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Websites to submit a new blog


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For a new blog it's important to submit your blog to quality places. Here I have compiled a list of places where a new blog should be submitted. For complete reference check this post:

Websites to submit a new blog

  1. 1. Websites To Submit Your
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION To improve your website search engine visibility, there are many websites, webdirectories where everyone should submit their Blog. Submitting you blog to other sites helps in better indexing and crawling of the blog. When new blogs are created, it takes time for search engine bots to find the blog and crawl it. By submitting the blog to few of the mentioned Websites will help in faster indexing. Avoid those directories or sites, which asks you to place a backlink to verify the site ownership, as it will be considered as two way link exchange. Though, there are few directories which are quite useful and you may consider adding the link for a day or two just for the verification. Most of the sites mentioned here are Free and very Useful. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR
  3. 3. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 01 Google Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster Tools : This is official tool by Google, where you can not only add your Website but also submit your sitemap to Google. This will ensure, Google will quickly crawl all your links and index them. More over, GWT works as free SEO tool for your website.
  4. 4. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 02 01 Bing Webmaster Tool TOOL GOOGLE WEBMASTER Bing Webmaster Tool : Official Webmaster tool by Bing, submitting your blog to this place will ensure your site is visible in Bing.
  5. 5. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 03 01 Alexa GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOL Alexa : Alexa is one popular service for ranking websites around the globe. You should submit your site to Alexa, and also place Alexa widget to make your Alexa ranking more accurate.
  6. 6. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 04 Facebook Pages Facebook Pages : With 900 Million active users, Facebook is holy-grail of social media traffic. This is not typically submitting your blog to Facebook, instead we create a Facebook page and readers can connect to the page for future updates. This is one highly recommended step for any new website.
  7. 7. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 05 Google+ Page Google Plus : Creating Google plus page for your blog or Website will be good for traffic and branding.
  8. 8. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 06 Twitter Twitter : Twitter is one of the famous micro-blogging and social networking site. Having a profile on Twitter for your blog, will help your readers to connect with your brand on Twitter, and follow your blog updates.
  9. 9. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 07 ahrefs Ahrefs : This is actually a site to measure your blog backlink and a free account will let you monitor one complete site. Simply go ahead, register a free account and under reports > add new domain. Add your blog and verify your ownership. ahrefs will help you to keep a track of links to your site. Very useful if you really understand the importance of backlinks.
  10. 10. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 08 Technorati – Blog directory Technorati : Technorati is a blog directory and it’s one of the largest web index of blogs. Submitting your site here and using proper tag may help in more search engine visibility.
  11. 11. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 09 Google Analytics Google Analytics : Not a typical place to submit your blog but very useful to keep a track of your site stats and best part is it’s free stats tool by Google. Highly recommended for a new site to add GA on your blog.
  12. 12. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 10 Blog Catalog Blog Catalog : Blogcatalog is one of the best Web directory to submit a Website. They manually accept or reject a blog submission, so make sure your site have enough content before you submit here. Also, while adding your blog, take care of proper category.
  13. 13. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 11 Alltop Alltop : It is not for new blogs, but if you have a quality blog, make sure you add your blog to Alltop. Very useful for giving good exposure to the site. It is necessary to create a free account before submission.
  14. 14. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 12 Pinterest Pinterest : Pinterest is a popular image based social networking site. When you submit your blog to Pinterest, and verify your profile, you earn a free high quality dofollow backlink. More over, it helps in improving your brand online presence.
  15. 15. WHERE TO SUBMIT YOUR 13 IMT Website Submitter IMT WEBSITE SUBMITTER : This is an online tool, which submits your Website to over 3000 places. Those links might not be very high quality, but it will help in quick indexing, and improving backlink profile of your blog. For starter, submit your site to not more than 100 websites using IMT Website Submitter.
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