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January 2018 Trend Report


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In this presentation, prepared by Altavia Dekatlon, you will find lifelike campaigns throughout the month of December, innovative work in the retail sector, consumer behavior, technology and trends from the digital world.

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January 2018 Trend Report

  1. 1. What are our wishes for the new year? Happiness, love, money or serenity? Most probably those are the ones which are mostly in people's minds, but there are always outliers, those wished by the special ones. We embrace our job for the new year with so much energy, and we followup closely which topics will be the trends for the upcoming seasons. While the tech companies are becoming the main sponsors of Cannes Lions, and breaking records in the NASDAQ, the media holdings are cutting costs and marketing communication industry is changing. The good old world is going digital and the hippest topic in a cafe is most probably bitcoin today. We hope you will like our most recent trend report!
  2. 2. Reyhan, who dreams of being a Jedi in the commercial, realizes how his life would be easier if he had been really strong in force. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters with specific advertising campaigns. In the first film of the campaign prepared by utilizing local insight and dynamics, we see the main character university graduate Reyhan waiting for money in the minibus. In the second film, Reyhan finds herself trying to cope with her mother in the daytime environment and with "challenging questions". Localısed ad campaıgn for Star Wars: last Jedi!
  3. 3. Samsung has released the ad named "Violence Voice" with regard to the campaign against "Do not be a cyber bully" #Realize. The concept of Cyber Bullying, which involves unpleasant actions such as humiliation, libel, gossip, harassment, threat, embarrassment and exclusion that an individual or a group in an electronic environment consciously or unconsciously carries out to others, causing thousands of children and genera to suffer physical and psychological damage every day for; Samsung Turkey and the Information Technology Authority (ICTA); He started a campaign called "Do not be a cyber bully" #Realize. Samsung Against Cyber Bullying!
  4. 4. Motorola's commercial is starting as a continuation of Samsung's commercial. The guy who abandoned the iPhone goes to Samsung but this time his girlfriend surprised the man who raised the phone to Galaxy by showing the features of Motorola Z2 Play and mini projector Moto Mod. At the end of the commercial film, the brand advises that phones need to "get one more click" and upgrade to Motorola. Motorola Trolled Apple and Samsung on Last Ad!
  5. 5. Localization advertisement for Netflix's new film, Bright, with kokoreç seller, barber, neighborhood residents. Netflix is one of the brands that emphasizes localization. It uses the items from the culture of the country it is in for its promotions. In our country, they had a great appreciation for their work with ebru artist Garip Ay to introduce their important series, and he was on the short list at Cannes Lions. The Orcs of our Neighborhood in Netflix: Bright!
  6. 6. Burger King did not sell Whopper for a day to support McDonald’s campaign for children with cancer, leading customers to their rival. The crazy competition between Burger King and McDonald's is often reflected in their advertising, and the two brands do not hesitate to talk to each other. But this time, Burger King decided to help McDonald's for a day by choosing an unexpected way. no competıtıon Between McDonald's and Burger King for a Day!
  7. 7. Studio Drift has performed an art performance called Franchise Freedom with drones on Miami beach. Studio Drift, based in Amsterdam, flew 300 drones this year with a choreographer imitating birds this week in Miami. The installation called Franchise Freedom was created by the founders of Studio Drift, Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta. Presented with the support of BMW and Future Pace Gallery, the work was launched in front of the Faena Hotel complex in Miami Beach. Drones Illuminated the Miami Beach by flyıng Like Birds!
  8. 8. JBC today inaugurates its Innovation Lab at Corda Campus in Hasselt. The Belgian ready-to-wear chain is currently testing motion detectors, personalized point-of- sale messages, a pop-up printing press and a feedback totem. As part of a co- creation with customers, start-ups, companies and research centers, the group is looking for innovations that could further enhance and personalize customers' shopping experiences. JBC Creates Tomorrow’s Store with Help From Customers!
  9. 9. Pioneer of mobile payment, Cdiscount now offers its customers to pay for their purchases via their fingerprint or facial recognition, the latter being for the moment reserved for users of the iPhone X. The number 2 French e-commerce signed an agreement with the tricolor start-up Lydia, inventor of these payment solutions. The customer must first create an account on Lydia, register his bank details and leave his fingerprint via the touch of his smartphone, or his portrait via a selfie. Cdiscount has Finally Found The Solution!
  10. 10. The hotel group has partnered with Samsung and Legrand to launch the hotel rooms of the future through the Internet of Things and thus enhance the personalization of the customer experience. The IoT Guestroom Lab - powered by Marriott's Innovation Lab, at the group's head office - looks for concepts that can improve the customer experience, create and design rooms to be the most easier to use, and meet Marriott's sustainability goals. Marriott Tests The Room Of The Future!
  11. 11. Paris-NY. The city: it's dirty, it smells bad and it damages. It's not just you who suffer, your sneakers too. Three Parisians fans of sneakers have joined forces to create the workshop of their dreams; the idea that one of them had after wearing his new pair of Air Max in the evening and noticing, on waking, the carnage at his feet. That's how Sneakers & Chill was born, in the heart of Paris. A Cobbler For Sneakers Has Just Opened in Paris!
  12. 12. Following a trial at its Beijing headquarters, online retail giant plans to open hundreds of unmanned convenience stores. This effectively dwarfs Amazon’s plans to open checkout-free stores, as reported.’s stores will use facial recognition and other technology to identify products and record payments so customers do not need to wait in a checkout line. Ceiling cameras will track shopper movements and generate heat maps to monitor activity and traffic flow, product choice and customer preference. Will Open Hundreds of Unmanned Convenience Stores!
  13. 13. Target announced on Wednesday that it has agreed to acquire Shipt, Inc., the online same- day delivery platform for $550 million in cash. The transaction is expected to close before the end of 2017. The Minneapolis-based retailer will offer the same-day delivery service to half of its stores by early 2018 and to most of its stores in major markets before the 2018 holiday season. The same-day delivery service will be offered for groceries, essentials, home, electronics, and other products at launch and will include all major product categories by the end of 2019. Target To Acquire Same-Day Delivery Platform Shipt!
  14. 14. Walmart’s Code Eight, led by Rent the Runway co-founder Jennifer Fleiss, has started testing personal shopping services for moms in New York City, Recode reports. Code Eight is part of Walmart’s startup incubator Store No. 8. Cashier-Free Walmarts are comıng!
  15. 15. Alibaba last week announced a deal to help Ford sell electric vehicles in China but, aside from the big names involved, the most intriguing part was a proposed vending machine for sales. Once the system recognizes the vehicle it lets them pick a color and, once they enter basic information and snap a selfie, arrange for a test-drive if the vehicle is available. Alibaba Will Sell Cars wıth Gigantic Vending Machines!
  16. 16. Not Just Another Store, a new concept store curated by Utter and its brand Marr, has opened in London’s Shoreditch. The store positions collaboration at its core and will form partnerships with various designers for innovative events, installations and exhibitions. The retail space features art from London- based artists and a carefully selected homeware and lifestyle department. London Store Is Trying To Break The Norms Of Traditions!
  17. 17. The cosmetics brand ‘Espoir’ introduced a new concept store ‘Make-up Pub’ reminiscent of draft beer house. Eespoir, a professional makeup brand, opened the first make-up pub concept store in Hongdae in November under the concept of Lively, Free like a lounge pub. Espoir introduced new concept store “Make-up Pub” in Seoul!
  18. 18. Walmart and struck a deal with BuzzFeed’s Tasty. The partnership will place links for the retailer’s products in Tasty’s how-to recipe and cooking videos on its app. When Tasty app users finish watching a video, they can scroll down to the bottom of the page and find relevant kitchen products from Walmart and Walmart Joins Forces With BuzzFeeD!
  19. 19. The giant new retail location lets visitors see inside the roastery’s operations and order from anywhere. Starbucks has just opened a giant new roastery and cafe in Shanghai that serves as part-cafe, part- production facility and part-retail gift store. Shanghai’s AR-filled Starbucks!
  20. 20. J.C. Penney is opening a holiday pop-up shop in New York’s SoHo called “Jacques Penne” in an effort to change millennial consumer perception of the brand, previously written off as a struggling mall dinosaur. Jacques Penne is also offering an integrated 360-degree virtual and mobile shopping experience with the pop-up. The goal with the space and experience is to reach consumers through a new way of shopping. millennial-friendly “Jacques Penne” pop-up shop!
  21. 21. Instagram decided to copy Snapchat's Story after the big interest to the feature. Instagram named "Story Archive", which allows you to store your stories on the application. In addition to the Story Archive, the company also promotes Stories in profiles, so that users share their stories in their profile pages. Two new features for Instagram's Stories!
  22. 22. Facebook is testing new features for the Hello button, which opened in the US in early July for the use of some users in the US. The company, which collects these new features under the name Greeting, offers its users hug, wink, poke or high-five options as well as a Hi! Is "Poke" comıng back?
  23. 23. In the near future, with 140 characters and 280 characters, Twitter was still testing the Tweet Series feature. Today Tweet The social network, which sees the series running, makes it easy to create "floods" for users. The long-awaited innovation from Twitter!
  24. 24. With the "Send a message from WhatsApp" button on Facebook ads, businesses will now be able to mess with customers via WhatsApp. This feature, which is currently being published in North and South America, part of Africa, Australia and Asia, may be one of the best ways for Facebook to generate revenue through WhatsApp. “Send a WhatsApp message” in Facebook ads!
  25. 25. Wanting to set up their own online music listening platform, YouTube continues to deal with important music companies. According to Bloomberg, YouTube has signed a licensing agreement with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. Two bıg lıcence agreements from youtube!
  26. 26. Google Chrome, the technology giant Google's browser, announced in early 2018 that it will pass the ad blocking tool through to the end of this year. According to Google's statement on December 19, it will be passed on from next February 15th. Google Chrome will start blocking "inappropriate" ads!
  27. 27. Interactive-focused posts in the style of "Share to earn free holidays!" On Facebook, which is still a way of keeping track of many global brands, is now leading to penalization of Pages. Facebook, which sees the "engagement bait" as appropriate for these senders, is in a confident position to block this issue. Facebook is fighting against posts that are focused on interaction!
  28. 28. In addition to Hashtag following, Instagram has also launched the "recommended for you" feature, which has also begun to offer new content based on what users like. Thus, Instagram, which provides a more personalized experience for its users, supports a sense of organic interaction by businesses as opposed to Facebook. instagram to affect organic interaction?
  29. 29. Snapchat is preparing to bring the Stories feature to the web. Previously Instagram also added Stories on the web, adding more traditional users who could not give up on the table or the web. However, Snapchat plans to include not just the web but other applications in this sharing space with the "Stories Everywhere" feature. Snapchat Stories on the web!
  30. 30. With the Apple TV business unit, Amazon Prime Video was available in nearly 100 countries. And it’s newest country is now Turkey! In short, you can access the Amazon Prime Video application and its content with Apple TV. Amazon Prime Video with Apple TV!
  31. 31. Apple is trying to bring the Electrocardiography (ECG) inspection feature to its smart watches. Moreover, the study is quite different from the Cardiaband, which was developed by Apple's AliveCor firm in recent years. The Kariaband for Apple Watch was an accessory that can be plugged into a smart watch to measure ECG. However, according to the news, this new app, which Apple has tested, will not require an external accessory to directly monitor heart rate. ECG ın smart watches!
  32. 32. The shopping season before New Year's Eve is a time slot where many brands worldwide are looking for fun, sensitive aspects of their products and wanting the consumer to enter the long shopping list. Amazon's artificial intelligence- assisted assistant Alexa seems to be the winner of the list for this holiday season. Alexa has been the most downloaded free app in the last week of the year!
  33. 33. Interestingly, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk, who uses Tesla's key announcements to respond to his followers via Twitter, and who is actively using the social media platform, explained that the company is working on an electric pickup model. Elon Musk announced they wıll produce electric pickups!
  34. 34. Outline Montreal has designed interactive LED masks with sound that you can carry easily anywhere there is music. With this LED masks, all kinds of music and every kind of rhythm can be visualized in wonderful light compositions. Masks are easily foldable and adjustable so that the user can adjust to the face shape with the flexible structure. Very suitable accessories to be used as a costume for events such as parties, music festivals. Thıs led mask ınteracts wıth musıc!
  35. 35. Snapchat has made significant progress in technology with increased reality, and has launched the new application Lens Studio, which takes center-boosted reality technology. The application, which allows users to create enhanced reality effects for Snapchat, seems to increase the use of augmented reality within the platform. Snapchat: Lens Studio!
  36. 36. With the introduction of a brand-new technology, iPhone X begins to work on how software developers can use it in different ways. Brad Dwyer's Nose Zone is also the first in this area. The game is actually a simple shooting game. You aim at the boxes on the screen and shoot. But you do it with your nose. Yes, with your nose. It's a game where you keep your head steady heading up and down while trying to play the Nose Zone and try to keep the boxes. A kind of neck exercise. Use your nose to play this on iPhone X!
  37. 37. Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger, who wants to rescue today's world from smart phones, which frequently and sought to underline the fact that the mobile phone has turned into a kind of addictive object that we constantly check and reason for many of us for many of us beyond the fulfillment of its essential tasks, with a range of designs that offer the opportunity to do without the use of electronic devices. Finger therapy for smart phone addicts!
  38. 38. Samsung Electronics Nordic, in collaboration with Fredrik Praesto of Sweden's renowned hypnotist, has created a website called Unspoil Me to reverse the tragic victimization that every series / movie lover probably experiences. The site, predictably, offers a hypnosis session to the wishes, followed by a 20-minute session with the voice of Praesto, and the series and / or the movie promise to watch with a clear mind as you know nothing about it. Hypnosis therapy for Spoiler victims!
  39. 39. The Escape to Nature, developed in order to facilitate the preparation process for the activities to be carried out in the country, was developed in about 3 months. Learn the details such as Escape to Nature, security, electricity, market, social facility, wild animal, fountain, transportation, buffet, shower / cabin, creek, waterfall and free / charge free for camping sites, which are offered free for both iOS and Android platforms in September. They communicate with people who are camping in the area to collect this information. Easıer camping and nature activities: Escape to Nature!