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CARES Meeting 1 PowerPoint


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This is the State of The Cottleville Fire Protection District presentation that was given at the first CARES (Citizens Advancing Responsible Emergency Services) meeting on Sept. 8

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CARES Meeting 1 PowerPoint

  1. 1. DRAFT!   Welcome! Please introduce yourself to others at your table! Put on a name tag ! Complete the information on the sign-in sheet

  2. 2. DRAFT!   Welcome to 
  3. 3. CARES Facilitating Team!o  Community Co-Chairs! o  Jason Duncan! o  Kim King!o  Community Members! o  Cathy Elsea! o  Will Klein! o  Steve Mahler!
  4. 4. DRAFT!   CARES
 Citizens Advancing Responsible Emergency Services
 A critical component of 
 this process is the opportunity to talk to each other about issues impacting the future of our District. !
  5. 5. Our Charge!The mission of the Cottleville Fire Protection Districtis to:!Provide protection to our community and to all who seek our help with Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence. !This goal was set forth in the Cottleville Compass,which guides the direction of the District. !
  6. 6. Our Charge!o  The cornerstone of the Cottleville Compass is five ideologies.! 1.  Service that surpasses expectations! 2.  Commitment to the community! 3.  Resources to achieve goals and strong leadership! 4.  Training to ensure highest personnel response performance! 5.  Good stewards of taxpayer dollars!
  7. 7. Our Charge!o  Community assistance for long-range plan!o  Plan – community expectations! o Service and protection level!o   Citizens invited to participate!
  8. 8. Our Charge!o  CARES to address the following questions...!
  9. 9. DRAFT!   What are the key challenges and opportunities facing the Cottleville Fire Protection District today and tomorrow?

  10. 10. DRAFT!   What are the best ways to address these challenges and make the most of these opportunities?!
  11. 11. DRAFT!   What level of service does the community expect from the Cottleville Fire Protection District now and in the future?!
  12. 12. DRAFT!   What resources in the areas of facilities, staffing, equipment, finances and communications are needed? !
  13. 13. DRAFT!   What do we need to do to secure these resources?!
  14. 14. DRAFT!   Community recommendations to Board of Directors
 December 2011 !
  15. 15. Sign-in Sheet!
  16. 16. CARES Process Chart! Board Charge CommunityChairpersons/ Facilitating Team CARES Study Topics Equipment, Facilities, Staffing, Funding Review Options Community Develop Options Developing Refine Timeline Timeline Options Engagement Recommendations Session Report Presented Open Houses Finalize Summary Report of Feedback From Open Houses Provided At Community Engagement Session In Preparation For Development of Recommendations Final Recommendations Presented To Board
  17. 17. CARES Meetings!Date   Meeng  Topic  Sept.  8   Kick-­‐Off  Mee6ng  Sept.  22   Staffing  Oct.  6   Equipment  Oct.  20   Opera6ons,  Facili6es  &  Programs  Nov.  3   Fire  District  Finance  101  Nov.  17   DraN  Community  Recommenda6ons  Presented   Week  of  Nov.  28  -­‐  Dra0  Recommenda6ons  Presented     At  Open  Houses  At  Each  Fire  Sta6on.  Details  Coming  Soon.  Dec.  8   Final  Recommenda6ons  Presented  
  18. 18. Typical Meeting!•  Welcome & Review of Previous Meeting!•  Data/Informational Presentation!•  Description of Work Activity Instructions!•  Small Group Work!•  Small Groups Present Work Results to Large Group!•  Closing/Preview of Next Meeting!
  19. 19. Meeting Documentation! Topic Presentation Group Work Activity Group Verbatim Responses Executive Summary Consensus Points Foundation for Recommendations
  20. 20. Operational Guidelines!o  Meetings will not be conducive to the format of an open forum or debate.!o  Meetings are work sessions that allow for the free exchange of ideas.!
  21. 21. I Have a Question!!•  Fill Out Form!•  Call: ! •  636-447-6655 !•  Email:! •!•  Ask During Small Group Work Time!
  22. 22. CARES Online!o!o  Like us on Facebook!! o!
  23. 23. DRAFT!   The State Of The 
 Cottleville Fire Protection District! Chief Rob Wylie!
  24. 24. History of Fire Protection!o  Founded in 1908 as the Cottleville Fire Department!o  All Volunteer!o  First Year Budget $152.50!o  Each Member or Resident Wishing Fire Protection Paid 75-Cents!o  Fire Calls Only!
  25. 25. History of Fire Protection ! Todayʼs District is a Multi-Discipline
 Emergency Response Organization ! **
  26. 26. History of Fire Protection ! Todayʼs District is a Multi-Discipline
 Emergency Response Organization ! Homeland Security
  27. 27. DRAFT!   Fire Protection District
 Fire Department

  28. 28. DRAFT!   Fire Department ! Exists as a department 
 within a municipality ! !*City of St. Charles is the only municipal 
 FD in St. Charles County !
  29. 29. Fire Protection District!o  Political Subdivision: RSMO 321!o  Elected Board of Directors!o  Authority to Levee Tax for Operating Expenses!o  Authority to Create Rules and Ordinances!o  Operates without Regard to Municipal Boundaries!
  30. 30. Cottleville Community Fire District
o  Covers 38 Square Miles! o  St. Peters, OʼFallon, Weldon Spring, Cottleville, ! o  Dardenne Prairie, Unicorp. St. Charles County!o  Serve a Diverse Population! o  40,000 Residents! o  100,000 Daytime Population! o  Residential! o  Heavy Industrial! o  Retail! o  Hotels!
  31. 31. Cottleville Fire Protection DistrictOrganizational Structure! Citizens! Board of Directors (5)! Fire Chief (1)! Office Manager (1)! Office Assistant (1)!Assistant Chief • Fire Marshall (1)! Assistant Chief • Operations (1)! Plan Review Inspector (1)! Lead Captains (3)! Company Captains (9)! Contract Inspector • Plan Review ! Firefighters (32)!
  32. 32. * Lost Full Time Facilities Chief, Part Time Asst. Chief and Training Chief in 2003
  33. 33. Cottleville Community Fire District 
How We Compare: Staffing & Stations!
  34. 34. Cottleville Community Fire District 
How We Compare: Size!Fire District/ Resident Population! Square Miles!Department!Central County! 80,000! 85!St. Charles City! 65,000! 21!OʼFallon! 80,000! 67!Cottleville! 40,000 (100,000 daytime)! 38!Wentzville! 60,500! 88!
  35. 35. References & Resources!o  NFPA: National Fire Protection Association!o  IAFF: International Association of Firefighters!o  IAFC: International Association of Fire Chiefs!o  GASB: Government Accounting Standards Board!o  RSMO 321: Missouri Revised Statute Creating and Governing Fire Districts!o  (ISO): Insurance Service Office!
  36. 36. Cottleville Community Fire District 
 Assessed Valuation!Assessed Valuation In Billions
  37. 37. Property Tax Revenue!Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Represent 
the Majority of Budgeted Revenue!
  38. 38. Revenue Sources! o  Fees: Permits, Plan Review, Fireworks Stands! o  Grants: Local, State, Federal!
  39. 39. Expenses!o  Personnel Costs: o  Operating Costs: ! 88% of Gen. Revenue o  Equipment! Budget! o  Training! o  Salary! o  Certification! o  Insurance! o  P&C Insurance! o  Payroll Taxes! o  Fuel! o  Equipment! o  Buildings! o  Vehicles!
  40. 40. Expenses!
  41. 41. Expenses vs. Revenue!
  42. 42. Demand For Service! 1986! *2011 Annualized
  43. 43. 2010 Calls For Emergency Service!
  44. 44. 2010 Training!
  45. 45. Training & Certification!o  Cottleville firefighters hold:! o  State Certifications in: ! o  Emergency Medical Care! o  Fire Investigation! o  Apparatus Operator! o  Fire Inspection! o  Fire Service Instructor! o  Fire Officer! o  College Degrees! o  Ranging from Associates Degrees in fire science to Masters Degrees in business administration!
  46. 46. DRAFT!   Planning for the Future!
  47. 47. Challenges for the Next 20 Years!o  Staffing! o  Meeting NFPA Standard *1710! o  Meeting Demand for Service (External & Internal)!o  Equipment Replacement! o  Fire Trucks: Current Fleet at ½ itʼs Expected Life! o  Turnout Gear: NFPA Requires Replacement Every 10 yrs.! o  SCBA: Two Standards Behind, Last Purchased Late 90ʼs!
  48. 48. Challenges for the Next 20 Years!o  Service Demand:! o  Call Volume Continues to Increase! o  Diversity of Calls for Service (Not Just Fires Anymore)! o  Fire Education! o  Citizen Assistance!o  Declining Revenues:! o  Assessments Declining! o  Caps on Growth!
  49. 49. Where Are We Headed?!o  Agency of First Resort!o  Community Input!
  50. 50. DRAFT!   Small Group Work Activity!
  51. 51. Select Recorder & Spokesperson!o  Recorder Responsibilities! o  Complete the requested information on your groupʼs worksheet!o  Spokesperson Responsibilities! o  Facilitate Discussion! o  Keep Group Focused/On Task! o  Report Groupʼs Information!
  52. 52. Complete the Worksheet !o  Make sure the information recorded on the worksheet reflects consensus of the group!o  Monitor progress to complete the worksheet in allotted time!o  Only the group recorderʼs worksheet will be collected!
  53. 53. Small Group Work Activity!Task #1!o  Based on the information provided in tonightʼs presentation, what most surprised you? !o  What most concerned you?!
  54. 54. Small Group Work Activity!Task #2!o  Review the CARES meeting schedule included in your packet. Keeping in mind the charge from the Board of Directors, what key issues, questions, and/or opportunities need to be addressed for each topic area? !
  55. 55. Small Group Work Activity!Task #3!o  Whatʼs Missing?!o  After reviewing the schedule, what are other topics or questions that need to be addressed during the process?!
  56. 56. Work Activity Reporting!o  Your groupʼs biggest surprise!o  Your groupʼs biggest concern!o  One question or item your group thinks needs to be addressed during the process!
  57. 57. DRAFT!   Thank You! ! Next Meeting: Sept. 22! Topic: Staffing!