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Types of food and beverage services


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5 types of service includes all other types of service.

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Types of food and beverage services

  1. 1. Amaresh Jha
  2. 2. The five customer processesA. Service at a laid coverB. Assisted service – part service at a laid cover and part self-serviceC. Self serviceD. Service at a single point (ordering, receipt of order and paymentE. Specialised service or service in situ
  3. 3. 1.Table service:• The customer is served at a laid cover• Includes: – Silver – English – Plate/American – Butler/French – Russian – Guéridon• Also found on bar counters
  4. 4. In this category, the guest enters in the area and isseated. Menu lists are given or displayed for orders.The orders are been taken by waiter/ess. Then theservice is done using a laid cover on the table. Thefollowing are types of service come under thiscategory:1. English Service2. French service3. Silver service4. American / pre-plated service5. Russian service6. Guèrdon service7. Snack bar service
  5. 5. English Service:Often referred to as the "Host Service" because thehost plays an active role in the service. Food isbrought on platters by the waiter and is shown to thehost for approval. The waiter then places the platters onthe tables. The host either portions the food onto theguest plates directly or portions the food and allows thewaiter to serve.For replenishment of guest food the waiter may thentake the dishes around for guests to help themselves orbe served by the waiter.
  6. 6. The table is set for hors doeuvres, soup, maincourses and sweet dish in sterling silverware. The foodis portioned into silver platters at the kitchen itself, whichare placed at the sideboard with burners or hot plates tokeep the food warm in the restaurant. Plates are placedbefore the guest. The waiter then picks the platter from thehot plate and presents the dish to the host for approval.He serves each guest using a service spoon and fork. Allfood is presented in silver dishes with elaborate dressing.
  7. 7. The American service is a pre‐plated service,which means that the food is served into theguests plate in the kitchen itself and broughtto the guest. The kitchen predetermines theportion and the accompaniments served withthe dish and then balance the entirepresentation in terms of nutrition and colour.This type of service is commonly used in acoffee shop where service is required to befast.
  8. 8. This is a service where a dish comes partiallyprepared from the kitchen to be completed inthe restaurant by the waiter or, when acomplete meal is cooked at the tableside inthe restaurant. The cooking is done on agueridon trolley, which is a mobile trolleywith a gas cylinder andburners. The waiter plays a prominent part,as he is required to fillet, carve, flambé andprepare the food with showmanship. Thewaiter has to have considerable dexterityand skill.
  9. 9. Tall stools are placed along a counter sothat the guest may eat the food at thecounter itself. In better establishments, thecovers are laid out on the counter itself.Food is either displayed behind the counterfor the guests to choose from, or is listed ona menu card or simple black board.
  10. 10. An elaborate silver service thought to be thefoundation of French service except that the foodis portioned and carved by the waiter at theguèridon trolley in the restaurant in full view ofthe guests.Display and theatrical presentation are a majorpart of this service. The principle involved is tohave whole joints, poultry, game and fishelaborately dressed and garnished, presented toguests and carved and portioned by the waiter.
  11. 11. It is a very personalised service.Food is brought from the kitchen indishes and salvers, which are placeddirectly on the table. The plates arekept near the dish and the guests helpthemselves.
  12. 12. 2.Assisted service:Customer served part of the meal at a table and is required to obtain part through self-service (for example in a carvery-type operation)A carvery is a restaurant where cooked meat is freshly sliced to order for customers, sometimes offering unlimited servings for a fixed price. The term is most commonly used in the U.K. Ireland and australia , but it is also found in the U.S.
  13. 13. Assisted ServiceIn this type of category, the guestenters in the dining area and helpshimself to the food, either from abuffet counter or he may get servedpartly at table by waiter/ess and hecollects any extras he needsfrom the counter. Eating may be doneon either at table, standing or inlounge area/ banquet hall.
  14. 14. Buffet Service:A self‐service, where food is displayed on tables.The guest takes his plate from a stack atthe end of each table or requests the waiter behindthe buffet table to serve him. For sit‐down buffetservice, tables are laid with crockery and cutlery asin a restaurant. The guest may serve himself at thebuffet table and return to eat at the guest table laidout. The waiter may serve a few courses like theappetiser and soup at the table.
  15. 15. 3.Self-service:• The customer is required to help him or herself from a buffet or counter• Counters can be: – Straight line counter with payment point at end – Free-flow - customers move at will to random service points – Echelon – series of counters at angles to save space – Supermarket - Island service points within a free- flow area
  16. 16. Cafeteria Service:This service exists normally inindustrial canteens, colleges,hospitals or hotelcafeterias. To facilitate quick service,the menu is fixed and is displayed onlarge boards. The guest mayhave to buy coupons in advance,present them to the counter waiter whothen serves the desired item.
  17. 17. 4.Single point service:• The customer orders, pays and receives the food and beverages at a counter: – At take away; fast food; drive thru; kiosk; food court, vending machine – At a bar in licensed premises
  18. 18. Single Point ServiceIn this category, the guest orders, paysfor his order and gets served all at asingle point. There may bemay not be any dinning area or seats.The different types are:1. Take away service2. Vending3. Kiosk4. Food court
  19. 19. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  20. 20. Take Away: Customer orders and is served from single point, at counter, hatch or snack stand; customer consumes off the premises.Vending: Provision of food service and beverage serviceby means of automatic retailing.Food Court: series of autonomous counters wherecustomers may either order and eat or buy from anumber of counters and eat in separate eating area, ortake‐away.Kiosks: Outstation to provide service for peak demandor in specific location (may be open forcustomers to order or used for dispensing only)
  21. 21. Kiosk is a small,separated garden pavilion openon some or all sides. Kiosks werecommonin Persia, India, Pakistan, and inthe Ottoman Empire from the13th century onward. Today,there are many kiosks in andaround the TopkapıPalace in Istanbul, and they are
  22. 22. 5.Specialised service (or service in situ):• The food and beverage is taken to where the customer is.• Includes: tray service in hospitals, hotels or aircraft, trolley service, home delivery, lounge service, room service and drive-in
  23. 23. A) Grill Room Service: In this form of servicevarious meats are grilled in front of the guest.The meats may be displayed behind a glasspartition or well decorated counter so that the guestcan select his exact cut of meat. The food comespre‐plated.B) Tray service: Method of service of whole orpart of meal on tray to customer in situ, e.g.hospitals aircraft or railway catering.
  24. 24. C) Trolley service: Method of serviceof food and beverages form trolley,away from dining areas, e.g. foroffice workers, in aircraft or on trains.D) Home‐ Delivery: Food delivered tocustomer’s home or place of work,e.g. Pizza home delivery or Meal onwheels etc.E) Lounge Service: Service of varietyof foods & beverages in lounge area.
  25. 25. F) Room Service: It implies serving offood and beverage in guest rooms ofhotels. Small orders are served in trays.Major meals are taken to the room ontrolleys. The guest places his order withthe room service order taker. There are3(three) types of Room service:1. Centralized room service2. De-centralized room service3. Mobile room service
  26. 26. Centralized room service: Here all thefood orders are processed from themain kitchen and sent to the rooms by acommon team of waiters.Decentralized room service: Each flooror a set of floor may have separatepantries to service them. Orders aretaken at a central point by order‐takerswho in turn convey the order to therespective pantry.
  27. 27. Mobile Pantries/ room service: Some hotelshave pantries installed in service elevators. Ordersare received by a central point that convey it tothe mobile pantry. The pantry has to just switchon the floor and give instant service. For the sakeof information, in countries, which have ashortage of manpower, large hotels installmechanized dispensing units in rooms. The guestinserts the necessary value of coins into themachine, which will eject pre-prepared food andbeverages for guest consumption.
  28. 28.  Silver serve food from the left Serve plater to plate from left Serve plated foods from the right Serve all beverages from the right Clear from the right
  29. 29.  Use trays Separate tasks of:  serving at table  food/drink collection  sideboard/workstation clearing Use checklists for tasks required for clearing after service