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Mobile Advertising Solutions


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Mobile Advertising Solutions

  1. 1. instantly,anytime,anywhere What is "Mobile AdPix"? Mobile AdPix is a mobile-friendly 'picture-and-text' Advertising Showcase that is designed and formatted for the Mobile Web. It is supported by all mobile carriers and is accessible from most standard cell phones, smart phones, and other non-phone mobile devices with Mobile Web browsers. AdPix is an "always-on" channel for advertisers who wish to promote, market, and maintain their exposure to consumers on-the-go. Explore this demo to learn more... How You Make Money... Use our Mobile AdPix System to publish your own Mobile Advertising Showcase and offer Mobile Web Advertising to businesses and professionals - in your own local area or in any market you want, anywhere in the U.S. You make money by charging your advertising clients a MONTHLY (or pre-paid yearly) FLAT-RATE FEE for your service. • Charge ANY price you want. (Suggested Low: $19/Month or $195/Year)
  2. 2. instantly,anytime,anywhere • Your Advertising Clients pay you directly. • You keep 100% of everything they pay. • Your AdPix System can host from 10 to 1,000+ Advertisers. • Host 1,000 Advertisers @ $195/Year = Make $195,000 Per Year! How You Make It Happen... Publish Your Own Mobile Web Ad Showcase. Just choose what type of Mobile Ad Showcase you'd like to own and we'll build you an AdPix advertising website under your own Domain Name. Here are some popular examples of advertising showcases you can publish using our Mobile AdPix System. COUPON GUIDE TRAVEL & You can position your mobile ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE website as a coupon delivery service From lodging, to dining, car rentals, that only features discount coupons. and more. Use AdPix to showcase A boom in these challenging your own local market - big or small. economic times. PROFESSIONALS GUIDE REAL ESTATE SHOWCASE A digital showcase for professionals! Picture Ads are a big favorite of real Great for marketing, networking, estate pros and related services who jobs, consulting, training, more. need exposure for their business. PRODUCT CATALOG MIXED CLASSIFIEDS Just add your phone number or your Want a bigger coverage for your website address, and you can have site? Offer mixed classifieds instant order taking. advertising - either local, national, or worldwide. Other Ad Showcases You Can Publish: Motoring, Jobs/Want Ads, Restaurant Guide, etc. YOUR OWN MOBILE ADPIX SYSTEM KEY FEATURES Picture-and-Text Advertising VIA YOUR OWN
  3. 3. instantly,anytime,anywhere "MOBILE ADPIX WEBSITE" AdPix are concise, mobile-friendly Picture-and-Text advertisements that are designed and formatted for the Mobile Web. AdPix are exclusively viewable from AdPix-powered mobile websites, which are independently owned and operated. AdPix websites are structured like a Classified Ads service, which lists and displays advertisers by category. AdPix provides an "always-on" channel for advertisers to maintain exposure and continue promoting to their customers when they're on-the-go. Supported By All Mobile Carriers Available via Wi-Fi, Mobile Internet, and Carrier Data Plan Ad Design & Structure Below is a simulated layout of how an ad will be displayed via a mobile web browser. The illustration below points out the key parts of an AdPix ad, along with its built-in features and functionalities designed specifically for the Mobile Web environment.
  4. 4. instantly,anytime,anywhere Advertising Features • ACCESSIBLE VIA CELL PHONES AND MORE AdPix reaches consumers via cell phones and more. All Picture-and-Text ads placed through YOUR AdPix mobile website are viewable not just via cell phones, but also via mobile devices - such as iPod and other portables - that have Mobile Web access. • SEARCH BY RELEVANT KEYWORDS Your mobile advertising website has its own built-in search engine. Advertisers in your mobile website can be searched by keyword. Consumers on-the-go can type any word they wish to search. If this (key)word is found in the main body of the ad, the ad will be listed and displayed in the "search result". Example: If the consumer searches for the word "STEAK" and the word "STEAK" is contained in the body of an ad (maybe because the advertiser is a steak house or any restaurant that serves steak), then that advertiser will automatically be listed in the search result. When the consumer clicks on that advertiser's listing, their entire ad will be displayed. • SEARCH-BY-CATEGORY Advertisers can choose their own category and their ad will be listed and displayed under that category. In addition to keyword-search, your mobile advertising website
  5. 5. instantly,anytime,anywhere also has a built-in "classifieds" feature which makes searching ads by category easy, and can potentially bring advertisers added exposure to customers who search for ads by category. Additionally, because each ad is also assigned a unique linkable URL, they are also searchable from major mobile search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. • LOCAL, NATIONAL, OR WORLDWIDE Your AdPix Mobile Website can feature advertisers who seek to reach their audience either locally, nationwide, or even worldwide. According to Google stats, there are a Half Billion people worldwide who use the mobile web on a regular basis. • USES ADVERTISER'S OWN CUSTOM IMAGE Advertisers can create their own full-color eye-catching image for their ad. However, if they don't have their own custom image, we have pre-designed images that they can use at no extra charge. Custom image specifications: 72dpi GIF or animated GIF, that is no more than 90 pixels (h) X 160 pixels (w). • CLICK-TO-CALL AND MORE... Every ad includes mobile web features such as Click-To-Call, Text-to-Email Messaging, and Link-To-URL. These features make it easy for mobile users to interact with the advertiser, including placing a one-click call to the advertiser's phone number. • AD CAN BE UPDATED/MODIFIED ANY TIME. Advertisers can change/update/modify their ad any time they want, as often as they want. Advertisers can make changes to both their ad's main text and/or the image. Advertisers may also change their ad's "category" to attract other searches. • UNLIMITED EXPOSURE AdPix ads are ALWAYS-ON and advertisers NEVER get charged when people access their ads. Advertisers pay NO Mobile Charges, NO Per Click Fees, and NO Telco Charges - ever. It's definitely the most inexpensive and cost-effective way for businesses to maintain exposure to their customers - anywhere, anytime. YOUR ADPIX MOBILE WEBSITE USES YOUR DOMAIN NAME
  6. 6. instantly,anytime,anywhere How Do People Find Your Advertising Showcase On Their Phone? BROWSING ADPIX FROM A CELL PHONE To view an AdPix: (1) Customer opens their mobile device's Web Browser. (2) Customer enters your DOMAIN NAME to access your AdPix Mobile Website, and (3) Customer enters any KEYWORD to search something specific, or clicks on a CATEGORY to browse. IMPORTANT: Your AdPix Mobile Website will be programmed to have up to TEN (10) CATEGORIES that you create, under which individual advertisers can be listed. Under a category, advertisers are listed under their ad's HEADLINE, and arranged chronologically. Your AdPix Mobile Website also has a built-in SEARCH ENGINE that searches keywords in the main text of every ad. You Get Two (2) Websites: When you order the Mobile AdPix System, we basically build you TWO websites under your Domain Name. (1) The first website is your "mobile advertising website", which has its own built-in search engine and is viewable primarily via mobile devices and is designed to showcase your advertisers. (2) The second website is your "e-commerce marketing website". This website is viewable primarily via the standard Web, and is designed to promote and market your services to potential advertisers.
  7. 7. instantly,anytime,anywhere CHOOSE YOUR SHOWCASE WHAT ADS WILL YOU PUBLISH? Which Category Of Advertisers Do You Wish To Target? With Mobile AdPix, you can publish your own Mobile Ad Showcase any way you want. Just choose an appropriate DOMAIN NAME and set your advertising CATEGORIES to fit your target audience. You can position your mobile advertising website based on your strengths and what you do best. Here are a few examples of popular Advertising Showcases that you can publish using the Mobile AdPix system: COUPON GUIDE TRAVEL & You can position your mobile ENTERTAINMENT website as a coupon delivery service From lodging, to dining, car rentals, that only features discount and more. Use AdPix to showcase coupons. your own local market - big or small. PROFESSIONALS GUIDE REAL ESTATE SHOWCASE Advertisers can use AdPix as a Picture Ads are a big favorite of real digital business card. Great for estate pros and related services who marketing and networking. Publish need exposure for their business. everywhere. PRODUCT CATALOG MIXED CLASSIFIEDS Just add your phone number or your Want a bigger coverage for your website address, and you can have site? Offer mixed classifieds instant order taking. advertising - either local, national, or worldwide. WHICHEVER SHOWCASE YOU CHOOSE, YOUR WEBSITE CAN HAVE UP TO TEN (10) CATEGORIES.
  8. 8. instantly,anytime,anywhere OWN YOUR OWN MOBILE WEB AD SHOWCASE It's The Most Timely Opportunity In A Booming Mobile Market. Today’s on-the-go consumers are embracing smartphones in a big way, making these new phones with 3G mobile web browsing the fastest-growing category of mobile devices. As more and more people become comfortable with mobile web browsing, starting your own high-profit mobile web advertising business enables you to market an important service that is totally on-target to meet the needs of a booming mobile marketplace. The opportunities are wide open for you. Promoting & Marketing Your Mobile Web Advertising Showcase • Choose Your Own Market You can offer your service locally, nationwide, or even offer your service worldwide. You can promote and market your advertising service - online, off-line, or via distributors and marketing affiliates. POTENTIAL ADVERTISERS: Your best advertising prospects include local businesses, professionals and network marketers. Also focus on Institutional Accounts - such as churches, schools, sports teams, civic groups, communities, charitable organizations and associations who want to reach their
  9. 9. instantly,anytime,anywhere audience directly and quickly via the mobile phone. Charge Any Amount You Want Your fee must be based on a monthly or annual FLAT-RATE that you charge your advertisers for the use of your service. SUGGESTED PRICE: Although you can set your own rates, we recommend that the LOWEST rate you charge advertisers is $19/Month or $195/Year (Pre-paid) which is competitively lower than other Mobile Web advertising services. • Your Clients Pay You Directly We provide you a marketing website with a built-in e-commerce system that automatically connects to PayPal, enabling your Clients to order your service online, and pay for their order with a credit card or their PayPal account. Monies collected by PayPal go directly to YOUR own bank account. • Keep 100% of What Your Clients Pay This is not a commission program. We do not collect any portion of your sales. You are an independent business that is offering your own service under your own brand. You keep everything your clients pay you. There is no waiting for commission checks. YOUR DOMAIN NAME FIRST STEP TO GETTING STARTED
  10. 10. instantly,anytime,anywhere How To Choose Your Domain Name In order to offer mobile web advertising, you need a DOMAIN NAME for your mobile website. You can use an existing domain name that you already own, or you can register a new domain name which will be used exclusively for this purpose. If you do not own a domain name, we will register one for you - at no extra charge to you. Keep in mind that your DOMAIN NAME will be used for BOTH your MOBILE WEBSITE where your clients' ads will be hosted and can be viewed by the public, as well as your MARKETING WEBSITE where you promote and market your advertising service to the general public. Therefore, choosing the right domain name is an important first step in establishing your successful service. TIPS FOR CHOOSING YOUR DOMAIN NAME • The shorter and clearer the domain name, the better. • Limit length to 15 characters, using letters and numbers only. • You can use .COM, .NET, .ORG, or .MOBI for your name. • You can use any domain name that is already registered to you. • This domain name must be hosted at our Web server. • This domain name will be used exclusively for this purpose. • This domain name cannot be used for any other content. HOW YOUR DOMAIN NAME WORKS WITH MOBILE ADPIX SYSTEM
  11. 11. instantly,anytime,anywhere Guidelines For Domain Name Use Mobile AdPix uses the Internet Domain-Name System to uniquely identify the businesses that offer the service. For your Mobile AdPix Website, you can use any Domain Name (COM, NET, ORG, or MOBI) that is registered to you. • 15 CHARACTERS OR LESS Keep in mind that the shorter your domain name, the easier it is to type using a mobile phone keypad. We recommend that you keep your domain name to 15 characters or less. • You can use both letters and numbers. • No spaces and no punctuation marks. • Both CAPS and lower case are OK. • IF USING AN EXISTING DOMAIN NAME If you intend to use an existing domain name that you already own, make sure that it is NOT currently being used for an active website. Since we need to host your domain name and use it exclusively for "mobile" purposes, you will have NO backdoor access to your website and therefore will not be able to use an existing domain name if it is being used for another purpose. • IF USING A DIFFERENT DOMAIN NAME Since you cannot mix your current website with your mobile advertising service, you can register another domain name and use this new domain name exclusively for your Mobile AdPix Website.