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HootSuite Enterprise Demo Slides


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HootSuite Enterprise Demo Slides

  1. 1. HootSuite EnterpriseRevolutionizing Social Communication for Enterprise TeamsCormac NortonAccount
  2. 2. Social Media Velocity (in a minute) Social Media Velocity (in 60 seconds)Source: IntelConfidential
  3. 3. Social Media Velocity (in 16 days) Social Media Velocity (in 16 days)Source: Jeff BulasConfidential
  4. 4. Mobile & Tablets Lead the Way Mobile leads the waySource: Gartner SFDCConfidential
  5. 5. SWhy HootSuite? S
  6. 6. Partnering with the Best Charter Member - Certified Developer Program HootSuite is one of only four Charter Members of LinkedIn’s Certified Developer Program Exclusive Launch Partner HootSuite was Twitters exclusive launch partner for their Promoted Tweets product Preferred Development Consultant HootSuite works closely with Facebook to integrate the latest functionality Launch Partner for Google+ Pages “[HootSuite was] selected based on their extensive experience helping brands and businesses manage and analyze their presence on social networks.” -
  7. 7. Revolutionizing Social Communication II. Celtuce wattle
  8. 8. The world’s top brands use
  9. 9. Empowering Social Business HootSuite is being used across the social enterprise, driving engagement in all facets of organizations. Finance &
  10. 10. Mediating Social Business 1. Listening 2. Engaging 3. Analyzing Listen to your Engage with your Understand the customers, audience in their results and competitors, and platform of engineer better influencers. choice.
  11. 11. Pillars of Social
  12. 12. Pillars of Social Business Message Scheduling ✔ Message Assignments ✔ Collaboration Engagement Geo Targeting ✔ Shared Search Streams ✔ Bulk Messaging ✔ Advanced Team Permissions ✔ Real-Time Search ✔ Enterprise-wide Scalability ✔ Quick & Custom Reporting ✔ Limited Permissions setting ✔ Analytics Security 30+ Drag and Drop Modules ✔ Secure Profiles ✔ Google, Twitter, FB & Owly ✔ HTTPS ✔ Automated Sharing ✔ Financial Compliance ✔
  13. 13. Powerful
  14. 14. Current Social Media Landscape Social Networks Departments Using Social Marketing PR/Corp Comm. Web/Digital HR Product Executive Sales Customer
  15. 15. HootSuite University HootSuite University is HootSuite’s online certification program and social media education center. Included: • Online product training • HootSuite Certification • 24 hour, on-demand educational
  16. 16.