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Women in Anti-sentimental comedy


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Women in Anti-sentimental comedy

Published in: Education
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Women in Anti-sentimental comedy

  1. 1. Name: Dave Mayuri Class: Sem 1 Roll No: 15 Subject: women in anti sentimental Comedy Paper: Neo classic Literature M. K. BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  Sentimental and Anti sentimental comedy is written by Goldsmith and Sheriden.  The sentimental comedy of 18th century was in fact reaction against the comedy of manners.
  3. 3. DEFINITION OF SENTI MENTAL COMEDY AND ANTI SENTIMENTAL COMEDY  Sentimental comedy a kind of comedy that achieved some popularity with respectable middle class audience in 18th century.  Anti sentimental comedy is reactions against senti mentle comedy.
  4. 4. THREE PARTS OF ANTI SENTIMENTAL COMEDY  1. The Rivals  2. The school for scandal  3. She stoop to conqur
  5. 5. WOMEN IN ANTI SENTIMENTAL COMEDY  It is a comedy of manners. Anti sentimental comedy is going to old forms.  It is a low farce situational humours. It is high polished in restoration comedy.  It deals with the relations and intrigues of men and women living in sophesticated upper class society.  It is a pure comedy with generate laughter.  Verbal and situational irony are the characteristics of it.
  6. 6. CONCLUSION  Anti sentimental comedy this forms is becomes popular with comedies. That were presented by Olive Gold Smith’s “She Stoops To Conquer”. It is a kind of comedy
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