SXSW - Growing A Digital Business In Eastern Europe


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SXSW - Growing A Digital Business In Eastern Europe

  1. 1. Friday, March 8th 5pm – 6pm 4 Seasons, San Jacinto Ballroom A Digital BusinessIn Eastern Europe
  2. 2. @renata_a @matthauskPanelists @gaidar @OlgaSteidl
  3. 3. What’s New
  4. 4. “ We are now seeing the 1st generation of Eastern European startups that want to go global from day 1. Matthaus @matthausk
  5. 5. “ European startup teams, on average, are much stronger than two years ago. You better check your European competitors out now. RENATA @renata_a
  6. 6. Advice
  7. 7. “ To be successful in the Eastern European tech community you need to be against the Eastern European tech community OLGA @OlgaSteidl
  8. 8. “ Bring your product to Russia today or you will need to buy your copycat tomorrow OLGA @OlgaSteidl
  9. 9. “ As a globally ambitious startup you now have a lot of HR, Know-How & Funding pieces that weren’t there three years ago. You can leverage that. Matthaus @matthausk
  10. 10. Challenges & What’s Next
  11. 11. “ Eastern Europe has an extensive pool of world-class technical professionals – and very few founders. GAIDAR @gaidar
  12. 12. “ Poland has great engineering talent - yet not enough leaders, innovators & international investors beyond the seed stage. GRZEGORZ MARCZAK @antyweb
  13. 13. “ The next phase of supporting startups the Russian way is to build a city for these software professionals: Skolkovo GAIDAR @gaidar