Texto Zone Marketing (Free Mob. Ad)


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Texto Zone Marketing (Free Mob. Ad)

  1. 1. 2010 Texto Zone Marketing Management Free Mobile Advertising Campaign* MOBILE ADVERTISEMENT SOLUTIONS We are a leading provider of easy to use mobile advertising services; start your campaign right from your desk, and build your Brand awareness. This service a perfect support to your Marketing and Communication Strategy.
  2. 2. P age |2 What is "TEXTOZONE"? TEXTOZONE is a 2-in-1 Mobile Delivery Service that enables ANY business to send UNLIMITED mobile advertising text messages to an UNLIMITED number of Customers — both Instantly and via Automatic Updates — making our service the fastest and most cost-effective tool for the distribution of your marketing messages via mobile phones. About this website, our target market, and our goals... 2-IN-1 MOBILE ADVERTISING TRY IT FREE FOR 60 DAYS. CALL NOW 1-404-829-2615 Texto Zone (A fina Flavors Co.) Leading Provider of Mobile Advertising done by You. Call 1-404-829-2615
  3. 3. P age |3 2-IN-1 MOBILE ADVERTISING KEY FEATURES Why Our Flat-Rate, Unlimited-Use Mobile Advertising Service Offers You The Best Deal In Marketing: (1) LOW-COST, WIDE-REACH ADVERTISING By using our mobile advertising service, you can promote your business and reach over 250 million mobile phone users in the U.S. alone. You can send promotional offers, sales invitations, special announcements, notices, reminders - anytime you want, and as often as you want. (2) YOUR MESSAGES GET DELIVERED 2 WAYS Our exclusive 2-in-1 mobile delivery system enables consumers to receive your marketing messages via SMS Text Message 2 ways: On-Demand and via Automatic Updates. By using our service, your marketing messages are ALWAYS AVAILABLE to consumers - anywhere, anytime - at home, at work, and when they're on-the-go. (3) UNLIMITED MESSAGES, UNLIMITED CUSTOMERS You can create UNLIMITED campaigns under your ONE Account. You can change, update, or modify your promotional offers any time you want, as often as you want, and distribute UNLIMITED messages to UNLIMITED number of customers. (4) USES 100% SMS SHORT CODE Our mobile service uses Short Code numbers to deliver your advertising messages, enabling consumers to request and receive your text ads via SMS Text Message. (A Short Code is an abbreviated phone number - which in our case, is a short, six-digit mobile number that requires no area code and works anywhere in the U.S.) (5) CHOOSE YOUR OWN CUSTOM KEYWORD When you order our mobile advertising service, you will be able to choose your own unique KEYWORD instead of a generic or a randomly chosen one. Your Keyword is a critical component of your mobile campaign, as it is used to uniquely identify you to consumers and enable them to specifically subscribe to your mobile campaign. Texto Zone (A fina Flavors Co.) Leading Provider of Mobile Advertising done by You. Call 1-404-829-2615
  4. 4. P age |4 (6) EASY-TO-USE BACK OFFICE Our system will automatically issue you an account ID and password that will give you access to the Advertiser Back-Office at our website, where you will be able to type, edit, or update your advertising messages any time you want, from any laptop or desktop computer with an Internet connection. (7) PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS LOCALLY OR NATIONWIDE. Using our mobile service, you can promote your business and send advertising text messages anywhere in the U.S. - whether you're a local merchant with a more geographically focused target market, or a brand seeking national exposure. SMS Text Message supported by the following mobile carriers. TRY IT FREE FOR 60 DAYS. CALL NOW 1-404-829-2615 Texto Zone (A fina Flavors Co.) Leading Provider of Mobile Advertising done by You. Call 1-404-829-2615
  5. 5. P age |5 2-IN-1 MOBILE ADVERTISING DELIVERY SYSTEM How Consumers Request & Receive Your Message. • Consumer Sends A Request To join your mobile ad campaign, the consumer must send a request text message containing the words TEXTOZONE plus your KEYWORD and send it to 368266. • Consumer Selects Delivery Option Our system will automatically reply to the consumer with two choices for message delivery. The consumer makes a selection and replies by pressing either the number 1 or 2. PRESS 1... To Receive Current Message AND Subscribe To All Future Messages/Updates. If the consumer selects option #1, our system will subscribe the consumer to receive all your FUTURE advertising messages and updates automatically. This means every time you have a new advertising message, our system will automatically send your message to the consumer. After the consumer subscribes, they will also receive your CURRENT message. PRESS 2... To Receive Current Message ONLY. If the consumer selects option #2, our system will send to the consumer's mobile phone ONLY your CURRENT advertising message (as saved in the system). This a one-time-only request, and no further messages will be sent. Texto Zone (A fina Flavors Co.) Leading Provider of Mobile Advertising done by You. Call 1-404-829-2615
  6. 6. P age |6 USING MOBILE TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS Is Your Marketing Stuck In The Past? Your Customers Have Gone Mobile. So Should You. MOBILE is the ONLY marketing tool that can INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY reach your customers - anywhere, anytime - at home, at work, or when they're on-the-go. Mobile text messaging has a HIGHER Read-Rate than Email. And because mobile is a highly personal communications tool, it is the most effective way to involve your customers and maintain exposure for your business — better than email, radio, TV or print. With mobile, you can reach 250+ million consumers in the U.S. alone. It's proof your customers have gone mobile! How about you? • Mobile is the hottest, newest form of advertising. » It's hip. It's hot. And it's your most direct link to your customers. » Mobile is available virtually everywhere. » About 85% of Americans have cell phones. » It's an extension of the Internet and all its marketing applications. • Effective tool for connecting with customers. » People take their mobile phones everywhere they go. » Mobile is a highly desirable CRM tool for Customer Care and PR. » Mobile can help enhance any Web and email-based marketing. • Affordable and easily available to every small business. » Mobile advertising is no longer just for big brands with big budgets. » Mobile is great for both local or national marketing campaigns. » It's affordable. Send UNLIMITED messages for only $39.99 Per Month. TYPICAL TEXTOZONE USERS Who uses TEXTOZONE Mobile Advertising Service? • Individuals • Bars & Restaurants • Churches, Schools • Businesses • Retail Businesses • Communities Texto Zone (A fina Flavors Co.) Leading Provider of Mobile Advertising done by You. Call 1-404-829-2615
  7. 7. P age |7 • Professionals • Service Companies • Special Events • Institutions • Web-based Businesses And Much More... TYPES OF MESSAGES What messages can you send with TEXTOZONE? • Sales Announcements • Real Estate Listings • Schedules • Promotional Offers • Sponsored Content • Special Events Calendar • Discount Coupons • General Business Info • Professional Bios • Menu Specials • Specials of the Day And Much More... Sample Advertising Messages. What Can You Broadcast To Your Subscribers? Here's a short list of sample messages you can broadcast to your subscribers. Choose the type of message that best fits your business or purpose. And remember, you can always refine your messages, and send a new one - anytime you want, as often as you want - to meet your messaging needs. • Bars and Restaurants... • Send daily specials - lunch, happy hour, early bird, more. • Bars/Night Clubs can send schedule of featured entertainers. • Send promotional offers - 2-for-1, free stuff, etc. Generate traffic. • Professionals, Artists, Bands... • Announce info about your services, products, price list, etc. • Real estate agents can broadcast a "new listings" alert. • Bands can send "gig" alerts and reminders to their fan base. Texto Zone (A fina Flavors Co.) Leading Provider of Mobile Advertising done by You. Call 1-404-829-2615
  8. 8. P age |8 • Artists can publish upcoming shows and gallery events. • Professional speakers can provide info about featured events. • Retail Businesses... • Provide basic business info: locations, store hours, website. • Send a text-based mobile coupon that offers attractive discounts. • Announce current and future sales promotions. • Publish a "Featured Product of the Day" and offer a special price. • Institutions & Organizations... • Churches and ministries can send reminders of their services. • Churches can send daily prayers to subscribed members. • Schools can send alerts and notices to staff and/or students. • Schools can broadcast lunch menus to parents and students. • Organizations can broadcast special messages to members. • Website Owners... • Use our service to broadcast new product info to customers. • Create "limited-time" sales blitz and send alerts via text. • Send sales invitations and reminders to subscribed customers. TRY IT FREE FOR 60 DAYS. CALL NOW 1-404-829-2615 Texto Zone (A fina Flavors Co.) Leading Provider of Mobile Advertising done by You. Call 1-404-829-2615