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Online ordering tips

  1. 1. 6/6/2013 1Ultimate Online Ordering TipsEasy Tips for Increasing Ticket SalesAnd Customizing Your OLO
  2. 2. 6/6/2013 26/6/2013 2• A “True Item Upsell” is a popular way to get a customer toadd more to a ticket. For instance, if someone orders aburger, you would want to upsell them to fries. This can beaccomplished in these options by creating a “True ItemUpsell” option set.• Can be attached to multiple items• Can upsell multiple items in one upsell setTrue Item Upsell
  3. 3. 6/6/2013 36/6/2013 3• True item upsell is shown on the second screen that comes up once acustomer adds an item to the shopping cart:True Item Upsell
  4. 4. 6/6/2013 46/6/2013 4• How to add a True Item Upsell• Click on “Options”• Click on “Add New Options” (if you have not made an upsell option yet)• • Enter appropriate values at the top (Min-how many they HAVE toorder, Max-How many they can order, Included-how many come free withthe item)• Check the “True Item Upsell”• • For the Options themselves, put in an Option value e.g. “Fries” andthen under Menu Item, find fries on the actual online menu.True Item Upsell
  5. 5. 6/6/2013 56/6/2013 5True Item Upsell
  6. 6. 6/6/2013 66/6/2013 6• You can now use this option set on any menu item you would like to addthe upsell to. Simply put a checkmark next to the item, and choose theoption set from the bottom and hit “use option set”. It will add it to anyitem you have a checkmark onTrue Item Upsell
  7. 7. 6/6/2013 7Final Upsell• The “Upsell” section is useful forturning an item into a “final upsell.”With this functionality, if you’vestarted your checkout and youhaven’t either ordered an itemfrom this section or this specificitem, it will ask the customer if theywant to add this to the order. Thisfunctionality is most effective if theitem being upsold also has animage to display.– Prompt to add at checkout– Can be any single menuitem– Message can becustomized– Can be prioritized– Can be set to be skipped
  8. 8. 6/6/2013 86/6/2013 8• This is shown on the “checkout screen” (ex. Garlic ParmesanGroovy Twists)Final Upsell
  9. 9. 6/6/2013 96/6/2013 9• Go to the item you would like to use, go to “edit”• Near the bottom of the item “edit page”, add the phrase intothe box (ex. “Would you like to add an order of GarlicParmesan Groovy Twists to your order?”)• Note: You can add more than one upsell, and “rank” them asto which one comes first using the “upsell priority” box.Also, if it is a sized menu item, you must also check which sizeis using the upsellFinal Upsell
  10. 10. 6/6/2013 106/6/2013 10Final Upsell
  11. 11. 6/6/2013 116/6/2013 11Adding Picturesto Your Online MenuGraphical OLO
  12. 12. 6/6/2013 12Graphical OLO• If your account hasnever been set up forgraphicalordering, contactsupport to activategraphical ordering.• Click on Menus thenEdit
  13. 13. 6/6/2013 136/6/2013 13Step 1: Load Pictures• Log On to LetsGet• Click on Images• Check the box next to any repository of stockimages that you want available for youraccount. Save.• Click on “Step 2” to upload your picturesGraphical OLO
  14. 14. 6/6/2013 146/6/2013 14Graphical OLO
  15. 15. 6/6/2013 15Graphical OLOStep 2: Upload Pictures• Click Choose File toselect a picture file or file from yourcomputer.• Press Upload File• Save
  16. 16. 6/6/2013 166/6/2013 16Graphical OLO• Helpful hints– Best approach is to get all the images and put them in a zip file. Theimages will be resized automatically. Use the upload file dialog to addthem to the system.– These images will use the file name in the “best guess” match, so makesure that the images have good names before uploading.(onions, meatlovers pizza– Nice to upload a Logo and Color Block for place holder and defaults– Preview, Review and Revise
  17. 17. 6/6/2013 17Graphical OLOStep 3: Select Images• Click on Menus• Click on Images
  18. 18. 6/6/2013 18Graphical OLOStep 4: Menu Section• Select the menu section fromthe drop down on the left.• Select images by choosing a“Group” of images from thedrop down on the right.• Click on “Selected MenuSection”, then pick an imagethat will appear when a userclicks on this menu section.• Repeat for Unselected andDefault image.
  19. 19. 6/6/2013 19Graphical OLOStep 5: Menu Items• Select your menu items ormodifiers in the left section.• For each, select an imagefrom the right.• When selected, it willappear in the upper rightand next to the item itself.• It will be savedautomatically.• The “Best Guess” will try tomatch image names to itemnames for you.
  20. 20. 6/6/2013 206/6/2013 20HELPFUL HINTFor an item or modifier to best-guessmatch, ending “s” are ignored (so“mushroom” will match “mushrooms”).Graphical OLO
  21. 21. 6/6/2013 216/6/2013 21For menu items and modifiers:• Choose each image which is not matched, and match up withbest guess by clicking on the item on the left and the imageon the right.• HELPFUL HINTOptionally choose a default image for each section forunmapped items, and a default image for option sets forunmapped option set items; these can be anything from the“image coming soon” to a simple texture background to yourlogo.Graphical OLO
  22. 22. 6/6/2013 226/6/2013 22Click on step 3 to setup additional styles.Under each of the 4 suggestion areas, pick the appropriatesuggestion (1-4 in the suggestion column).This will give you a good CSS starting point, and you can tweak asneeded.For “Menu Section Default Styles” set the number of menucolumns to most likely 2 (almost never one), and “copy down”for consistency.For “Option Set Default Styles”, set the website and mobiledisplay options as needed, and “copy down” for consistencyGraphical OLO
  23. 23. 6/6/2013 236/6/2013 23Graphical OLO
  24. 24. 6/6/2013 246/6/2013 24For section images, typically three choices:• Use standard text.• Add a CSS background (from menu styles) with bothselected and unselected styles.• Add a CSS style AND a background image.• Add special images for each button, both selected andunselected. Be aware, this approach can be effortintensive, and the results are not always attractive.Graphical OLO