all been dreading. Kianah has passed away.
  6. 6. Sarah hates to be the bearer of bad news, but the responsibility has fallen into her hands.
  7. 7. Sarah spots Candy in the kitchen. “Um…Candy,” She begins. Candy’s heart immediately feels as though it’s stopped beating. She has a feeling that she won’t like what Sarah has to say.
  8. 8. Sarah continues after she realizes that Candy is not going to respond. “It’s your cousin Kianah…she just passed away.”
  9. 9. Candy still says nothing. “Are you ok?” Sarah asked concerned by Candy’s lack of response. “I’m fine Sarah.” Candy says with a false smile on her face, “ Stop gawking at me…I’m…” She begins then stops as Sarah’s words begin to move past the merciful shock that allows a person to feel numb for moments after receiving disturbing news.
  10. 10. Candy stands as still as a statue. Sarah notes that Candy looks faint. Sarah doesn’t know what to do. She is worried about Candy.
  11. 11. Candy’s face morphs; showing several stages of grief as Sarah watches. First Sarah sees anger. “I should have stayed there with her. How could I just leave her like that?” Candy says.
  12. 12. Then she appears sad and depressed, holding back tears that never break the surface.
  13. 13. Then, just as quickly, Candy is in denial, “Are you sure she’s gone? Maybe they said she’s getting worst.” “Yes ma’am, I’m sure…I’m so sorry.”
  14. 14. Candy leaves the room on wobbly legs and passes out in the sitting room. Sarah rushes into the room when she hears the thump. “Oh no!” She cries out, “Somebody help, it’s Candy!”
  15. 15. Spencer hears Sarah call out and rushes downstairs to see what’s happening.
  16. 16. Sarah’s loud shouts are enough to revive Candy. She slowly gets up.
  17. 17. By the time Spencer gets downstairs, Candy is up and alert. “Sorry to scare you. I’m ok now.” “Are you sure mom? Maybe we should take you to the hospital.” Spencer says concerned. He’s never witness his mother in a moment of weakness.
  18. 18. Candy refuses to let Spencer take her to a hospital. “I have a party to go to,” she says before heading outside to the backyard where she spots her cousin Nakida.
  19. 19. “How are you holding up?” Candy asks. “I’m doing ok. I was there with her when she took her last breath.” Nakida reveals.
  20. 20. “What happened?” Candy asks. “I was just there with her and she looked fine.” “She was just putting on airs for you. Kianah was very sick, but didn’t want you to know it. “ Nakida tries her best to remain strong, but the tears have a mind of their own.
  21. 21. “It’s ok Nakida, let it out.” Candy encourages. “My only sister is gone. What am I going to do?”
  22. 22. “Nakida, you still have one sister left. I’ll be here for you. We were all always much more than cousins.”
  23. 23. “Do you want to come to the cemetery with me?” “Yes, I need to show my face at a party really quick, then I’ll be ready to join you.”
  24. 24. Rena, exhausted by all of the high emotions in the house retreats upstairs. She is saddened to hear about the death in the family. She attempts to temporarily escape the grief by taking a nap.
  25. 25. Candy dresses quickly and heads next door to Evelyn Pratt’s house, her ex sister-in-law. “I’ll stay out here.” Nakida says.
  26. 26. Candy steps into the house and greets Evelyn. Evelyn has been dating Tenor, Kianah’s oldest son, so she is also saddened by Kianah’s death. “How’s Tenor taking it?” Candy asks. “Not so well.”
  27. 27. Candy’s grief makes her lightheaded once again. She sits down on Evelyn’s couch to gather enough strength to go to the cemetery.
  28. 28. While Candy and Nakida head to the cemetery to say their goodbyes to Kianah, Rena goes into labor.
  29. 29. A strong contraction hits. Spencer gets ready to take her to the hospital.
  30. 30. Gwen is downstairs wondering what all the commotion is about. “Tell mom that the baby is coming when she gets back!” Spencer says before rushing Rena out the door.
  31. 31. Nakida walks around reading the gravestones of her grandfather, grandmother, uncles, aunts, mom, dad and finally her sister Kianah.
  32. 32. Nakida can no longer hold her grief. Her body trembling sobs rock her at the gravestone of her older sister.
  33. 33. Candy, feeling just as much pain joins her.
  34. 34. Candy is overwhelmed with distress. She doesn’t think she could stand to lose another family member. There are not many of them left now.
  35. 35. Spencer and Rena walk into the hospital to bring a new life into the world…
  36. 36. …while Nakida and Candy sob loud enough to wake the dead over a lost one.