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Best of 2015 Altavia Watch - English version


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The 2015 Best Of international Retail trends by the Altavia Watch team.
5 main trends identified:
1. Retail entertainment era
2. Line are shiffting in food retail
3. Delivery service triggers retail revolution
4. The onslaught of the mobile sector
5. Brick is the new black for premiums brands

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Best of 2015 Altavia Watch - English version

  1. 1. BEST OF 2015 Thierry Strickler – avril 2016 English version
  2. 2. RETAIL ENTERTAINMENT era Lines are shifting in FOOD RETAIL DELIVERY SERVICE triggers retail revolution The onslaught of the MOBILE SECTOR BRICK IS THE NEW BLACK for premiums brands
  4. 4. ALTAVIA Extraordinary experiences The rise of surprising marketing 85% of consumers say they are willing to pay 25% more for a better experience (source Influencia). Customer experience has become a major challenge for Brick and Mortar. Providing an experience is a main condition to nourish the relationship between customers and brands. We are now witnessing a metamorphosis, stores have become the place of purchase since the 2010s, they gradually became places of service, experience and relationship. What does offering an experience represent to consumers? It’s a prerequisite to take the path of success, the experience offered is a competitive advantage, a new frontier to stand out from the competition. The challenges of Brick and Mortar is to surprise, amaze, but also to reward customers. Many examples of remarkable instore experiences now exist, provided by various retailers. They are one of the responses to generate traffic, and exist in a very competitive commercial market.
  5. 5. ALTAVIA Undiz unveils a new store concept A small area but a great stock in the basement. A constraint that inspired a new store concept for Undiz ( Etam Group). Called " Undiz Machine" , this concept is based on pipes connecting the stock to the sales floor. Customers can access the products which are sent in capsules, through interactive screens, It is a new shopping experience that Undiz is testing , based on a playful and engaging consumer experience.
  6. 6. ALTAVIA The The North Face has engaged some of its customers by mixing fiction and reality. As usual, the brand uses one of its shops to promote itself and increase store traffic. For this event, customers of The North Face are invited to experience a simulated sled dog race through an oculus rift , when suddenly , real huskies are attached to the front of the real sled and start running with great speed in the shopping center. The North Face organises sled dog race in shopping malls
  7. 7. ALTAVIA Shoppers can now take part in a life-size version of the world- famous Monopoly board game at three of the emirate’s most popular malls. To play, shoppers must spend at least Dh300 in the participating malls and then show their receipts to the registration desk, where they will be given a voucher. Games last between eight and 10 minutes, with organisers expecting 35 to 45 games played each day. The player with the most points will win Dh500. Life-size Monopoly with cash prizes comes to three Dubai malls
  8. 8. ALTAVIA The ‘Boost™ Energy Lab’ consists of two areas, the ‘Display Zone’ which highlights the functionality and design of the Boost™, and the ‘Experience Zone’, in which visitors can experience the running shoe while wearing it. The Display zone focuses on the Boost™’s cushioning, represented by acrylic cylinders, and expresses the formation and movement, and the play between cohesion and explosive power of the energy capsules with a moving light installation. Adidas Boost™ Energy Lab pop-up store
  9. 9. ALTAVIA A full scale PAC-MAN opens in Hong Kong The Hong Kong shopping center The Peak Galleria has launched a full scale PAC-MAN. With yellow helmets , customers have to avoid the ghosts of the maze with as in the famous video game.
  10. 10. ALTAVIA In Cologne , a mall dedicated to outdoor sports offers to try theproducts in real conditions Globetrotter Koln is a shopping center dedicated to outdoor sports. A cave where it constantly rains verifies that the tents are truly waterproof. A climbing wall, a cold room and a dark corridor to test the efficiency of the lamps are also part of the place. Globetrotter is also equipped with an anthill, and an aquarium full of jellyfish. The soundtrack of the store that broadcasts the cries of birds and insects really gives the feeling of being transported in the nature.
  11. 11. ALTAVIA It is at the height of the crisis in 2009 that Adrian Cheng launched his first K11 in Hong Kong, having studied and explored for two years the expectations of new wealthy consumers. "They do not want to go to shopping malls without personality or character, in which we find the same brands, they want something else, a revolution of retail space, a trip to the imaginary". This first test, which involves mixing artistic performances or exhibitions in vegetable gardens, but also shops, was very successful. In China, the billionaire Adrian Cheng invents a new type of mall
  12. 12. ALTAVIA Tommy Hilfiger is introducing virtual reality headsets into its stores around the world, allowing its customers to experience 3D runway shows before immediately shopping the collections. “From the incredible set and music to exclusive backstage moments, consumers will be able to watch the clothes move and see the collection in the original show environment – it’s a compelling and interesting elevation of the traditional shopping experience.” Tommy Hilfiger stores to give customers virtual reality experience
  13. 13. ALTAVIA Uniqlo imagines an expérience mixing digital display and neuroscience to help customers choose their t-shirt Users place their head in a helmet incorporating a sensor measuring their brain activity while are broadcast on a screen in front of them, 10 clips supposed to embody different states (calm , anger... ) . Depending on the brain responses , the algorithm analyzes the client’s mood and displays on the screen a selection of t-shirts. Then, still measuring the brain activity of the user in front of these choices , it displays in fine "THE » perfect shirt
  14. 14. Lines are shifting in FOOD RETAIL
  15. 15. ALTAVIA An identical basic offer for traditionnal players Historical food distribution players are jostled by new and numerous proposals. Gradually their hegemony crumbles, it is clear that these actors all have virtually the same offer: products, prices, services, promotions. The basic contract offered to their customers is exactly the same! The Food distribution sector has reacted very late to the digitization of their industry. Of course, they have muscled and diversified the services offered : Drive, e-commerce… But again with very similar proposals. It is therefore not surprising to find as new leaders of customer exprience in food distribution pure players such Cdiscount, a historical distributor of high tech and leisure products (K. Salmon investigation and Uptilan December 2015). However, traditional retailers move the lines and try to reinvent themselves with new proposals. The ultra urban proximity shops reinvented by Casino, Franprix Mandarin or Made By Rewe for example. New concepts also offer innovative customer journey such as Waitrose, Iper, Tesco Extra. However, a door opens for Pure Players who propose a different offer, with new services.
  16. 16. ALTAVIA Opportunities seized by new players New entrants have developed proposals with new value propositions. New premium concepts like Eataly, Causse Vintage Belgium or Germany Edeka den propose a different customer experience: visit / eat / carry. The premises are remarkable, products are authentic and the customer journey proposed is seductive. New food consumption trends (short circuits, organic, collaborative ...) are now integrated in new concepts by many players. They provide agile responses and are very focused on value-added services. HandPick, for example rethinks how to shop, the Californian start-up has become known for its ability to analyze data in the field of food and to use this information to compose meals that fit kit the identified needs. Another trend has emerged in 2015: the appetite of marketplaces for food distribution. Amazon announced in July 2015 its willingness to enter the French market. Uber launched Uber eats in the USA. Alibaba, the Chinese e-retailer has sold in a single day 90,000 fresh lobsters during the 11/11/15 commercial event !
  17. 17. ALTAVIA Bilder & De Clercq, the surprising concept reinventing catering Both a supermarket and a caterer, Bilder & De Clercq opened its first stores in 2013. Considered by some as one of the most amazing and innovative concepts in 2015, the Dutch brand is based on meal solutions rather than products. It sets on 7 tables 14 recipes chosen by chefs and all of the dosed ingredients for customers to stage and perform at home.
  18. 18. ALTAVIA Run by Health Aims, the organic supermarket offers organic produce, cosmetics and daily essentials. Green workshops such as tie-dye and DIY recycled paper are held regularly on the same floor. The supermarket’s interior design puts forward the idea of environmental protection through various aspects. The shelves and walls are decorated with compacted recycled cardboards and spare planks, while some small shelves are presented on old bicycles. The Green Atrium Supermarket Hong Kong
  19. 19. ALTAVIA The new client experience invented by SPAR SPAR has decided to actively invest in high-tech innovations that customize the experience for each client. Advertisements incorporating QR codes, SMS generated by geolocation… Spar attracts customers through advanced technology. It keeps them in stores to promote sales there by using NFC tags that provide information on products and allow department managers to be informed of the availability of products instantly. " Rather than analyzing who our customers weekly, monthly or bi- annually , we do it at every transaction ."
  20. 20. ALTAVIA Southern Cooperative has introduced a new store format at its branch in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight, where it has concentrated on introducing local personality and products while making access easier for local shoppers. Like many seaside communities, Freshwater is popular among older retired people and young families. The store has been given wider aisles to make access easier, and low shelving fixtures to make it easy to see around the store. Attention has also been paid to layout and product adjacencies to help shopper progress easily through the space. The Isle of Wight’s local Co-Operative
  21. 21. ALTAVIA Kroger Co. is about to open a new store brand focused on fresh produce, food preparation advice and high-quality prepared foods. The store will offer customers “fresh, affordable” local produce and meat and local craft beer and wine. It will feature plenty of fresh food – some of it already prepared – that it describes as “unique culinary experiences and taste adventures, with tasty meals made fresh in our kitchen.” Kroger spokesman Keith Dailey said the only information he could share now is: “We are always testing new innovations and concepts for our customers.” Kroger launches a new fresh food concepts
  22. 22. ALTAVIA « D’ici » the belgian supermaket in which 50% of the products come from less than 50kms away Pineapples from Costa Rica, Spanish tomatoes , pears from Italy ... the shelves of our supermarkets are filled with products shipped in large cargo ships. The impact on the planet is terrible ! Especially since it is possible to source almost mainly local products . This store’s goal is to encourage the emergence of a purchase behavior of local food products. To do this, 50% of the proposed offer comes from local producers.
  23. 23. ALTAVIA A new grocery shopping app named HappyFresh launched today in Kuala Lumpur. The app lets consumers order groceries directly from offline supermarkets, and the startup claims orders can be delivered in as little as one hour. One of the differentiating qualities of HappyFresh’s service comes from the fact that each order is fulfilled by personal shoppers who are permanently based at the partner stores. The app lets users schedule the arrival of its one-hour delivery option a few days in advance, giving shoppers a fixed time that they need to wait at home. Grocery delivery app HappyFresh launches in Southeast Asia with fresh funds
  24. 24. ALTAVIA Based in Dubai, Fruitful Day’s business model is simple: delivering seasonal fresh fruit straight to your workplace. The company was founded by a group of friends who partnered with Baker & Spice founder Yael Mejia to gain industry insight and to cultivate relationships with local and regional suppliers. We source our fruit from across the region, choosing the best of what each country has to offer. The region has a rich history of fruit that many people don’t have the opportunity to experience and enjoy. Fruit delivery company launches in Dubai
  25. 25. ALTAVIA . Amazon prepares it’s offensive on food in France Amazon France approached food manufacturers to reference their products. Internationally, the pure player tested the sale of food online and traditionnal retail solutions such as a « drive ». In the US , Amazon Fresh is present in Seattle , New York and California. It is both a delivery service and an online marketplace. Clients have access to a conventional food supply , combining fresh and dry ; they can also , through the site, place an order with small local shops and even restaurants in their neighborhood
  26. 26. ALTAVIA UBER launches UberEats, a delivery service already active in a dozen cities UberEats does not work exactly like traditional delivery applications. Instead of giving a choice of countless products , Uber offers three or four proposals and a changing menu every day. This reduces delivery time , since the dishes are prepared in advance. Uber has several advantages : the UberEats service is available directly in the Uber application. It also has a large number of cars available for delivery of meals at lunch and dinner time.
  27. 27. ALTAVIA With the explosion of allergies and food intolerances , a start-up offers an innovative service through its website to help families living with these constraints in everyday life. The concept is simple : after creating a profile on the site and entering any allergies and food intolerances. The search engine then finds food and recipes, according to the profile. Allergobox, a platform that addresses the problems of food allergies
  28. 28. ALTAVIA Aussie Farmers Direct has created an innovative way to shop groceries online using a virtual shopping app. Online retailer Aussie Farmers Direct has launched a virtual shopping experience that aims to transform the way Australians shop for food and groceries online. “We wanted to make an app that completely reimagined the online shopping experience “. AisleOne is the result: a true virtual shop optimised for touchscreens that makes customers feel like they’re physically standing in a supermarket. Aussie Farmers Direct Launches Virtual Store
  29. 29. ALTAVIA Carrefour’s 2.0 Summerdrive Last year, Carrefour opened a pop-up drive on the sea front of Knokke in Belgium . The retailer is renewing the experience and integrating additional services such as : 7 times more products, orders ready in 2 hours and free home delivery in electric vehicles. The drive also proposes healthy and fresh meal solutions. Consumers will find fresh sushi prepared daily in the Knokke Carrefour Market. All orders placed before 14h will be available two hours later.
  30. 30. DELIVERY SERVICE triggers retail revolution
  31. 31. ALTAVIA Service based revolution Delivery has become a focal point of the customer relationship. Customer expectations on delivery services include timing but also associated services offered. 85% of French surveyed highlight for example the importance of tracking, 87% want information by e-mail, 51% by SMS (source: State of e-commerce Delevery 2015). It is important for retailers to offer a shopping experience in multiple scenarios in order to maximize customer satisfaction as a whole. New modes of delivery have emerged in recent years. Amazon has launched a service-based revolution by imposing on the market a qualitative delivery service (fast, safe, economical) which is becoming a standard for all customers. Multiple initiatives have emerged after the explosion of solutions such as Drive, and Click & Collect, withdrawal lockers are now available in many outlets. A revolution is underway, tomorrow the retailers-logisticians will meet the new expectations of connected clients. Technological innovations are expected : drones, terrestrial drones, mobile warehouses ... Start-ups, web giants and retailers undertake heavy investments and ingenuity to invent the future delivery modes. A hotspot of the customer relationship
  32. 32. ALTAVIA Target launches same day delivery in Chicago with InstaCart Target expands same day delivery service in the city of Chicago through its partnership with Instacart application. The US retailer Target continues to deploy its same day delivery service of groceries, adding the City of Chicago to the list of cities eligible for this service. To do this Target extended its agreement with the mobile application Instacart like it was done before with Minneapolis and San Francisco.
  33. 33. ALTAVIA launches one day delivery in 1h While in conventional supermarkets, delivery time can be up to four hours after the checkout, reduces delivery slots to one hour instead of two. From 7am to 22pm , 27 slots are now available 6 days out of 7 . This new service meets a unanimous request from the e- consumers : according to a study conducted by Ifop for Get it'Lab in March 2014, 90% of surveyed customers found interesting the possibility to choose the date and exact time of delivery.
  34. 34. ALTAVIA CDiscount has started to offer its customers a same day home delivery service. The item must weight at least 30 kilos and the order must be placed by 2 PM. Once these conditions are fulfilled, household appliances and furniture will be delivered to the consumers between 7 PM and 11 PM. Simultaneously the timeframe can be reduced on demand in order to get delivery between 9 PM and 11 PM. Cdiscount delivers heavy products within 24 hours
  35. 35. ALTAVIA The home delivery service, already available in Spain and the United States, has been launched in thirteen German and Austrian cities. It will soon be possible to order the famous "Whopper" without moving from the sofa. The fast food chain Burger King launched a full-scale home delivery test in Germany and Austria. “Our customers’ demand to be offered a home delivery service is huge”. The service, offered six days a week, allows consumers to order their menus from home. Burger King launches home delivery in Germany and in Austria
  36. 36. ALTAVIA Relais Colis, a major player in the sector of home delivery, and, an urban mailing network, announced the set-up of "Relais chez Vous", a new delivery service trialled in Paris for La Redoute and Cdiscount. The offer, a partnership between Relais Colis and the start-up, allows to have a courier delivery and enables consumers to choose the delivery place and time, including evenings and week-ends. New courier service for La Redoute and Cdiscount’s customers
  37. 37. ALTAVIA Darty officialises its 3 hours delivery service with Colisweb. This service is aimed at customers ordering online as well as those going directly to pick up their package from the store. The delivery service Colisweb works for purchases of household appliances up to 30kg. The store pick-up service is open to every kind of purchase. Customers can also book an appointment to have their purchase delivered on the same day or within the next seven days. Darty offers home delivery in less than 3 hours
  38. 38. ALTAVIA British e-retailers’ most impatient customers will now be able to track their delivery in real time with an indication of the delivery time within approximately a 15 minutes window. The new service called “Follow my parcel” will therefore allow Asos customers to receive an email or a text message on the day of the delivery, indicating the timeframe when their parcel should be delivered. Asos launches real-time order-tracking
  39. 39. ALTAVIA Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Flex, the service which allows individuals to become couriers for the e-commerce giant. As it is no secret that sharing economy is soaring, the service embraces current market trends. Amazon promises drivers to offer great flexibility, giving possibility to work on schedules of 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours a day, and publish the time schedule in advance (up to 12 working hours per day). Amazon offers individuals to handle deliveries
  40. 40. ALTAVIA Uber is about to partner with traditional merchants as well as e- commerce websites. The decision reflects the rapidly changing nature of its business model, as well as a desire to strengthen its position against giants such as Amazon. The transportation network company already experimented the delivery of various products to several places in the USA, including meals. With UberRush the company even offers bike-delivery in New York and New Jersey. Uber “advocates“ merchants against Amazon’s hegemony
  41. 41. ALTAVIA The Swedish car manufacturer partnered with Nordics leading logistics carrier and communication agency PostNord, Nordics leading baby articles and toys online store and online grocery store, to launch the first ever itinerant delivery service allowing to have toys, gifts, and Christmas grocery delivered directly to the car. The system aims at some point to restore Christmas’ magic by removing the most unpleasant aspects associated with Christmas purchases, such as the race to find a parking space, the crowds of stressed out people, or the disappointment arising after a failed delivery. Volvo delivers Christmas shopping purchases straight to your car
  42. 42. ALTAVIA Last July Amazon launched its first on-demand 3D print on the market. Nowadays Jeff Bezos goes further: Amazon patented a model allowing to print items, books and services on demand on delivery trucks in order to shorten the logistics cycle. The patent also includes prints on logistics or delivery centres which are located close to consumers’ homes. The service adds up to Amazon Prime and could impact 50% of American households by 2020. Amazon patents its 3D printers within its delivery trucks
  43. 43. The onslaught of the MOBILE SECTOR
  44. 44. ALTAVIA Transactional leverage The average share of mobile transactions on e-commerce purchases in the World is 35%, with Japan, the UK and South Korea showing the best performances. 24% of e- commerce transactions were done through a mobile device in France during the third quarter of 2015, in other words 1 out of 4 purchases! This corresponds to a 26% increase from the first quarter of 2015!(source : criteo) Mobile devices growingly become the bridge between customers and brands. On one hand customers are seduced by the “shopping functions” offered by their smartphone. 64% of mobile users consider it as a precious ally to find a point of sale (source: Mobile marketing consumer report 2015), 24% use it to compare prices, 26% to take pictures of items in-store. Mobiles are the tools used for mobile to store strategies deployed by the most innovative retailers. Apps become conversational, engaging (ibeacon) and service providers. In 2015, retailers refined their mobile strategy, by displaying “events bricks” in their mobile app. The aim is to provide a strong answer during commercial events (Black Friday in the USA, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year...) as well as offering mobile apps adapted to a specific region. The retail sector understood the benefits of thinking “mobile centric” to engage and increase customer’s loyalty or attract a prospective client within the point of sale. Mobile-to-store strategies improvement Strong relational leverage
  45. 45. ALTAVIA Pizza buyers are flocking online to order – but the desktop site is no longer their first port of call. Rather, hungry customers are now turning to the mobile app to order. Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland today said that its app had overtaken desktop for the first time to become its most widely-used sales channel. Some 51.6% of all online sales were placed via the Domino’s app in the first half of its financial year. The pizza delivery company said ecommerce sales in the first half of its financial year were 24.4% ahead of the same time last year. Domino’s Pizza says its app is now its biggest sales channel
  46. 46. ALTAVIA 25% of AuchanDirect sales are done through the brand new mobile app, which transformation rate is double of its website. AuchanDirect’s mobile app was born in April 2014. 18 months later the distributor was more than satisfied. Alexandre Mulliez, Innovation and Cybermarket Marketing Director stated in an interview: “25% of our sales are done through the app and its transformations rate is 10% higher than on the website: 20% instead of 10%.” How mobile boosts AuchanDirect’s business
  47. 47. ALTAVIA Macy’s is leading the flock of retailers seeking to educate customers about mobile-specific offerings ahead of Black Friday, asking shoppers to enable push notifications as well as location- based settings prior to walking into a store. The retailer is rolling out its Macy’s Black Friday Walk In & Win campaign to enable app users to win some of the one million dollars’ worth of prizes up for grabs, which include trips to New York City as well as digital gift codes. Macy’s helps shoppers make the most of mobile opportunities
  48. 48. ALTAVIA Gift-buyers hunting for the best deals Thanksgiving weekend are increasingly relying on their mobile phones to provide assistance in a number of ways, a fact Walmart has clearly caught onto. With users of a retailer’s application typically among its most valuable customers, Walmart shrewdly introduced the deals available on Black Friday early to these users. The retailer will also making deals available on on Thanksgiving morning before stores open, reflecting how consumers are getting a head start on holiday shopping by using their phones to shop without having to remove themselves from the holiday’s goings on. Walmart adapts to Thanksgiving’s new mobile-driven reality
  49. 49. ALTAVIA Sainsbury’s has created a mobile app to help its in-store shoppers find items quickly and check out via the app. Dubbed ‘SmartShop’ it enables customers to scan in shopping lists at home. Once they get to store, the app will show a map locating their chosen items around the store and they will pay via their mobile phone. “The majority of people still do most of their shopping in supermarkets and that’s a trend that will continue, but we need to make our supermarkets more convenient for people who visit often to do a smaller shop”. Sainsbury’s pilots in-store mobile checkout app as part of ‘mission based’ store overhaul
  50. 50. ALTAVIA Starbucks is accelerating the rollout of Mobile Order & Pay in response to strong results, with the service now expected to be available at all company-owned stores by the end of September as well as on Android phones for the first time. The service, which enables customers to place an order before arriving at store, is driving efficiencies and enabling each store to complete more transactions. Starbucks accelerates Mobile Order & Pay rollout as success escalates
  51. 51. ALTAVIA 7-Eleven is the latest in a growing lineup of retailers that has entered the mobile loyalty space. Just launched on the 7-Eleven mobile app is 7Rewards, an expanded customer loyalty platform that rewards customers with a free beverage for every six cups purchased. “We have customers who come in every morning, like clockwork, for a fresh-brewed cup of 7-Eleven coffee, while others regularly treat themselves to a Slurpee or Big Gulp drink”. 7-Eleven launches mobile loyalty program
  52. 52. ALTAVIA This technology allows to geolocate the customer in the store and send tailored messages to his/her smartphone related to the shelf the customer walks past. Customers who installed the app receive a initial notification asking them to activate the “shopping assistant” function to enjoy Monoprix offers. If they agree, they get geolocated once they are within 300 meters of any store associated with the operation. The iBeacon technology then intervenes within the store. Once the smartphone gets the signal, the C-wallet app reacts and triggers the appropriate notification. Monoprix tests iBeacon terminals within stores
  53. 53. ALTAVIA Asos’s general manager for China, Daniel Jenks, commented : “Asos is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience to our customers in China, and the launch of our apps, backed by Red Ant’s expertise, is a significant step towards ensuring they receive a high-quality, mobile-first service which meets all of their needs in an increasingly sophisticated marketplace.”“ “We’re delighted with the results so far and in the space of a few weeks, app downloads and sales have exceeded our expectations to form a substantial mix of our sales.” Asos launches mobile apps for Chinese market
  54. 54. ALTAVIA Virgin Hotels Chicago is tapping Gap Inc.’s Reserve In Store capability to enable guests to shop via its mobile application or site and have their new wardrobe delivered to their hotel rooms, in a reflection of how mobile-enabled delivery continues to open up new opportunities for marketers. “Accessing Gap’s styles and our Reserve In Store technology through mobile is essential,”. “Today’s expectation is that information, entertainment, shopping and services are available at the touch of a button. Virgin Hotels turns mobile into shoppable Gap closet for guests
  55. 55. ALTAVIA Facebook wants to make its users buy clothes and other products thanks to their smartphone without ever leaving their application. In order to strengthen its e-commerce position and compete with Amazon, the social network announced that it was testing several functions allowing users to buy products directly via its mobile app. Firms on Facebook will be able to present their products and sell them directly on their Facebook page. Users will be able to make their purchases thanks to a “BUY NOW” button which will be available worldwide. Facebook strengthens its e-commerce position thanks to its app
  56. 56. BRICK IS THE NEW BLACK for premiums brands
  57. 57. ALTAVIA Make the brand appealing Existing in the eyes of the customers is a growing complex challenge for retail brands. Customers are surrounded by infinite sources of attention. Nielsen study confirmed that a growing figure of customers don’t hesitate to place online orders involving shipping from abroad, two thirds of Europeans also make international purchases (79% of Italians, 73% of Germans, 59% of Frenchmen). Likewise, premium brands go through the same process even though they already are well known. It becomes primordial to stimulate multiple contact points to continue being prominent in the eyes of the customers. Surprise to better commit its customers is the imperative driving premium brands to offer surprising and playful physical stores. 2015 flourished with examples such as Burberry opening the Thomas Café and Sonia Rykiel turning one of its stores into a Library-Café. The purchasing place is undeniably a main asset. It becomes an interpersonal place, where the customer wants to maximise his/her pleasure. It allows to nourish the brand’s concept, create value, delivering a unique and complementary experience. Stimulate brand’s loyalty Multiply channels to meet the customer
  58. 58. ALTAVIA Endless rows of books, a coloured carpet with mischievous designs, ambiance lighting… Unlike what it may first seem, an old granny’s library, it is in fact a clothing store at the heart of Saint-Germain-des- Prés, Paris. Reinvented by artist André Saraiva and Paradis’ publication Director Thomas Lenthal, the store turned into a hybrid place between a coffee shop and a library for one year. This pop-up store now contains more than 40 000 books at the customers’ disposal. London and Tokyo stores should soon follow the same trend of transformation. Sonia Rykiel’s shop in St Germain-des-Prés turns into a library-coffee shop
  59. 59. ALTAVIA Within its gourmet restaurant, bar and night-club GOLD, Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana reproduces gold in all its forms. GOLD is a unique place which features within two-storeys a bar, bistro and a night-club on the ground floor and a gourmet restaurant upstairs. The brand logo is omnipresent, on the floor, walls and furniture, and reflects thanks to numerous shimmering surfaces. The fully golden design immerses the client in an opulent, ostentatious and quite relaxed universe. Gold is an anagram within D&G, and D&G itself is an integral part of Gold. Dolce & Gabbana’s Gold restaurant in Milan
  60. 60. ALTAVIA Burberry, as many other luxury brands, has joined in the trend of opening brand Cafés: the brand opened its “Thomas” coffee shop, named as a tribute to Burberry’s founder, Thomas Burberry. The coffee shop, ideal for tea-time, is an integral part of the Burberry shop. The brand’s products, used as decorative items, can simultaneously be purchased. The newly extended store also offers a gift corner to allow clients to customise the items they seek to buy. Burberry’s café Thomas
  61. 61. ALTAVIA Few hundred yards from its new flagship in New York, Ralph Lauren opened its Polo Bar. Select and refined, it is the perfect place to live the whole brand experience. The universe is present on the restaurant’s walls through multiple decorative elements drawn from the world of sports and mainly polo, along with many horse representations, the other brand symbol. The polo player, the brand’s logo, gives his name to certain dishes and even physically walks through the restaurant. Ralph Lauren extends its lifestyle to its own bar
  62. 62. ALTAVIA Luxury goods house hopes 1921Gucci can attract new customers amid a wider slump in demand. First it cut prices by up to half in China. Now Italian luxury fashion label Gucci is trying to whet Chinese appetites for its products with a true taste of the “old country”. The trend was largely led by the change in consumer behaviour, from the pursuit of brands, to the product itself, and now to lifestyle. With new Shanghai restaurant, Gucci serves up taste of Tuscany to grow sales
  63. 63. ALTAVIA The uncluttered and minimalistic style of these stores – with predominantly black and white colours, handwritten text, plays on symbols like the logo’s smoke or star designs, as well as on codes with a name that actually means “le pain grillé” (“toasted bread”). It simultaneously carries the designer’s style, and the Asian perception of French lightness and elegance. l.p.g. Cafés are more than a restaurant and offer an immersion within a typical representation of the French “Art de vivre”. Le Pain Grillé in Hong-Kong, a typically french bakery in the Agnès b store
  64. 64. ALTAVIA The LVMH Group has recently launched 2 new Cova shops, a patisserie-coffee shop and a gift shop in China. The Luxury Group became the main shareholder of Pasticceria Confetteria Cova in 2013, acquiring 80% of the shares at an estimated amount of 15M euros. In Milano, the historical patisserie is in Via Montenapoleone, along with the famous pastry shop Marchesi, controlled by the Prada Group. LVMH opens a Cova patisserie in Beijing
  65. 65. ALTAVIA The firm, known all across the world for its ultra-comfortable cars, is now interested in home interior decoration. Therefore Mercedes-Benz revamped its business travellers dedicated apartments. Inspired by S-Class interiors and Maubach, Mercedes-Benz radically rethought the decoration of its six apartments of 100 m² each located in the very select district of Kensington, London. Mercedes-Benz redecorates its London flats
  66. 66. Altavia Watch is a blog daily monitoring information about international disruptive innovations within the field of retail communication. Altavia Watch is led by the Market Intelligence Lead from the Altavia Group, along with the contributions from our agencies in Europe and Asia. Altavia Watch follows a rigorous editorial line structured around the following five universes: Retailers information, Commercial activation, Shopper Experience, Retail innovations and Retail by Altavia Watch also provides a daily newsletter featuring the top international retail news.
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