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E wallet

  1. 1. The Game Changer Presented by – DEBASHIS MONDAL (MBA)
  2. 2. A eWallet is any device or software which allows a user to store money, personal information & other data for use in online transactions.
  3. 3. For frequent online shoppers, it becomes a hassle to fill out order forms with the same information for every item they purchase. it unnecessary to retype credit card numbers & addresses each time. It would be nice if this information could be handled automatically. The main objective of e-Wallet is to make paperless Money transaction easier
  4. 4. ADVANTAGES :  Ease of Mobility  Ease of use DISADVANTAGES :  Easy duplication  No memory to hold the current balance  Limited lifetime  Limited acceptance
  5. 5. There are many different companies offering E-Wallets. Although each one is a little different, they all perform the same basic tasks. Some of them are  Google e-wallet  Qpass  Illium software  Card one plus
  6. 6.  All ID information in one location  Current balance can be stored and read  Universal access  Cannot be duplicate  Works with all scan types (Barcode, RFID, Strip)  More than 40 years of data retention  Firewall encrypted security logic  No separate card reader is required to access eWallet
  7. 7.  Windows Pc running Windows 8 Windows 7, Windows XP  Apple iphone, ipod & ipod touch with OS version 3.0 & higher  Blackberry OS version 4.2  Windows phone  Anroid phone
  8. 8. The main technology used for the digital wallet is Near Field Communication (NFC). It allows, with a simple “tap” of the device onto a reader, to exchange data between the two device. The device contains some information that will be validated by the reader. Most devices with NFC technology and with the correct applications can be used for this purpose.
  9. 9. Google Wallet for its transactions, allows customers to purchase items from apples to zoo tickets at brick and mortar stores by using an Android app.
  10. 10.  It’s a free app for Android phones  Free coupons are available from several sites  Prepaid offers are also available from Google Offers Hub  Both savings and checkout are easier and faster  Designed to work with all retailers, networks, & banks
  11. 11.  Osaifu -Keitaiis one of the most known e-Wallet in the world. In Japan, mobile phones are used to pay for fares or for other electronic cash transactions and as an identity card.  Google launched the Google Wallet application with its Nexus S 4G.  In France, the Cityzi service is used in electronic cash transactions  One of the most “complete” e-Wallet services applied nationwide is Malaysia’s “MyKad”, where the system is compulsory for everyone, being used as the national ID format.