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m--CASH Mobile Payment


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What is m-CASH?
m-CASH is an innovative mobile payment solution that enables customers to complete simple financial transactions including person to person money transfer. It is aimed at mobile customers who do not have a bank account, either by choice, because they do not have access to a bank or because they do not have sufficient income to justify a bank account.

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m--CASH Mobile Payment

  1. 1. m-CASH<br />Mobile Money Transfer PlatformBym-CASH Global Inc<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />What is m-CASH?<br />m-Cash Actors<br />Benefits<br />How it Works?<br />Functionality Overview <br />Application <br />Contact us<br />
  3. 3. What is m-CASH?<br />m-Cash is an innovative mobile to money transfer and payments solution which converts any mobile phone to a micro bank for the unbanked. The new mobile savings and payment system is based on scratch cards and enabled by any SMS enabled mobile phone. <br />m-Cash is a secured hosted platform for financial institutions or mobile operator<br />m-Cash allows you to make mobile to mobile financial transactions simply and securely in a few seconds by using secured SMS / USSD/GPRS technology. <br />m-Cash objective is to enable the un-banked to perform basic banking transactions, in a convenient, reliable, fast, safe and secure manner without visiting the bank. m-Cash is an ecosystem that allows all citizens to participate in the growth and development trajectory of the economy.<br />
  4. 4. Application <br />Mobilizing Payment<br />Mobilizing Self TopUp<br />Mobilizing the Banked<br />Mobilizing the Unbanked<br />Mobilizing TopUp<br />Mobilizing Remittance<br />
  5. 5. Benefits <br />Account opening on the Street.<br />No need for a bank account.<br />No joining fee, monthly charges, minimum balance, hidden charges.<br />No phone software required for sms based transactions, Can be used on any phone (GSM & CDMA).<br />Asynchronous delivery of information.<br />Free One-Time SMS-Based Registration.<br />24/7 Customer Support.<br />
  6. 6. Contd..,<br />FAST, SAFE, and AFFORDABLE way to send and receive money by phone.<br />m-Cash tariff is competitive compared with other formal savings and payment services.<br />Minimize touting, Minimize counterfeiting, Guaranteed Transaction delivery. Real-time Transaction tracking, any time, any where transactions opportunities.<br />
  7. 7. For Operators<br />m-CASH Operators manage merchants network, agents and user network<br />m-CASH Operators can act as a micro finance institution<br />m-CASH operator facilitate merchant payments and money transfer between bank and m-CASH user <br />For Agents<br /><ul><li>m-CASH agent manage user network
  8. 8. Agents sell m-CASH cards and earn commission
  9. 9. m-CASH agent earn commission for each cash out</li></ul>For Users<br /><ul><li>Secured Payment solution
  10. 10. Secured mobile transaction to remote user
  11. 11. Cash out at the street</li></ul>For Merchants<br /><ul><li>Customer convenience </li></li></ul><li>m-CASH Platform<br />
  12. 12. m-CASH Actors<br />Banks<br />Bank can act as agent or Bank could be a operator <br />m-CASH Agents<br />Sells Cash cards, Customer support, Cash collection and m-CASH users can withdraw cash at agent locations (Human Teller Machines)<br />m-CASH Admin<br />Manage Agent networks, Commission Structure, Add Billers, Generate Cash cards Customer support<br />m-CASH Biller/ Vendor<br />Collect the Bill payment from the customer<br />Cash Card companies<br />Sell the secured e-money to the general public<br />m-CASH Users:<br />Users can do Money transfer to other m-CASH users, Pay bills, Cash Deposit , Withdraw money, <br />
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Money Transfer from m-CASH user 1 to User 2<br />Mobile 2 Mobile Transaction<br />Send/ Receive e- money between any operator <br />m-CASH <br />Agents<br />Encrypted <br />SMS<br />m-CASH <br />User<br />m-CASH <br />Agents<br />m-CASH <br />System<br />m-CASH <br />Agents<br />Load Cash <br />From <br />Scratch card<br />m-CASH <br />Agents<br />Money Received to User 2<br />From User 1<br />m-CASH User<br />
  15. 15. C2B Mobile Payment Solution<br />m-Payment between any operator <br />Encrypted SMS<br />m-CASH <br />User<br />m-CASH <br />System<br />Money Transfer from m-CASH user 1 to Merchant<br />Banks<br />Encrypted SMS<br />m-CASH Affiliated Merchants<br />Merchants<br />Merchants<br />Merchants<br />Merchants<br />Money Received to User 1<br />From Merchant<br />
  16. 16. How it Works?<br />
  17. 17. Money transfer from scratch card to bank account <br />
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Money transfer from scratch card to Mobile Phone <br />
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Money transfer from MSISDN to bank account <br />
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Check Balance <br />
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Functionality Overview<br />Easy Account Opening on the street <br />Remote Savings (Daily contribution or Deposit money to your m-Cash account<br />Stored Value Accounts<br />Pay utility bills<br />Money transfer or Send money to friends and relatives<br />Withdraw cash at agent locations, Withdraw e-money as cash etc or Human Teller Machines (HTM) and Mobile ATM<br />Top-ups of airtime and other electronic purses<br />Buy m-Cash e-money<br />Sell m-Cash e-money<br />
  26. 26. Contact us<br />Corporate Office :1214 Jefferson Dr,<br />Atlanta GA 30350 USA<br />HP: +001 414 437 9782, Office No: +001 404 246 5039<br />Email:<br />
  27. 27. Thank You<br />