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Chat apps v02


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David Collier's Presentation from WeChat Development Meetup

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Chat apps v02

  1. 1. Creating for fun and profit David ‘DC’ Collier Chatbots
  2. 2. RIKAI Labs - ChatBots over WeChat David ‘DC’ Collier 4 startups, 2 exits (US, Japan) 20 years experience in games industry Produced Games for EA, Disney, BandaiNamco, Sony + more. Frequent hackathon winner! Edaan Getzel English teaching experience in China + Korea. Published Author. Real-estate Entrepreneur. Company Our AI ChatBot platform connects users with our AI supported teachers. The AI learns from the teachers response and takes over the repetitive Q&A. Our scripting engine allows us to design a structure for the content to keep things exciting and moving along. Chatbots provide a mix of audio, text and images to help people learn, all without leaving WeChat. Products Platform Micro英语 (MicroEnglish) The first app for learning english right inside of WeChat! It allows users to chat to our AI supported teachers and practice conversational english anytime and anywhere!
  3. 3. Talk Outline • What’s a Chatbot? Examples • Bot cookbook - how to bake a ‘bot • structure, visuals, language design • One more example • Bot brainstorming session!
  4. 4. Looking for ‘bot ideas? Slack Telegram KIK
  5. 5. Some RIKAI Labs ‘bots Lawyer Bot - legal advice and contracts Finbot - your personal financial adviser FreeCodeCamp - learn to code with your bot teacher! JoBot - Job interviews over WeChat Micro English - learn english in WeChat!
  6. 6. Structural ● gamification ● bot - user context and relationship ● timing ● wide vs.deep ● personality and backstory
  7. 7. Chat + Gamification Karma points awarded by a bot in the chat A bot is watching the chat and giving points to users (ranking) based on thanks @user Also acts as a clue for data-mining the chats. Quest / Task list Given objectives within a chat, you can come back to the bot
  8. 8. Bot <> User relationship User <> Bot Team bots Background bots User > Bot > User NPC characters
  9. 9. Visual ● typography ● embedded content ● interactive widgets
  10. 10. Using markdown, ASCII art and emoji to create engaging TEXT content Menus which are nicely formatted with UTF characters Stickers and other inline animations Bot typography Stickers!
  11. 11. Interactive Chat Widgets Buttons Sliders Inline games
  12. 12. Embedded Content WeChat - has its own whole CMS for news articles + a browser Slack - markdown, custom cards Gitter - embedly for twitter, youtube etc FB Messenger - content cards KIK - built in browser
  13. 13. Conversational
  14. 14. 1st gen bots are mostly passing parameters: @bot remind me to do <task> at <time> Next gen bots should be able to have a more natural conversation. But how? Moving beyond “slot filling” chats
  15. 15. Approaches to Natural Conversation 1) Machine learning / big data eg CleverBot has a huge amount of random chat data, but doesn’t understand it. You really need a two-sided bot for this to work. example: customer support with agents responding to customers 2) Understanding / AI Parsers, NLP and extracting and acting on the meaning. Logic variables, decisions. 3) Human supervision human supervision of incoming data. 4) Blended approach Mixing the above to get the best of all worlds
  16. 16. NLP and NLG Natural Language Processing works well for reducing down many possible inputs Certainly! When would you like to go? When do you want to go? Natural Language Generation to produce a variety of interesting replies Hi! I’d like to buy a ticket Do you sell tickets to ... When is the next show? Are there any tickets left? We sure do! How many would you like? { item: ticket intent: buy }
  17. 17. Humans are good at understanding the question
 filtering and identifying and understand what the question is Bots can be great at answering those questions 
 with examples, images, and content that can be re-used and optimized. Admin UI Key here is good Admin UI so humans can respond quickly. Async vs Sync replies It’s ok to say “I’ll get back to you” depending on the context. As long as you have something else to fill in the gaps. Supervised Bots - “Artificial AI”
  18. 18. Chatbot Learning Feedback Loop User says something Teacher responds System learns
  19. 19. Art and science Chat scripts need to be something writers can use. Bots can require a lot of code/content, so the chat scripting language needs to be readable. (eg Chatscript will reduce Wordnet syntax to ~emolike ) Admin / Visual UIs over code editors The “admin UI” can also be the scripting environment - simply by replying to customers you are “training” the bot. Dialog editors, spreadsheets and interactive fiction authoring ala Chat app development tools
  20. 20. Personality
  21. 21. 1. What is the bot’s objective? 2. What type of information are you getting from the user? 3. I don’t like chatting with boring people, … so why would anyone want to chat with a boring bot? Your bot should be interesting!
  22. 22. The Donald the most spectacular bot persona in the world
  23. 23. Ecosystemical!
  24. 24. EcoSystem / Opportunity App Store / Google Play Apps websitesGoogle Slack Directory Chat apps WeChat / FB Messenger / LINE / Telegram Apps Web B2B Chat apps B2C Chat apps Chat apps
  25. 25. Conversational experience Two way - you want to get info from the users too UI has a wide set of options to choose from that won’t suit a menu Machine learning loop is available Suitable for community Can play an assistant role to a human When to use a Chatbot?!
  26. 26. RIKAI Labs - We Build Bots! Micro-Eng Learn english on WeChat wechat: dc-magic RIKAI Labs also build custom bots for other companies. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss!