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Join History Hub: A Support Community


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The National Archives launched the History Hub as a pilot project so that we can test its usefulness as a crowdsourcing platform. You can think of History Hub like the Apple Support Community, but for people researching history. History Hub is a place to share information, work together, and find people based on their experience and interests. The platform offers tools like discussion boards, blogs, and community pages to bring together experts and researchers interested in American history. Experts from the National Archives and other cultural institutions as well as history enthusiasts and citizen archivists are available to help people with their research.

The goal is for History Hub to serve as a one-stop shop for crowdsourcing information related to a research subject. We are working to apply what we learn from the beta site to a longer-term solution that can be used freely by other federal government agencies and interested organizations looking to expand public participation with history. History Hub provides opportunities to reach the communities you are interested in serving and connecting them with your collections. We’re already using it to reach active communities such as volunteer transcribers and genealogists. Who else might benefit from these shared tools? How might your organization use History Hub to further your mission? Join us!

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Join History Hub: A Support Community

  1. 1. Dana Allen-Greil @danamuses
  2. 2. Does your organization have collections or information?
  3. 3. Do people ask you questions about your collections or information?
  4. 4. Do you (or someone else on staff) answer those questions?
  5. 5. Do these questions and answers have any connection to history (things that happened in the past)?
  6. 6. This platform is for you!
  7. 7. What is History Hub? A community and a crowdsourcing platform for people interested in researching history
  8. 8. < Relatable real world example >
  9. 9. How I get to Netflix and Pandora How I conjure “House Hunters International” with my voice
  10. 10. But I don’t want two remotes
  11. 11. No one wants two remotes
  12. 12. How do I find out how to consolidate to one remote?
  13. 13. How do I find out how to consolidate to one remote? “Research question”
  14. 14. “Researcher”
  15. 15. Um, no.
  16. 16. Um, no.
  17. 17. But, um, no.Okay, helpful.
  18. 18. The experts on this research question were not in my Facebook network
  19. 19. There had to be a better way
  20. 20. 2 hours later: answer from citizen expert (who does not work for Comcast)
  21. 21. < / sad trombone >
  22. 22. But!  I asked a specific research question  I got an answer within hours  People who are knowledgeable (“citizen experts”) helped me  The answer is now available to anyone who Googles a similar research question
  23. 23. How might this model work for cultural institutions?
  24. 24. This platform is for you!
  25. 25. History Hub is powered by the same platform as the Apple Support Community (Which I know none of you have EVER used.)
  26. 26. Common Types of Questions • People who aren’t sure how to start their research • People who have hit a dead end
  27. 27. Citizen expert
  28. 28. Insert your logo here
  29. 29. Nerdy questions!
  30. 30. Network effects Stop answering the same question over and over
  31. 31. We are looking for partners to test the model
  32. 32. What’s in it for your organization?
  33. 33. Connect with people looking for answers that your content and experts provide
  34. 34. Bring visibility to lesser-known collections
  35. 35. Contribute to the public knowledge base (and stop answering questions again and again)
  36. 36. Did I mention it is free for anyone to participate?
  37. 37. Get people answers more quickly (and more completely) with help from other experts, including the crowd.
  38. 38. Try it out and let us know how we can make it work for you.
  39. 39. How to begin?  Visit  Create a user account  Have us do a demo for your reference staff  Post your Frequently Asked Questions  Add logo next to your user accounts to indicate expertise  Identify a community of interest or topic to cultivate
  40. 40. Existing Communities What would you like to see?
  41. 41. This platform is for you!
  42. 42. Let’s talk!