Improving drupals cex and ax


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A short talk on improving the content editor experience in Drupal.

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Improving drupals cex and ax

  1. 1. Improving thecontent editor and admin experience
  2. 2. Why?● Effort goes into Content/UX/Design/Dev - content creation experience is often overlooked● Consistency across projects● Usability issues often raised at content pop/training phase● ...but WordPress is so easy to use● Easier to use = better content?
  3. 3. Our Approach● Standard basic setup● Good content type definition● Content creation forms● Useful helper/utility modules● Media management● Workbench for larger sites
  4. 4. The Basics● Use Seven● Turn off overlays (except Fab)● Disable previews● Simple WYSIWYG profiles● Limit styles to those needed
  5. 5. Defining content types● Well named / well chosen● Helpful descriptions● Meaningful micro copy● Good defaults● Well structured
  6. 6. Organising content forms● Field Groups module●● Remove the need to search to edit● Group according to type of content● Ability to nest groups● Works with field_collections
  7. 7. Media Management — the past● Drupal - Traditionally poor at media management● File fields / image fields - files attached to nodes● Difficult to reuse content● Mishmash of third party modules - imce, etc...
  8. 8. Media Management — the future● Media module●● Moving towards consistency● File entities - fieldable media entities!● Find previously uploaded content● Work with video / audio / images and documents using the same system● Growing ecosystem of media modules ...
  9. 9. Modules: Linkit + Linkit Views● Intuitive UI for creating inline links● Checks links are valid● Uses profiles just like WYSIWYG● Can add attributes: title, access keys + more● Search Nodes, users, terms and views● Better Autocomplete bundled
  10. 10. Modules: Maxlength● Simple JS countdown widget● Apply to any field● Non JS validation fallback
  11. 11. Modules: Maxlength
  12. 12. Modules: Publish Button● Adds (un)publish button to create/edit forms● Permissions allow for simple workflow● Mimics default WordPress behaviour
  13. 13. Modules: Administration Views● Replaces content, comment and user listings with views● Views can then be customised● Combine with better exposed filters
  14. 14. Workbench● Used for larger sites/lots of content creators● Relatively straightforward to setup● Moderation provides configurable workflow● Access provides restriction by section● Can replace the default content list for authors/editors● Customise the default views provided
  15. 15. Modules: Others worth a mentionContent● QuickbarAdmin● Module filter● Rabbit hole● Image resize filter● Permission Grid
  16. 16. Resources● Building a tasty backend http://2013. tasty-backend● Lullabot Module Monday●
  17. 17. And thats it....