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CAPS Interactive Design Campaign


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This Powerpoint is for Project Reviews. Dec. 2 2011

Published in: Design, Business
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CAPS Interactive Design Campaign

  1. 1. CAPS Interactive Design Campaign
  2. 2. About Meo My Name is Claudia Houghton. On this Project I’m Working with Jordan Nowell.o I’m really excited about working on this project because It will help the rest of my class when it comes to College and Interviews.
  3. 3. Objectiveo Our client objective is to reach out and inform people who don’t know what it is that CAPS and the Interactive Design class does specifically.
  4. 4. Target Audienceo The audience that we are targeting includes College Admissions Offices as well as possible business clients who are involved in graphic arts, animation, web design or game design.o These potential companies would include new businesses just starting off, or large well known companies.
  5. 5. Message to the Customero We are trying to convey to the customer what it is that makes our class and our program special.o Why college admissions should select one of our students over someone who doesn’t have our experience, or why businesses would want to associate with and help our program.
  6. 6. Rationaleo What we’ve chosen to do is completely redo the website and cater to our student’s skills and abilities.o We are creating a pamphlet to send along with paper college applications and will send a link to our website with online applications.
  7. 7. Checklisto Decide what information we would like on the web site (Sept. 22) Doneo With Wix create a basic web layout and design (Oct. 6) Doneo Design Layout for application flyer (Oct. 10) Doneo Discuss with Client what exactly to add into both the pamphlet and website (Oct. 27) Doneo Add all the information in the website and pamphlet. (Nov. 3) Doneo Print Pamphlets and send them along with college applications