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  • Taking advantage of the space.

    Electronic Wallet or Google Wallet. intellectual property Gaston Schwabacher.

    Gaston Schwabacher had the idea of Electronic Wallet, when he had to send money to their children, the children do not have a bank account.

    Hence arose the idea could call or send a message to a person that could give the money to their children .

    Jumping for joy , could patent your idea and did so , patent n.PI9500345 .

    Now there are so many beautiful images , as demonstrated by Google, many joys to see the workings of Google Wallet .

    Gaston Schwabacher , also part of the story of Sergey Brin - Larry Page and Google.

    Gaston Schwabacher following one of the principles of Google. 'Do not be evil'

    Gaston Schwabacher not deny the merits of Google but

    Gaston Schwabacher should receive their rights, (Royalties) Digital Wallet ( Google Wallet ) , patent n.PI9500345.

    Gaston Schwabacher evokes principle Google: 'We can make money without harming others.'

    Thank you!

    Thanks for the space!
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Google wallet

  1. 1. GUIDED BY:Prof. Mrs. SHALUSARASWATP.D.E.A’s College Of Engineering Manjri(Bk) HadapsarPuneSUBMITTED BY:SUMEDH THOOLCLASS: T.E [I.T]ROLL NO:37
  2. 2. Road Map• Introduction• What is Google wallet• Need of Google wallet• How to use Google wallet• Where I can use Google wallet?• Technologies• Advantages• Conclusion
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION In the past few thousand years, the way we pay has changed just three times—from coins, to paper money, to plastic cards. Now we’re on the brink of the next big shift that is GOOGLE WALLET Google Wallet is an Android app that makes your phone your wallet. It stores virtual versions of your existing plastic cards on your phone. Simply tap your phone to pay and redeem offers using Near FieldCommunication (NFC)
  4. 4. What is Google wallet? Google Wallet is a mobile payment system developed by Google that allows users tostore debit cards , credit cards, loyalty cards , and gift cards among other things, as well asredeeming sales promotions on their mobile phone. Google Wallet uses Near Field Communication(NFC) to "make secure payments fast andconvenient by simply tapping the phone on any PayPass-enabled terminal at checkout.“
  5. 5. Need Of Google wallet• Just as every thing is getting under the shadow of “e” today we have paper currency beingreplaced by electronic money or e-cash.• Google wallet is fast convenient way to pay which makes savings simple.• Google point out that unlike a card in your wallet, your cards in your phone will beprotected by a pin number.• We don’t need to carry all cards like loyalty cards ,reward coupons etc.• Google wallet has huge benefit that will make many users very happy. It can also be usedas a loyalty card system, negating the need for a wallet full of Coffee chain loyalty cardsand swipes. All you will need is your phone in any place that offers the payment system
  6. 6. How it worksSteps1.Get the Google wallet application on your smart phone2. Start the application3.Select payment cards and then add that card.4.Enter card details
  7. 7. Performing step 1 &2
  8. 8. Representing step 4 Entering card details as :By entering account information which is Encrypted and securely storedin your google account online.
  9. 9. After you enter your information according above figure proceduretakes place
  10. 10.  Lets say you are buying a smoothie When you are about to check out look for the pay pass terminalthey let you know that you can use google wallet. Simply takeout your phone place it near the terminal googlewallet and tap it on the terminal google wallet startsautomatically as it senses the terminal Then app will ask you to enter pin
  11. 11.  After entering the pinpayment is done you will getconfirmation message
  12. 12. Of course security will be big concernThe credit and debit cards you store in Google Wallet are safely encrypted on secureservers in a secure location.When you pay in-store, Google actually pays the merchant, and then processes thetransaction with your selected credit or debit card.So neither the merchant nor the Android operating system ever gets your realpayment card information.Google Wallet always keeps the account numbers on your cards hidden. When yourcards appear on your phones screen in-store, the numbers are not visibleGoogle wallet cannot be used until the phones screen is unlocked.Phones that work with google wallet have a special micro chip secure element.Security
  13. 13. TECHNOLOGIES Secure Element Your Google Wallet device has a chip called the Secure Elementthat stores encrypted payment card information. Additionally,because Google Wallet enforces a PIN, the only way to transmitpayment credentials is if you first enter the PIN. The Secure Element has many features designed to protect the security of thedata it stores. Its separate from the phones main operating system andhardware, which enables encrypted protocols to enforce access control. Onlyauthorized programs like Google Wallet can access the Secure Element toinitiate a transaction. There are multiple levels of protection for data stored onthe Secure Element and it is protected at the hardware level from snooping ortampering.
  14. 14.  Near Field communication(NFC) An NFC enabled device creates a radio wave that connects with another NFC device or anobject that has the NFC tag. While two NFC enabled smartphones can read and exchangedata, items that hold NFC tags are mainly passive devices and provide one waycommunication. Only users can fetch data from them, but they can’t read phone data Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smart phones and similardevices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together orbringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters. NFC is a set of short-range wireless technologies, typically requiring a distance of 10 cmor less. NFC operates at 13.56 MHz ranging from 106 kbit/s to 424 kbit/s.
  15. 15. AdvantagesA fast way to pay• Saving made simple: With Google Wallet you can redeem GoogleOffers automatically at participating stores. Google Offers are deals on products and services at local and onlinemerchants. When you buy or save an offer, it automatically syncs toyour Google Wallet so its always with you wherever you go.• Safer wallet, safer shopping: Thanks to the Google Wallet PIN,encrypted storage of card numbers of the payment cards stored online,and the ability to remotely disable a lost wallet, youre safe and securewhen shopping with Google Wallet.
  16. 16. Conclusion Google Wallet is great, magical, impressive, and all sorts ofother positive adjectives Google Wallet will be a popular payment method in thefuture because more people will own a Smartphone. Ibelieve if this mobile payment service is convenient, secureand efficient to customers, people will start using it andnever leave it just like our hand phones.
  17. 17. Refrences