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Drupal Camp Kyiv 2011 - OpenAcaDept – Drupal distribution for building academic departmental websites


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OpenAcaDept is a Drupal 7 installation profile that can be used for building Academic Department or Faculty websites. It includes following functionality: projects, academic papers, events, resources, blogs and user profiles. It has configured front page, menu structure, url aliases and breadcrumbs.

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Drupal Camp Kyiv 2011 - OpenAcaDept – Drupal distribution for building academic departmental websites

  1. 1. OpenAcaDept – Drupaldistribution for building academicdepartmental websitesVadim Mirgorod Donetsk National Technical University@dealancerdealancer@gmail.com
  2. 2. What is Drupal distribution?● Product● Framework● Open source project
  3. 3. What are main parts of Drupal distribution?● Drupal● Drupal modules● Installation profile● Features● Custom modules and themes● Libraries
  4. 4. Why to use installation profile?● Installation wizard● Updates● Database● Development● Security
  5. 5. What are inside OpenAcaDept?● Roles and permissions● User profiles● Content types● Taxonomy● Views, Contexts, Panels, Display suites● front page, menus, breadcrumbs, URLs
  6. 6. Roles● Department staff● Alumnus● Student● Content editor● Content creator
  7. 7. User registration● User fills fields that are common to all roles● User selects role he want to be assigned● User accepts terms and conditions● User role is confirmed/declined by site admin/editors.
  8. 8. User registration page
  9. 9. User profile● Each user have profile and url associated with it● Users can edit own profiles● Profile fields depend on user role
  10. 10. Faculty/Staff profile
  11. 11. Content types● Project● Academic paper● Event● Blog entry● Resource
  12. 12. Project
  13. 13. Academic paper
  14. 14. Event
  15. 15. Blog entry
  16. 16. Resource
  17. 17. References Author of node Project Head User Project Authors ParticipantsAcademic Paper Project Users Attached Academic Paper
  18. 18. Taxonomy: vocabularies Profile Project● Academic Degrees ● Customers● Courses ● Grants● Positions ● Research Topics● Research Topics Academic Paper● Staff Roles ● Research Topics● Specialties ● Scientific Journals● Student Groups Blog Event● Tags ● Event Admissions Resource ● Event Places● Resource Categories ● Event Audience ● Tags
  19. 19. Front page
  20. 20. Default menu structure
  21. 21. Views pages● People: Faculty/Staff, Students, Alumni● Blog● Projects● Academic Papers● Events● Resources
  22. 22. Faculty/Staff page
  23. 23. Other features● Personal contact forms● Search● CAPTCHA on registration and comments● Mollom - antispam filter
  24. 24. Used modules● Date ● Taxonomy Manager● Email ● Superfish● Link ● Mollom● References ● Captcha● Field Permissions ● Terms of Use● Node access user reference ● Pathauto● Node access node reference ● Token● Views ● Chaos Tools● Panels ● Libraries● Context ● Administration Menu● Display Suite ● Backup and Migrate● Realname ● Advanced Help● Apply For a Role ● Devel
  25. 25. Development status What is done? What are working on?● Design ● Installation profile● Configuration ● Custom modules● Little CSS ● Theming ● Internationalization
  26. 26. Challenges● Profile translation● Hide fields depending on role of user which is edited● Change order of the fields/tabs added to the user edit form by other modules● Features
  27. 27. project: repository (code and base): National Technical University
  28. 28. Join our development team! We will be happy yo invite you to our team if you are● Module Developer● Graphic Designer● Beta Tester● Translator
  29. 29. Thanks! Questions? FeedbackVadim Mirgorod