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Marketing mix hul


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Marketing mix hul

  1. 1. Submitted by – DEBASHIS MONDAL (MBA)
  2. 2. Company - Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) Parent Company - Unilever Limited Incorporation - 1933 as Lever Brothers India Limited Industry - Consumer Products (FMCG) People - More than 16500 direct employees Brands Portfolio - 35 brands spanning 20 distinct categories USP - Products touch the lives of 2 out of 3 Indians everyday with 75 years of industry experience
  3. 3. VisionTo earn the love & respect of India by making real difference to every Indian MissionThe mission that inspires HUL is to help people feel good look good & get mere out of life with brands & services that are good for them & good for others.
  4. 4.  India's largest FMCG company formed in 1933 (lever brothers India ltd) & in 1956came into being as Hindustan lever ltd. Through a merger of lever brothers, Hindustan Vanaspati mfg co ltd. & united traders ltd.  Renamed in June 2007 as Hindustan Unilever ltd.  With over 20 lakhs customer, over 2000 suppliers, over 16500 employees makes this company a very popular brand.
  5. 5.  HUL has the largest number of brands in the Most Trusted Brands List. 17 out of top 100 most trusted brands in India  HUL touches the lives of two out of every three Indians in every day, with 35 major Indian brands.  Direct distribution reach of 2 Million stores  Business value of 7 brands above Rs.1000 crores; & 13 brands has above Rs. 500 crores.
  6. 6. FINANCIAL YEAR - 2012-2013 TURN OVER - 25206 Crores INCOME - 6367 Crores PROFIT - 787 Crores HUL is a subsidiary of Unilever, one of the world’s leading Suppliers of FMCG with strong local roots in more than 100 countries across the globe with annual sales of €51 billion in 2012. Unilever has about 52% shareholding in HUL. HUL is listed company on BSE & NSE with total Market Cap of Rs 68,181.98 crores.
  7. 7.  A concept first introduced by Jerome McCarthy in 1960.  The variables through which a firm carries out its marketing strategy.  A firms need to create a successful mix of – the right product sold at the right price in the right place Using the most suitable promotion.
  8. 8. (Fabric Cleaning)
  9. 9. (Skin Cleaning)
  10. 10. (Hair care) (Tooth Paste)
  11. 11. (Skincare)
  12. 12. (Tea & Coffee)
  13. 13. (Processed Foods)
  14. 14. (Water purifier)
  15. 15.  Offers brands with various price range & even same category  The prices of the products are such that it is affordable to all income group  Competitive rates as compared to its peers  Discounts are offered on various products depending upon the products
  16. 16.  First company in India to introduced shampoo sachet for rural population.  Covers both Mass & Niche Markets.  Sales takes place through retail, & wholesale distribution.  Conducting survey about the products & their preferences.
  17. 17.  Creating Product Awareness through advertisement & information on the website.  Arousing Interest amongst consumer through stalls on the road or outside shops etc. and showing live demonstration of the product  Sales Push is done through free samples, introduction of a new product at lower price  Celebrities endorsing the company’s products
  18. 18. With over 20 lakhs customer, over 2000 suppliers, over 16500 employees makes this company a very popular brand. Mr Harish Manwani (Chairman) Mr.Nitin Paranjpe (CEO & MD)
  19. 19.  Customer Research - The company is always makes a consumer research before & after launching a product in order to improve & make it more consumer friendly.  Competitor Analysis - As the company has many competitors it always try to improvise their product in terms of price, quantity.