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RikaiLabs - Graphics Chat UIs | GaChat


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Future messaging platforms can include graphical chat elements inside the UI.

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RikaiLabs - Graphics Chat UIs | GaChat

  1. 1. GaChat Graphical Chat Framework
  2. 2. Conversational UIs lark links keywords sentences conversations
  3. 3. Chat games - a new way to play and learn!
  4. 4. choice buttons question: Choose a pill choices: red pill or blue pill
  5. 5. sliders for numeric input slider: how much awesome do you want? next: score
  6. 6. task lists, score, health tasklist: freechat clickable: true endtask: magnets game
  7. 7. Audio, Video, Images inline images split screen “visual novel” mode video playback with a quiz about the content youtube: { "url": "ekeMp-fRh4o", "videoStart": 70, "videoEnd": 80 } ondone: videodone
  8. 8. Inline Games blanks: [[blank]] I ask you some questions? choices: could / would / should
  9. 9. Text chat with bots Images: inline, scene, animations Interactivity: Buttons, Choices, links Numeric input: sliders, scales Multimedia: Audio, Embedded video, callbacks Script parser, NLP parser Pre-created content: one button triggers Player State: inventory items, scoring, XP, task lists Games: Quizzes, Mini-games, Drills Flow control: labels, topics, scenes Visual Chat Markup / Protocol
  10. 10. Chatbots backed by NLP/AI and humans pre-scripted game / lesson parser NLP engine If low confidence match we pass to human response layer. One teacher/ operator can manage many chat lessons in real-time. Question + responses logged to DB for future use and analysis. Game script parser gives instant response and controls state, flow and content. If no exact match, we pass through to the next layer. Natural Language Processing engine analyzes user input. High confidence items are tagged and response returned to the game script engine. teacher/ operator player input > < game response Most responses are handled by the system with just a small amount requiring a real human teacher’s input Lessons have many pre- defined inputs, so the parsing is massively simplified.
  11. 11. browser based editor + authoring tools
  12. 12. Messaging Platforms are the new app stores 6 of the top 10 most used apps are for messaging, and they are fast becoming interactive app platforms. We’re building educational “chat games” to integrate with these. Our game UX is instantly familiar and viral distribution is core to the product.
  13. 13. Thanks! games messaging Also check - SF meteor mini meetup