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Mobile marketing Creafi

  1. 1.© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  2. 2.  Creafi Online Media Mobile, is an advertising agency specialised in mobile internetmarketing which offers personalised solutions nationally and internationally focused inobtaining the best possible returns for our customers campaigns Our team is characterised by the dedication we apply to each of our advertisers tooffer continuous support and optimization as well as positive results for all theircampaigns. We accompany our clients throughout the whole advertising campaignprocess, maintaining close collaboration with reports, optimization options, parallelcampaign possibilities and design changes for new creatives.www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comWHO WE ARE© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  3. 3. BlogsForumsOperatorsConsumersMedia AgenciesBrandsAppsDevelopersPublishersBrandsConsumersWeb Sites OwnersOperatorsAggregatorsReal-time reporting & analyticsWeb based marketplaceAd sales and inventorymanagementComprehensive targetingCampaign© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  4. 4.  3,000+ publishers delivering a global audience across 190 countries 2 Billions of page impressions per month 2,600+ advertising campaigns per month Up to 98% fill rates for Publishers High CTR for Advertisers Best of breed mobile advertising technology Global & country specific inventory and campaignswww.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comOUR GLOBAL MOBILE ADVERTISING ADMARKETPLACE© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  5. 5. Publisher reports Snapshot report By campaign By site and OS By creative By locationKey metrics available on each report Ad impressions CTR Spend eCPC eCPMTransparent real-time reporting with themost detailed analytics availablewww.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comPUBLISHERS: REPORTING© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  6. 6. We manage more that 2 billion monthly impressions throughout the world on bothmobile internet sites and on Smartphone applications (Android, Iphone, Ipads andtablets, etc.)We place specific banners sizes for each of the handsets in order to ensure asuccessful impact on the userwww.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comADVERTISERS: INVENTORY© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  7. 7. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comOperators:Target specific mobileoperators across theworldDay PartingTarget your audience at theright time of the day and dayof the weekTags:Match your ads with sites or appsusing our contextual tagfunctionalityDevicesSelect specific devices orbrands of devices to displayyour campaignsLanguage:Run global campaigns acrossinternational sites and appsDemografic:Select the gender andage range for yourcampaignLocalization:Select the countries andspecific geographiclocations to targetMobile Platform:iPhone OS, Android, JavaADVERTISERS: ADVANCE AND INTUITIVE TARGETING© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  8. 8. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comWebDirects users to any mobile or web page and create bespoke landing pagesfor these campaignsClick-to-callIncrease the odds of that user turning into a lead or a customer for your businessiPhone App Store applicationEnables users to click on your ad and start downloading your Apple app to their phone.Option available on Apple devicesClick-to-audioDirect users to audio ads such as podcasts or music downloads that play out after users haveclicked on the ad. Option available on Apple devicesClick-to-videoDirect users to a rich video ad for your product or service straight from your banner or text link.Option available on Apple devicesApple iTunes storeCreate campaigns that direct users straight into your Apple iTunes store purchase pages.Option only available on Apple devicesADVERTISERS: POST-CLICK POSIBILITIES© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  9. 9. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comAdvertising Reports Snapshot Report By campaign By site By creative By locationKey metrics available on each report Impressions Clicks CTR eCPC/eCPM Spend CPA/CPDTransparent real-time reporting with the mostdetailed analytics availableADVERTISERS: REPORTING© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  10. 10. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comSOME OF OUR CLIENTS AND MEDIA PARTNERS© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  11. 11. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comGoalDrive downloads of app with atarget Cost PerDownload.ActionOne click to the iTunesApp Store downloadpage.MetricsA conversion is recordedthe first time the app isopened.ADVERTISERS: CASE STUDIES (App Install tracking)© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  12. 12. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comGoalGenerate test drive andbrochure requests witha Cost Per Lead target.ActionOne click to a mobileweb site whereconsumers can entersome details.MetricsConversion trackingenables advertisers tooptimise Cost Per Lead.ADVERTISERS: CASE STUDIES (Mob. site conversion tracking)© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  13. 13. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comGoalGenerate awareness andinterest in going to seethe film Yogi Bear.MetricsMeasuring average viewtimes and number ofcompleted views.ActionOne click to an in-app auto-play 30second video short.ADVERTISMENT: CASE STUDIES (clicks to video)© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  14. 14. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comCampaignDrive consumers to findout more about the HallPass film.HTML 5 siteHall Pass mobile sitecontaining rich mediaand more informationabout the film.Facebook pageLeverage the power of“Like” to get friendsengaged and pushupdates.VideoLeverage the power ofsharing with friends andenable emotionalconnection via video.ADVERTISERS: CASE STUDIES (social, mobile and video)© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  15. 15. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comActionOne click on banner forconsumer redeem acoupon which is sent bytext message.GoalTarget consumers withinspecific USA DMAregions.MetricsConsumer redeemscoupon in-store at POS.ADVERTISERS: CASE STUDIES (Geo-targeting)© Creafi Online Media Mobile
  16. 16. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comMOBILE WEB TRAFFIC© Creafi Online Media MobileCurrent daily traffic in Brazil segmenting by mobile carrier/OS on IAB formats.MOBILE WEB TRAFFIC ( mainly tablet traffic ) sold on CPM or CPCCountry Mobile Carrier Mobile OS Impressions Revenue eCPM (Dollar)Brazil Unknown Android 23500 0.36Brazil Unknown iOS 79800 0.06Brazil BR Unknown 542000 0.11Brazil BR Android 84000 0.38Brazil BR iOS 11800 0.06Brazil America Movil Unknown 251300 0.08Brazil America Movil Android 3200 0.17Brazil America Movil iOS 5100 0.01Brazil OI Unknown 1500 0.06Brazil Telecom Italia Unknown 235900 0.14Brazil Telecom Italia Android 4100 0.64Brazil Telecom Italia iOS 6500 0.11Brazil Telefonica Moviles Unknown 48400 0.09Brazil Telefonica Moviles Android 1000 0.05Brazil Telefonica Moviles iOS 200 0
  17. 17. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comAPPLICATION TRAFFIC – ONLY SOLD ON CPC© Creafi Online Media MobileCurrent daily traffic in Brazil segmenting by mobile OS on MMA formats. This is in-app traffic.Mobile OS Impressions/Day Recommended CPCiOS 1 000 000 $0.10Android 966 447 $0.10RIM 333 333 $0.10Symbian 533 333 $0.10Java 800 000 $0.10
  18. 18. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comMOBILE WEB PUBLISHERS ROW© Creafi Online Media MobilePUBLISHER MONTHLY IMPRESSIONS247 Sports 60 000 000Accuweather 122 000 000AirG 50 000 000AutoByWireless 200 000 000Bebo 65 000 000BleacherReport 75 000 000Break Media 30 000 000Burst 100 000 000eBuddy 183 000 000Evite 63 000 000Fantasy Sports Ventures 15 000 000Fark 85 000 000Flirtomatic 150 000 000Flixster 73 000 000Freedom Interactive 200 000 000Freexmedia 15 000 000FunFor 50 000 10 000 000Grooveshark 30 000 000Hi5 10 000 1 000 000IGN 80 000 000Inergize Digital 150 000 000interactive 90 000 000
  19. 19. www.creafi-online-media.cominfo@creafi-online-media.comMOBILE WEB PUBLISHERS ROW© Creafi Online Media MobilePUBLISHER MONTHLY IMPRESSIONSIPC Media 125 000 000JumpTap 75 000 000Mister I 20 000 000Mocospace 200 000 000MyYearbook 400 000 000NBC Sports 250 000 000Nimbuz 120 000 000Peperonity 350 000 000Pinger 80 000 000Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 100 000 000Poynt 75 000 000Shazam 500 000 000Skout 110 000 2 000 000The Guardian 60 000 000The Score 80 000 000TinyTube 120 000 000Tjat 20 000 000Todojuegos 5 000 000Topix 75 000 000Tribune Interactive 80 000 000Ubersocial 100 000 2 000 000Weather Underground 80 000 70 000 000
  20. 20.© Creafi Online Media MobileThank you for yourattention!Jens HaxgartCEO FounderCreafi Online MediaSenior partnerThe Crazy4Media GroupT: +34 952 827 594M: +666 584 552Email: hax@creafi-online-media.com