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IBM WebSphere Liberty and Docker Deep Dive


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Presentation from IBM InterConnect 2016 covering usage of WebSphere Application Server Liberty and Docker. Download for speaker notes.

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IBM WebSphere Liberty and Docker Deep Dive

  1. 1. IBM WebSphere Liberty and Docker Deep Dive David Currie | | @dcurrie Tom Banks | | @tomwillbanks
  2. 2. Governance Advisory Board Maintainers / Contributors Open Container Initiative Cloud Native Computing Foundation Strategic Partnership Product Enablement
  3. 3. Developer experience Docker Toolbox / Repositories Docker Hub Docker Tooling for Eclipse WebSphere Developer Tools
  4. 4. Building an image Our websphere-liberty image or yours? What base OS? Customized vs Reusable? Follow best practices Build pipeline
  5. 5. Sharing images Docker Hub IBM Containers registry docker save/load ‘registry’ image Docker Trusted Registry
  6. 6. Docker host provisioning Architecture: x86, ppc or z Bare metal or VMs OS Provisioning
  7. 7. Docker engine options File system drivers: aufs/devicemapper/btrfs/overlay Remote API access
  8. 8. Launching containers Scripted UrbanCode Deploy Swarm/Compose Kubernetes Liberty Collectives
  9. 9. Container run options cpuset/shares/quota Memory/kernel memory limits Read-only Restart policy
  10. 10. Environment config Environment variables Mounted files
  11. 11. Networking Out of the box: bridge/none/host/container/overlay Weave Calico Kuryr
  12. 12. Logging Logging drivers: json-file/syslog/journald/ gelf/fluentd/awslogs/splunk Export /logs as volume logstash/logmet feature
  13. 13. Security Docker Engine running as root Root user in container
  14. 14. IBM Containers Private registry with Vulnerability Advisor Available across multiple regions Per-minute billing Scaling groups with load balancing Integrated logging and monitoring Private VLAN and persistent volumes
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