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Jamie Ray Newman


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Jamie Ray Newman

  1. 1. citizenscitizens MICHIGAN’S GUEST STARMETRO DETROIT NATIVE JAIME RAY NEWMAN RISES THROUGH THE RANKS Jaime Ray Newman has quite the list of television roles – Castle, CSI: New York, Grimm, and Drop Dead Diva to name a few – and it’s earned her a shout out from the NewYork Post, naming her the number one Guest Star of 2012. “Grimm was definitely a highlight. I get recognized for that a lot. It was a character completely different from what I’ve done before,” Newman says.“They took a molded imprint of my face. I was in prosthetic makeup for about five hours, playing a crazy bad ass motorcycle-driving, leather-clad, angry, jealous werewolf murderer. It was one of the most fun experiences that I’ve ever had.” Best known for her role as Kat on ABC’s Eastwick co-starring Lindsay Price and Rebecca Romijn, Newman’s big break came in 2002 with her role of Kristina Cassadine in General Hospital. From there, her television career took off and her film career has been on a steady climb with roles in Catch Me IfYou Can, Living‘til the End, Rubberneck and out this year the $100 million dollar animated feature remake of Tarzan. Newman is currently in Chicago filming the new ABC series Mind Games with Steve Zahn and Christian Slater, which premieres in March.“I play an ex-con within this company of criminals. My character meets Christian Slater’s character in a work release program,” Newman says.“He hires me to do this one off-job for the company, to fool somebody by using my skills in a legal way. Then my character becomes part of this company of people living on the edge.” Newman was born and raised in Farmington Hills, Mich., and graduated high school from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Shortly after, she moved to Hollywood to pursue acting straight out of college. Her par- ents and sister, Beth Newman, who runs global PR for J Brand Jeans, have joined her in California and the family visits Michigan frequently. “It’s wonderful shooting in Chicago now because my husband and I are able to drive to Michigan every couple of weeks to visit my 90-year-old grandmother, who lives in Bloomfield Hills,” Newman says. “I have so many memories growing up around Detroit. Cranbrook, espe- cially. I took my husband there, and he couldn’t believe where I went to high school. He was in shock. I think that I knew at the time that most kids don’t get this kind of experience. I don’t think I ever took it for granted.” When listing her favorite things about being from Michigan, Cran- brook ranked number one. Educationally and career-wise, she credits the school as having the most impact on her artistically at an early age.“Cran- brook was the most nurturing. They nurtured creative spirits like no other school I have ever seen. It’s just so aesthetically beautiful; they love educa- tion in a way that makes it really interesting, fun and cool.The cool kids were the smart kids. It was such an artistically pure place to go to high school.You feel from the culture and the architecture itself just how beautiful it is,”she says. Newman married international award–winning director Guy Nattiv in early 2012.“Guy and I met in Israel about five years ago. He had a movie in Sundance around the time and had just signed with an agent at William Morris, who just happened to be my sister’s boyfriend,”Newman says.“I went to Israel to decompress and visit family. My sister’s boyfriend told me that I had to meet this amazing client of his.” The day she was flying back to Los Angeles, they met.“It felt like I had been hit over the head with a hammer,”she recalls.“It took a long time for this to come into place because we were 10,000 miles apart and did the long distance thing for three and a half years.”With what she credits as faith in their relationship and their higher power, everything eventually aligned, much like that first meeting.“He received his green card about six months ago and moved here. So here we were, married and still doing long distance,”she says. Of her husband, Newman notes that he’s“an amazing director.” His last film Mabul won the top prize at the Berlin Film Festival as well as six Israeli Academy Awards, and he’s been to Sundance a handful of times. Next up for Newman, she’s back on set in Chicago for Mind Games and is developing film projects with her husband, who just sold a series toTNT.The first film that Nattiv and her are teaming up on, Nattiv is also writing. His first American film based on a property that this talented duo secured rights to and hope to film in Michigan. We certainly hope so, too. — Jennifer Champagne Jaime Ray Newman